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Full text of "The Somerset Roll: An Experimental List of Worthies, Unworthies and Villains Born in the County"

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Compiled by 







TT rHEN I had progressed some way with this book, 
and had issued a Prospectus about it, I felt a little 
uneasy as to what was expected of T^he Somerset Roll of 
Worthies^ Unworthies^ and Villains. 

Several works bearing somewhat similar titles, but 
relating to other Counties, had previously been issued, and 
consisted mostly of biographies lengthened out, in many 
cases, by well-known stories and anecdotes, which might 
be met with over and over again in biographical diction- 
aries such as are within the reach of all. From the 
first I saw no reason for putting this book together on 
these lines, and the general reader who purchases this 
book expecting to find such particulars herein will be 
disappointed. My idea throughout has been to give, in 
this first trial list, as many notable names as I knew 
of those who have been born within the County of 
Somerset, with dates and skeleton outlines attached to 
each. In this form I believe that the book may be 
useful to any one who is engaged in local research, 
because every principal parish in the County has sent 
up its * tale of men/ whether they be worthies, un- 
worthies, villains, or, what is most likely, composite 
characters * of mingled yarn — ^good and ill together.* 



It will be noticed that my aim has been to be inclusive 
rather than exclusive, and, with regard to some names, I 
shall probably be asked what were my reasons for inserting 
them. I shall doubtless, also, have pointed out to me many 
conspicuous omissions. I say at once that any one who is 
so good as to take notice of this ' experimental list/ to point 
out errors of omission or commission, will have my best 
thanks. I have issued this list as ' tentative,* or * trial,* 
because I wish to avail myself of the knowledge of others 
in any later edition of the book which may, I hope, be 
issued. At the moment of writing this preface, when the 
body of the book is printed off, I feel conscious of many 
improvements which I hope may be introduced at some 
future time — particularly the adding of bibliographical and 
iconographical notes to each entry. 

In compiling this book I have sought out many valu- 
able but obscure authorities, and to each I am more or less 
indebted ; to name all such books would be impossible. 
To Mr. Arthur Pippett I am deeply grateful for the 
compilation of an Index Locorum^ which I think requires no 
apology, and to Mr. D. Baxter for help throughout in 

revision and the verification of dates. a t tr 

A. L. £i. 

187 Piccadilly, W. 



(1800-1876), Master of Bniton School. Son of Rev. John 
Hoskyns Abrahall, of Compton Martin. Born 1800. Died 
26 April, 1876. 

KYNS (i8o2?-i874). Second son of Rev. John Hoskyns 
Abrahall, curate of Badgworth. Barrister, 25 June, 1830. Died 
at Exeter, 2 August, 1 874. 

ABRAHAM. ADAM (1678-1709). Son of John Abraham, or 
Purtington. Bom 1678. Died 12 September, 1709. Buried 
at Winsham. 

ABRAHAM, SAMUEL. Born 1776. Son of Richard Abraham, 
of White Lackington. 

ACLAND, SIR WROTH PALMER. K.C.B. (1770-1816), 
Lieu tenant-General, Son of Arthur P. Acland, of Fairfield. 
Died in 1816. 

Equity draftsman and conveyancer. Fourth son of Rev. William 
Acworth, Vicar of South Stoke. 

ADAM DE MARISCO (d. 1257?). A learned Franciscan; is 
said to have been a native of Somerset. He died either late in 
1257 or early in 1258. 

ADAMS. ROBERT PATTEN (b. 1831), Solicitor-General 
of Tasmania since 1867. Third son of James White Adams, of 
Martock. Born 4 March, 1831. 


ADDISON, WILLIAM FOUNTAINE (b. 1 8 1 8 ), V icar of 
Ossett, Yorks. Son of Rev. William Addison Fountaine (?). 
Born in Walcot Parish, BatH, 1818, 

ADELARD OF BATH (12th cent.). Writer on philosophy, 
flourished about the beginning of the 12th century. Travelled 
through Spain, Egypt, and Arabia, and brought back an Arabic 
translation of the Elements of Euclid. Native place is said to 
have been Bath. 

ADKINS, FRANCIS (or ATKINS) (1611-1672?), Vicar of 
Chard, &c. Born 161 1. Died 1672.? Son of John Adkins, of 

ADKINS, FRANCIS (or ATKINS), Born 1671. Son of 
Francis Adkins, of Chard. 

ADKINS, ROBERT (or ATKINS) (1626-1685). Was 
one of the most notable of the two thousand ejected ministers 
of 1662. Born at Chard, 1626. Died 28 March, 1685. 

AISH, FIDELIS (1687-1720), Vicar of Seaburrow. Son of 
William Aish, of Seaburrow. Born 1687. Died 1720. Brother 
of William Aish, of Wadham College. 

AISH, WILLIAM (1681-1725), Vicar of Wayford. Son ot 
William Aish of Seaburrow. Born 168 1. Died 1725. 

ALANE, ANDREW (b. 1612). Son of Henry Alane of Wells. 

ALBIN, HENRY, of Oxford University (1624-1696.) Born 
at Batcombe, June 20, 1624 ; educated at Glastonbury. He died 
25 September, 1696. 

ALEXANDER OF ASHBY (fl. 1220), Prior or the Austin 
priory at Ashby, Northamptonshire. Has been variously stated 
to have been a native of Somersetshire and Staffordshire. 

ALFORD, CHARLES RICHARD, D.D., formerly Bishop 
of Victoria, Hong Kong. Born in 1 816 at West Quantoxhead. 

ALFORD, DANIEL PRING. Born 1838 at Taunton 
Vicar of Tavistock since 1883. 

ALFORD, HENRY (1782-1825). Son of Samuel Alford. 
Born at Curry Rivell Vicarage, 3 December, 1782. Died at 
Tunbridge, 22 September, 1852. 


ALFORD, MARMADUKE (1647-1715). Son of Robert 
Alford, of Curry Rivell. English Vocalist and Composer. Born 
1647. Died May, 1715. 

ALFORD, ROBERT (b. 1848). Second son of Rev. Walter 
Alford, M.A. Born at Muchelney. 

ALFORD, SAMUEL (1747-1770), Sub-Dean or Wadham 
College. Son of Thomas Alford of Weston Zoyland. Born 
1747. Elected Sub-Dean in 1770. 

ALGAR, JOSEPH COX (b. 1820?). Son or Rev. Joseph 
Cox Algar. Born at Frome, 1820. 

ALLEINE (or ALLEIN) RICHARD (1611-1681). 
Born at Ditcheat, 161 1. Commoner of St. Alban's Hall 1627. 
Divine. Died at Frome-Selwood, 22 December, 1681. 

ALLEINE, WILLIAM (1614-1677), M.A. or St. Alban's 
Hall, Oxford. Younger brother of Richard Alleine( 1611-1681). 
Born at Ditcheat, in 161 3-4. Died at Yeovil in October, 1677. 

ALLEN, JAMES MOUNTFORD (1809-1883), Architect. 
Born at Crewkerne, 14 August, 1809; died there 27 February, 

ALLEN, JEFFERYS CHARLES (b. 1847), called to the 
Bar, 18 November, 1872. Only son of Rev. William JefFerys 
Allen, of Gatchell House near Taunton. Born 24 December 

ALLEN, JOHN (b. 1663). Son or Thomas Allen, ot Bruton 

ALLEN, JOHN ROY (1799-18 75), Barrister. Eldest son or 
John Allen, of Lyngford. Born 1799. Died at Weston-super- 
Mare, 10 March, 1875. 

ALLEN, RALPH (i 694-1 764). Birthplace uncertain but 
probably St. Blazey in Cornwall. Died at his estate at Prior 
Park, near Bath, 29 June, 1764. 

ALLEN, THOMAS (b. 1740). Son of Simon Allen, of Hinton 
St. George. 

ALLIES, THOMAS WILLIAM, M A. (b. 1813). Gradu- 
ated first class in Classics, Oxford, 1832. Formerly Examining 
Chaplain to Dr. Blomfield, Bishop of London ; later became 
a Roman Catholic. 



ALWYN, HENRY (1624-1696), ejected Minister. Born at 
Batcombe, 20 June, 1624. Died 25 September, 1696. 

AMESBURY, JOSEPH (1795-1864), Surgeon. Born at 
Huntspill, 15 October, 1795. ^^^ ^^ Brighton, 27 March, 

AMHERST, WILLIAM PITT (i773-i857)> ist Earl 
Amherst. Born at Bath, 14 January, 1773. Died at Sevenoaks, 
13 March, 1857. 

AMORY, THOMAS, D.D. (1701-1774), Dissenting Tutor. 
Born at Taunton, 28 January, 1701. Died in London, 24 June, 


5 April, 1792. Died 8 March, 1874. Politician and Writer. 

ANDERSON, LUCY (i 790-1 878), Pianist. Daughter of John 
Philpot, of Bath. Born at Bath, December, 1790. Died in 
London, 24 December, 1878. 

ANDREWS, JOHN (17th cent.). Poet. Anthony a Wood 
in his Athena^ and his editor. Dr. Bliss .... wrote of him, * John 
Andrews, a Somersetshire man born, was entered a student in 
Trinity College, Oxford, 1601, aged 18.' 

ANDREWS, GEORGE (fl. 1776), Barrister-at-law. Only son 
of George Andrews, of Wells. Was called to the Bar in 1 740. 

APRICE, ILDEFONSUS, O.S.B. (d. 1712). Probably a 
native of Somerset, and perhaps a descendant of William Aprice. 
Died in London, 18 March, 171 2. 

APRICE, JOSEPH (d. 1703), brother or the above. Chaplain 
to James II. Died 25 July, 1703, at St. Edmund's House, Paris. 

ASHLEY, JOSIAH (or JOHN) (i 780-1 830), English Com- 
poser, Vocalist, Bassoon-player. Born at Bath, 1780. Died there 

ATHELM (d. 923), Archbishop or Canterbury. Is said by 
William of Malmesbury to have been a monk of Glastonbury. 
In 909 he was the first Bishop of Wells. Died 8 January, 923. 

ATHERTON, JOHN (i 598-1640), Bishop or Waterrord and 
Lismore. Is believed to have been born at Bawdrip in 1598. 
Hanged at Dublin, 5 December, 1640. 


ATKINS, EDWARD MARTIN (1808-1859). Eldest son 
of Atkins Edwin Martin-Atkins, of Walcot in Bath. Born 1808. 
Sheriff of Berkshire, 1 844. Died at Weston-super-Mare, 5 May, 


ATWATER, WILLIAM (1440-1521), Bishop of Lincoln. 
Was, according to his epitaph, born about 1440. Wood connects 
his parentage with Davington, but no such place is known. Died 
at Wooburn, Bucks, 4 February, 1 520-1 ; buried in Lincoln 

AYSCOUGH, GEORGE EDWARD (d. 1779), Dramatist and 
Traveller. Was the son of Dr. Francis Ayscough, Dean of Bristol. 

BABER, SIR JOHN, M.D. (1625-1704), Doctor of Physic 
of the University of Angers, Physician to Charles II. Was 
the son of John Baber, recorder of Wells. Born 18 April, 1625. 
Knighted 19 March, 1660. Died in 1704. 

BACKWELL, EDWARD (d. 1683), Alderman and London 
Goldsmith ; also the principal founder of the banking system in 
England. Descended from a family which settled at a very early 
period at Backwell. Probably born at Burton Dasset, Warwick- 
shire. Died in 1683. 

BACON, ROGER (12 14?-! 294), Philosopher. Was born at or 
near Ilchester about 1 2 1 4. Said to have died and been buried at 
Oxford in 1294. 

BADCOCK, ISAAC. M.A. Trinity College, Oxford. Second 
son of Henry Badcock, of Taunton, banker. Called to the Bar, 
30 April, 1867. 

BADNALL, WILLIAM BEAUMONT, conveyancing and 
equity Draftsman. Second surviving son of Richard Badnall, or 
Bath. Called to the Bar, 9 June, 1865. 

BAGEHOT, WALTER (i 826-1 877), an English Economist 
and Journalist. Was born at Langport, 3 February, 1826. Died 
at Herds Hill, 24 March, 1877. 

Only surviving son of John Bailey, of Blagdon. Called to the 
Bar, 21 November, 1845; QcPm 24 March, 1880; Bencher, 
3rd November, 1882. 

BAILY, WILLIAM (1730-1786), Rector ot South Cadbury. 
Son of Rev. John Baily, of South Cadbury. Born 1730. Last 
signature as Rector, 1786. 


Third son of late John Bail ward, of Horsington. Born; 1853. 
Called to the Bar, 17 November, 1884. 

BAKER, CHRISTOPHER (b. 1656). Son of John Baker, 
of Trull, and brother of John Baker. 

BAKER, EUSEBIUS (b. 1682). Son of Jacob Baker, of Ikon. 

Onlv son of the late George Baker. Born at Widcombe, Bath, 

BAKER, GEORGE (b. 17 18). Son ot Nicholas Baker, of 

BAKER, GEORGE EDWARD, M.A. (b. 1846). Eldest 
son of Rev. George Baker, of Freshford. Born in 1 846. Called 
to the Bar, 26 January, 1870. 

BAKER, JOHN (b. 1653). Son ot John Baker, of Trull. 

BAKER, JOHN (b. 1684). Son of John Baker, of Trull. 

BAKER, JOHN (1713-1757), Vicar of Ikon. Son of Rev. 
Nicholas Baker, of Chiselborough. Born 17 13. Died 20 Janu- 
ary, 1757; buried at Ilton. 

BAKER, NICHOLAS (1680-1749?), Rector of Chiselborough. 
Son of William Baker, of Ilton. Born 1680. Died 1749 (?). 
Gardiner also says that there was a Nicholas Baker, rector ot 
Broad Windsor, who died in 1747. 

BAKER, NICHOLAS (b. 17 19). Son of Nicholas Baker ot 

BAKER, THOMAS (i 625-1 690), Mathematician, Rector or 
Bishop's Nympton, Devon. Born 1625. Died at Bishop's 
Nympton, 6 June, 1690. Son of Jacob Baker, of Ilton. 

BAKER, THOMAS (b. 1819). Fourth surviving son of John 
Baker, of Ilminster. Born 7 July, 18 19. Called to the Bar, 
9 June, 1854. Entered the Civil Service in 1849. Secretary 
to Salmon Fisheries Department, Home Office, 1865-8. 

BAKER, WILLIAM (1668-1732), Bishop of Bangor and 
Norwich, Chaplain in Ordinary to George I. Son of William 
Bakei, of Ilton. Born 1668. Died 4 December, 1732; buried 
in the Abbey at Bath. 


BAKER, WILLIAM (b. 1698). Son of John Baker, ot 

BAKER, WILLIAM (1787-1853), Currier and Alderman. 
Born at Eastover, Bridgewater, 3 March, 1787. Died at 
Bridgewater, 8 October, 1853. 

BALCH, ROBERT (i 654-1 685). Sub-Warden of Wadham 
College. Born 1654. Son of R. Balch, of Bleadon. 

BALCH, THOMAS, M.A. (b. 1606). Son of John Balch, 
of North Curry. Probably Vicar of Dulverton in 1642. 

BALDWIN, THOMAS (1750-1820). Was appointed City 
Architect at Bath about . . . . 1775. Died 7 March, 1820. 

BALL, JOHN (1631-1660), Dean of Wadham College. Born 
1 63 1. Died at Wadham College, 30 July, 1660; buried in the 
College Chapel of Crewkerne. 

BALL, NATHANIEL (1623-1681), M.A. ot King's College, 
Cambridge, Divine. Assistant to Walton in his Polyglot. Born 
Pitminster in 1623. Died 8 September, 168 1. 

BALL, THOMAS (b. 1693). Son of Thomas Ball, of Kingston. 

BALL. WILLIAM (1801-1878), Solicitor and Minister of 
the Society of Friends. Born at Bridgewater, i January, 1801. 
Died in Aberdeen, 30 July, 1878. 

Landscape Painter. He resided at Hestercombe, and died there 
29 August, 1 79 1. 

BAND, EDWARD WRIGHT (b. 1779). Son of John Band, 
of Wookey Hole. 

BANGER, JOSIAH (fl. 1651), or Magdalen College, Oxford. 
Son of Bernard Banger, M.A., and Rector of Yarlington ; became 
Fellow of Trinity College, 1651. 

BARCLAY, ALEXANDER (1475?-! 552), Poet, Scholar, and 
Divine. Was born about 1475. His birthplace, whether England 
or Scotland, is disputed. NA'ood adds a 'De' to his name, and 
idly supposes him to have been born at Berkeley, in Somerset- 
shire, for which should be read Gloucestershire ; but Dr. William 
Bulleyn, a contemporary, says *Bartley' was * borne beyonde 
the colde river of Twede/ He died at Croydon, 1552. 


BARKER, BENJAMIN (1776-1838). A brother of * Barker 
of Bath/ was born in 1776, and became a Landscape Painter of 
some note. He exhibited both at the Royal Academy and at 
the Water-Colour Society from 1 800-1 821, and occasionally at 
the British Institution. He died at Totnes in 1838. 

BARKER, CHARLES SPACKMAN (1806-1879), English 
Organ-builder and Inventor. Born at Bath, 10 October, 1806. 
Died at Maidstone, 26 November, 1879. 

BARKER, JOHN THEODORE (fl. 1852), *Or Bath.' 

BARKER, THOMAS JONES (1815-1882), Painter. Born 
at Bath in 1815. Exhibited at Royal Academy. His military 
subjects include memorable events in the Crimean and Franco- 
German campaigns. He died in London, 27 March, 1882. 

BARLOW, REV. EDWARD \yiLLIAM (1812-1869). 
Only son of Dr. Barlow of Bath. Died at Bath, 13 February, 

BARNSBY, WILLIAM (b. 1667). Son of WiUiam Barnsby, 
of Bridgwater. 

BARROW, JOHN (b. 18 10). Son of John Barrow, of Wed- 
more, near Cheddar. 

BARROW, JOHN SIMEON (b. 1825). Born 19 December, 
1825. Prebendary of Gates, Chichester, 1888. Son of Simeon 
Barrow, of Walcot, Bath. 

BARRY, MRS. ANN SPRANGER (1734-1 801), Actress. 
Was born at Bath. Daughter of an eminent apothecary named 
Street. She died 29 November, 1801, and was buried in the 
cloisters of Westminster Abbey. 

BARRY, EDWARD, M.D., D.D. (i 759-1 822), Religious 
and Medical Writer. Son of a physician of Bristol. 

of Wisborough Green, Sussex, 1868. Only son of William 
Bartlett, of Kingsbury. 

BARTLEY, GEORGE ( 1782-1858), a Strolling Player. Born 
at Bath, 1782. Frequently read before the Queen at Windsor. 
Died in London, 22 July, 1858 ; buried at Oxford. 

BARTLEY, NEHEMIAH (fl. 1802), Secretary to the Bath 
Agricultural Society. Agricultural writer, 1802. 


BATHURST, ALGERNON, B.C.L. (b. 1823). Fifth son 
of Sir James Bathurst, K.C.B., of Somerleaze, Wells. Born 17 
February, 1823. Called to the Bar, 23 November, 1848. 

BATMAN, STEPHEN, D.D. (d. 1584), Translator and 
Author. Born at Bruton. Domestic Chaplain to Archbishop 
Parker, and collected for the Archbishop the library now deposited 
in Corpus Christi College, Cambridge. Died in 1584, probably 
at Leeds, Kent. 

BATT, TIMOTHY, M.A. (1613-1692), of both Universities. 
Son of Robert Batt, of Street. Born 30 November, 16 13. Died 
July, 1692. 


Second son of John Batten, Esq., of Yeovil. Born 3 November, 

18 17. Called to the Bar, 10 June, 1842. J. P. Somerset and 

Third son of John Batten, Esq., of Aldon, Yeovil. Born 3 
March, 1849. Called to the Bar, 17 November, 1874. 

BAUDOIN, GEORGE (1749-18 18), born at Monkton, near 
Taunton. Died 14 May, 1818, aged 69. 

BAYLY, CHARLES (fl. 1841), is stated by Dr. C. Rogers' 
Lyra Britannica to have been born at Frome-Selwood, and was a 
member of the legal profession. 

BAYLY, SIR HENRY (1790-1867), Army Captain. Born 
at Bath, 1790. Knighted 18 July, 1838. Died at Lyme Regis, 
31 January, 1867. 

BAYLY, THOMAS DAVIS (1805- 1879), Barrister. Fourth 
son of Charles Bayly, of Frome Selwood. Born 1805. Died 
20 August, 1879. 

BAYLY, THOMAS HAYNES (1797-1839), Song-writer, 
Novelist, and Dramatist. Born at Mount Beacon, Bath, 13 
October, 1797. Died 22 April, 1839. 

BAYNARD, THOMAS (b. 1612). Son of Thomas Baynard, 
of Wanstrow. 

BAYNES, ROBERT HALL, M.A. (b. 1831). Born at 
Wellington, 10 March, 1831. Sacred poet and editor of several 


BAYNES, THOMAS SPENCER, LL.D. (i 823-1 887). 
Born at Wellington. On editorial staff of Daily NewSy Editor- 
in-chief of 9th edition of Encyclopaedia Britannica ; also Professor 
of Logic, &c., at St Andrews. 

BAYNHAM, JOHN (b. 1647). Son of John Baynham, ot 

BEADON, SIR CECIL (1816-1880), Indian Government 
Official. Born at Wells 18 16. Died at Latton, Wilts, 18 July, 

BEADON, GEORGE (b. 18 10). Born at Gotten House, near 
West Monkton, 25 February, 18 10. Married Sarah, daughter of 
William Oliver, of Hope Corner, near Taunton. Entered the 
Navy 20 August, 1825. 

BEADON, WILLIAM HAMMET (b. 1829), Inspector ot 
Factories since January, 1865. Eldest son of William Beadon, 
of Taunton. Born 18 May, 1829. Called to the Bar 31 January, 
1 85 1. Hon. Major retired Devon Militia. 

BEAN, REGINALD (b. 1759). Son of Rev. Reginald Bean, 
of Stoke-under-Hamdon. 

BEARD, WILLIAM (i 772-1 868), Bone Collector, the son ot 
a farmer at Banwell. Born 24 April, 1772. His collection ot 
bones is now in the museum of Taunton Castle. Died at Banwell, 
9 January, 1868. 


(d. 1252), Judge. Was a minor at the death of his father, Robert 
de Beauchamp, Lord of Hatch, in 1 2 1 i-i 2. SherifF of Oxfordshire 
and Constable of Oxford Castle in 121 5-1 6. Died shortly before 
I February, 1251-2. 

BEAUMONT, JOHN (d. 1731), Geologist. Lived a retired life 
at Stone Easton, where he practised as a surgeon. Elected F.R.S. 
1685. Died at Stone Easton, March, 1731. Buried at Stone 
Easton, 23 March, 1731. 

BEAUMONT, JOHN (d. 1774), of Stone Easton. Eldest son 
of Joseph and Hannah Beaumont of Stone Easton. Died in 1774 
at Douay Convent. 

BEAUMONT, JOHN. Born at Stone Easton, June, 1787. 

BEAUMONT, JOSEPH (i 702-1 773). Youngest brother ot 
the Franciscan. Born June, 1702. Died 13 February, 1773. 


BEAUMONT, WILLIAM (1697-1764), the middle brother 
between the Franciscan (John) and the last-mentioned (Joseph). 
Born 29 January, 1697. Died 15 October, 1764. 

1465), Bishop of Bath and Wells and Lord Privy Seal. Was a 
native of the village from which he derived his surname. Died at 
Wells, 14 January, 1465. 

BEDFORD, PAUL JOHN (i 792-1 871), Actor. Born at 
Bath, 24 January, 1792. Died in Chelsea, 11 January, 1871. 

BELL, JAMES (fl.i 550-1 590). Native of the Diocese of Bath. 
Scholar of Christ Church College about 1 547. Divine, Prebendary 
in Wells Cathedral. 

BENGER, ELIZABETH OGILVY (1778-1827), Author- 
ess. Born at Wells in 1778. Died 9 January, 1827. 

BENNET, CHRISTOPHER (16 17-1655), M.D., Fellow or 
the College of Physicians, 7 December, 1649. Born in Somerset- 
shire in 16 1 7. Son of John Bennet, of Raynton in that county. 
He died in London, 30 April, 1655. 

BENNET, EDWARD (161 8-1673), M.A. Of New Inn Hall, 
Oxford. Born at South Brewham, 18 April, 161 8. Died 
8 November, 1673. 

BENNETT, HENRY EDWARD, B.A. (b. 1822). Eldest 
son of Rev. Henry Bennett, Rector of Sparkford. Called to the 
Bar, 16 June, 1848. 

BERKELEY, JOHN, first Baron Berkeley, of Statton (d. 1678), 
Soldier and Courtier. Youngest son of Sir Maurice Berkeley, ot 
Bruton. Died 26 August, 1678. Buried at Twickenham. 

BERKELEY, MAURICE (1645-1717), Soldier. Son of 
Edward Berkeley, of Pill. Born 1645. Died 1717. 

BERKELEY, WILLIAM (b. 1681). Son or Edward 
Berkeley, of Pill. Eventually took the name of Portman, and 
was direct ancestor of the present Viscount Portman. 

BERKELEY, EDWARD (d. 1669). Son of Sir Edward 
Berkeley, of Pill. 

BERKLEY, HENRY, ot Oriel College (1642). A younger 
son of Sir Henry Berkley, of Yarlington. 


Youngest son of Rev. Thomas Delany Bernard, of the Liberty, 
Wells. Called to the Bar, 15 May, 1878. 

BERRIMAN, ALB AN (d. 1715). Died 18 January, 17 15. 

BERRIMAN, JAMES (1644-1669). Sonof John Berriman, ot 
Bruton. Born 1644. 

BEST, WILLIAM DRAPER (i 767-1 845). Born 13 

December, 1767, at Haselbury-Plucknett. Judge or King's 

Bench, December, 181 8. Knighted June, 18 19. Died at 
Leesons, Kent, 3 March, 1845. 

Eldest son of William Hole Bethell, late of Pilton. Called to the 
Bar, 7 June, 1873. 

BETHUNE, JOHN CHARLES, LL.B. (b. 1837). Eldest 
sonof Walter Angus Bethune, of Colinshays House, and Dunrobin, 
Tasmania. Called to the Bar, 30 April, 1862. Assistant Law 
Officer, New Zealand, 1869-71. 

BIFFIN OR BEFFIN, SARAH, (1784-1850), Miniature 
Painter. Born at East Quantoxhead, in 1784. Painted with her 
mouth, as she was born without hands, arms or legs. Her height 
only thirty -seven inches. Died at Liverpool, 2 October, 1850. 

BINGHAM, CHARLES WILLIAM (1810-1881), son of 
Rev. William Bingham, Rector of Cameley. Born 29 September, 
1 8 10. Died at Bingham Melcombe, i December, 1881. 

BIRCH, SAMUEL. Son of Samuel Birch. Born at Cheddar. 

BISHOP, JOHN, OF CREWKERNE. Admitted an Extra- 
Licentiate of College of Physicians, 14 September, 1750. 

BISHOP, THOMAS (b. 1658). Son of Thomas Bishop, of 

BISHpP, WILLIAM (1746-1802), Vicar of Wedmore. Sonot 
William Bishop, of Kingsdown. Born 1746. Died 1802. 

BISSE, EDWARD (d. 1644). Son of Edward Bisse of 
Spargrove. Died 1 644. Colonel in the King's Army. 

BISSE, GEORGE (1655-1675). Son of George Bisse, of English- 
combe. Born 1655. Died at Oxford, 16 March, 1675. Buried 
in St. Mary's, Oxford. 


BISSE, JAMES (1552-1607), of Magdalen College, 1570, B.A. 
1574, D.D. 1596. Aged 18. Noted preacher in London, and 
Sub-dean and Canon-residentiary of Wells. Died December, 1607. 
Supposed to have been buried at Wells. 

BISSE, JOHN (1638-1686), Rector of Oldbury on the Hill. 
Born 1638. Died 1686. Son of Thomas Bisse, of LuUington, 
grandson of Thomas Bisse, and great-grandson of Dr. Philip Bisse. 

BISSE, PHILIP. D.D. in 1580, of Magdalen College. Arch- 
deacon of Taunton and Sub-dean of Wells. Son of Richard Bisse, 
of Stokeland. He was an especial benefactor to Wadham College 
by giving thereunto 2000 books. 

BISSE, PHILIP (161 i-i 642), Archdeacon of Cloyne. Born 
161 1. Died 1642. Eldest son of Philip Bisse, of Wells. 

BISSE, UPTON (d. 1660). Son of Edward Bisse, of Spargrove. 
Died about 1660. Rector of Almsford. 

BLAGGE, GEORGE (1512-1551), Son of Sir Robert Blagge, 
of Broke Montague. Born in 1512. Gentleman of the Privy 
Chamber. Died at Stanmore, 1 7 June, 1 5 5 1 . 

BLAGGE OR BLAGE, ROBERT (d. 1522.?). Judge of a 
Suffolk family. Son of Stephen Blagge, of Broke Montague. 
Probably died in London, 13 September, 1522. 

BLAKE, GEORGE FREDERIC (b. 1836). Born 19 Sep- 
tember, 1836. Only son of John Blake, of Bath. Retired officer, 
R.A. Called to the Bar, 18 November, 1867. Lieutenant- 
Colonel Royal Marines, 1 8 8 1 . 

BLAKE, HUMFREY (b. 1644). Son of Edmund Blake, ot 

BLAKE, JOHN (17 16-1782), Rector of Fryerning, Essex. Son 
of Rev. John Blake, of Curry Rivell. Born 17 16. Died 1782. 

BLAKE, ROBERT (1599- 1657), Admiral and General at sea. 
Was born at Bridgwater in August, 1599. Died ofF Plymouth, 
7 August, 1657. Buried in Westminster Abbey. 

BLAKE, WILLIAM, D.C.L. (d. 1667. Born at Bridg- 
water. Died at Bridgwater, 1667. Son of Humphrey Blake, or 
Planchfield, and brother of Robert Blake. 

BLAKE, WILLIAM (1773-1821), Dissenting Minister. Born 
at Crewkerne on 29 March, 1773, and died there 18 February, 


BLAKISTON, SIR MATTHEW (1811-1883), fourth 
Baronet. Born at Bath, 1 5 January, 1 8 1 1 . Died at Sandybrook 
Hall, 3 December, 1883. 

BLANCHFLOWER, THOMAS, M.A. (b. 1606). Son of 
Thomas Blanchflower, of Kingston. Probably Vicar of Staplegrove 

BLANDFORD, HENRY WEARE (1825-1869), Rector or 
Fryerning. Son of Henry Weare Blandford, of Weston Bamp- 
fylde. Born 28 September, 1825. Died 22 August, 1869. 

BLISSE (or BLYSSE), JOHN (d. 1530), Astronomer and 
Physician. Buried in London. 

BLUEMAN, JOHN (b. 1655?). Son of George Blueman, ot 
St. Decumans. 

BOYDE, JOHN (d. 1583), of New College. Was born in the 
City of Wells. He was executed at Andover for denying the 
Queen's supremacy over the Church of England, 2 November, 


Born at Ilminster in 1826. Wife of Rev. E. Boger, Hon. Canon 
of Rochester. 

BOLTON, CpRNELIUS WINTER (b. 18 19). Born at 
Bath. Religious Writer. 

BOND, SIR GEORGE (b. 1588). Lord Mayor of London. 
Born at Trull, 1588. 

BOND, JOHN ( 1 550-1612), Physician and Classical Scholar. 
A most noted Critic in Greek and Latin. Born at Trull, near 
Taunton. Died 3 August, 161 2. Buried at St. Mary Magdalene's 
Church, Taunton. 

BOND, JOHN, LL.D. (1612-1676), Puritan Divine. Born at 
Chard, 12 April, 16 12. Died at Sandwich, Isle of Purbeck, and 
buried at Steeple, 30 July, 1676. 

BONER, CHARLES (1815-1870), Author and Poet. Born at 
Weston, near Bath, 29 April, 18 15. Died at Munich, 7 April, 

BONSER, JOHN WINFIELD (b. 1848), M.A. Attorney- 
General of the Straits Settlements since 1882. Only son of Rev. 
John Bonser, of Bath. Called to the Bar, 18 November, 1872. 


BOOTH, SIR ROBERT GORE (i 805-1 876), 4th Baronet, 
M.P. and Lord Lieutenant of Sligo. Born at Bath, 25 August, 
1805. Died at Lissadell, Sligo, 21 December, 1876. 

BOUCHIER, GARY (b. 1681). Son of John Bouchier, of 

BOURNE, GILBERT, Doctor of Laws. Son of Richard 
Bourne, of Wiveliscombe. 

BOWDEN, JOHN (d. 1750), Presbyterian Minister. Was 
settled at Frome, before 1700, as assistant to H. Phillips, M.A. 
Later he became Minister there. 

BOWDEN, SAMUEL (i 733-1 761), a Physician at Frome. 
Probably a relative of John Bowden, supra. 

BOWDLER, HENRIETTA MARIA (i 764-1 830), Author- 
ess. Sister of John and Thomas Bowdler (q.v.), both of whom 
were born at or near Bath. She died at Bath, 2 February, 1830. 

BOWDLER, JANE ( 1 743-1 784), Authoress. Born 14 February, 
1743, at Ashley, near Bath. 

BOWDLER, JOHN (i 746-1 823), Author. Born at Bath, 
18 March, 1746. Died at Eltham, 29 June, 1823. 

BOWDLER, THOMAS (1754-1825), Editor of the Family 
Shakespeare. Son of a Bath physician. Was born at Ashley, near 
Bath, II July, 1754. Licentiate of College of Physicians, 9 April, 
1781. F.R.S. in 1781. F. S. Antiq., 1784. Died at Rhyddings, 
24 February, 1825. 


(b. 1820), Incumbent of St. Barnabas, Warmley, Bristol, 1851. 
Son of Rev. George Downing Bowles. Born at Bathford, 1820. 

BOWYER, WILLIAM PERCY, B.A. (b. 1858). Only 
son of William Jeeves Bowyer, of Weston-super-Mare. Called to 
the Bar, 17 November, 1882. 


(d. 1268), Ecclesiastic and Judge. Three places conjecturally 
assigned as his birthplace, viz., Bratton Clovelly, Bratton Fleming 
(Devonshire), Bratton Court, near Minehead. 

BRADFORD, JOB, LL.B (b. 1835). Second son of Job 
Bradford, of Thorney. Called to the Bar, 27 January, 1868. 


Author. Born at Minehead, i8oj. Died at Teignmouth, 22 
March, 1851. 

BRADLEY, WARRE SQUIRE (b. 1797), Lieutenant, 1824. 
Born at St. Decumans, 21 December, 1797. Entered the Navy, 
18 June, 1 8 10. 

BRAGG, JOSEPH (b. 1652). Son of Nicholas Bragg, of 

BRAGGE, WILLIAM (b." 1690). Son of G. Bragge, of North 

BRAITHWAITE, ROBERT, B.A. (b. 1845). Only son or 
Rev. Robert Braithwaite, of Weston-super-Mare. Born 23 
December, 1845. Called to the Bar, 6 June, 1871. 

BRANCH, MRS. ELIZABETH (1685-1740). Executed for 
murder at Ilchester, 3 May, 1740. Born near Philips Norton, 

BRANCH, MISS MARY (d. 1740), daughter or the above, 
was executed at Ilchester, 3 May, 1740. 

BRAYNE, JOHN (b. 1661). Son of John Brayne, of Taunton. 

BRETT, GABRIEL ROBERT (d. 1605). Son of Sir Alex. 
Brett, of Whitestaunton. Nephew of Dr. William GifFard. Died 
12 August, 1605. 

BRETT, RICHARD (1560.? -1637;, a learned Divine. Was 
descended from a family which had settled at Whitestaunton, in 
the time of Henry I. Died 15 April, 1637. Buried at Quainton. 

BRICE, JOHN (b. 1693). Son of Worthington Brice, ot Shepton 

BRICE, PETER (b. 1673). Son of Hugo Brice, of Crewkerne. 

BRICE, SEWARD WILLIAM, LL.D. (b. 1846). Eldest 
son of William Brice, Esq., of Stratton-on-the-Fosse. Called to 
the Bar, 17 November, 1871. Writer of several works on law. 

BRICKDALE, CHARLES JOHN (18 19-1845), Lieutenant, 
1842. Born at Upcott House, near Taunton, 30 July, 1819. 
Killed in a fight on the banks of the Parana, 20 November, 1845. 
Entered the Navy, 16 July, 1831. 


BRICKENDEN, EDMUND (1673-1708), Vicar ofOdcombe. 
Son of Thomas Brickenden, of Corton. Born 1673. Died at 
Odcombe, February, 1707-8. 

BRIDGES, EDWARD (1648-1678). Third son of Sir 
Thomas Bridges of Keynsham. Born 1648. Died at Keynsham, 
I November, 1678. 

BRIDGES, HENRY (b. 1647). Son of Thomas Bridges, of 

BRIDGEWATER, JOHN, *of an ancient family in Somerset- 

BRIGHT, BENJAMIN (b. 1823). Only son of Benjamin 
Heywood Bright, of Ham Green. Born 1823. Called to the 
Bar, 16 November, 1849. 

BRIGHT, RICHARD (1822- 1 878), Barrister and M.P., for East 
Somerset. Born at Abbots Leigh, near Bristol, 14 April, 1822. 
Died 28 February, 1878. 

BROADHURST, EDWARD (b. 18 10). 'Father of the 
New South Wales Bar.' Born at Bath, 2 July, 18 10. Called to 
the Bar in 1837, commenced practice in Sydney, January, 1837. 

son of Thomas Palfrey Broad mead, of Enmore Park, Bridgwater. 
Born 1849. Called to the Bar, 26 January, 1874. 

son of Philip Broadmead, of Milverton. Born 29 April, 1822. 
Called to the Bar, 30 April, 1847. High Sheriff, Somerset, 1882. 

BROCKLESBY, RICHARD, M.D. (1722-1797). Born at 
Minehead, 11 August, 1722. Fellow of College of Physicians, 
25 June, 1756. Died in London, 11 December, 1797. 

BRODERIP, JOHN (d. 1771?), Organist. Probably a son of 
William Broderip, organist of Wells Cathedral. First mentioned 
as a Vicar Choral at Wells Cathedral, 2 December, 1740. Latterly 
Organist of Shepton Mallet. 

BROME, LAWRENCE (b. 1687). Son of L. Brome, of He 


BROOK, DAVID (d. 1558 ? ). Born at Glastonbury. Reader at 
Inner Temple, 1534. Chief Baron of Exchequer, i September, 
1553. Knighted. Died apparently in Hilary term, 1557-8. Buried 
at St. Lawrence Jewry, London. 

BROOK, WILLIAM JOHN (b. 1776). Son of William 
Brook, of Ashburnham. 

Eldest son of Rev. F. C. Johnson, Vicar of White Lackington. 
Army Captain. Died at Hounslow, i December, 1868. 

BROWN, R., of Hill Farm. Is referred to by Weston as being the 
author of * Complete Farmer,* 1758. 

BROWN, RICHARD (b. 1727). Son of Thomas Brown, of 

BROWN, THOMAS JOSEPH (1798-1880). Born at Bath, 
2 May, 1798. Benedictine Order. Bishop of Newport and 
Minevia. Died Bullingham, near Hereford, 12 April, 1880. 

BROWNE, CHARLES THOMAS (i 825-1 868), engaged on 
Londcn daily paper. Born at Wellington (.?), Somerset, 1825. Died 
at Basingstoke, 7 October, 1868. 

BROWNE, GEORGE (b. 1784), retired Captain, 1840. Was 
born 15 January, 1784, at Bridgwater. Entered the Navy, 
I July, 1797. Left the Navy and was called to the Bar in 1821. 

BROWNE, JOHN, of Crewkerne. A boy of 12. Poetical 
translations from various author Sy London, 1788, 4to. 

BROWNE, SIMON (i 6801 732), Divine. Born at Shepton 

BRYAN, MATTHEW (d. 1699), Jacobite Preacher. Was 
born at Limington. Semi-commoner of Magdalen Hall, Oxford, 
1665. Lost his living through debt in 1684. Died 10 March, 
1699, and was buried at St. Dunstan's-in-the-West, London. 

BRYAN, THOMAS (1698-1726). Son of William Bryan, of 

BRYANT (or BRIANT), ALEXANDER (1553-1581), 
Jesuit. Born in Somerset in 1553. Condemned for high treason, 
and executed at Tyburn, i December, 1 5 8 1 . 


BRYANT, JAMES (b. 1 770). Son of Robert Byrant, of Ilminster. 
Born 1770. 

BRYANT (or BRIANT), ROBERT (1588-1658), Jesuit. *Of 
Somerset/ Died 29 March, 1658, aged 70. 

BRYANT, WILLIAM FREDERICK (b. 1829), Vicar of 
St. Mary's, Tyndall's Park, Clifton, 1874. Son of William Bryant, 
R.N. Born in St. Mary Magdalen Parish, Taunton. 

BRYDALL (or (BRIDALL), JOHN (b. 1635), * a Somerset 
man.' Commoner Queen's College, Oxford, 1651. Barrister. 
Wrote several law treatises. 

BUCKLAND, RALPH (1564-1611), Catholic Divine. Born 
in 1564. Was descended from an ancient family living at West 
Harptree. Died in 1 6 1 1 . 

BUCKLE, GEORGE EARLE (b. 1854), Editor of the Times. 
Eldest son of Rev. George Buckle, Canon of Wells. Was born 
June 10, 1854, at Twerton Vicarage, near Bath. Called to the 
Bar, 17 November, 1880. 

BUCKLER, THOMAS (1693-1726), Vicar of Batcombe. Son 
of Humphrey Buckler, of Batcombe. Born 1693. Died about 

BUDGET, CHRISTOPHER (b. 171 5). Son of Christopher 
Budge (?), of Chillington. 

BUDGETT, SAMUEL (1794-1851), Provision Merchant. Born 
at Wrington, 27 July, 1794. Died at Kingswood, 29 April, 1851. 

BULL, GEORGE (1634-17 10), Bishop of St. David's. Was born 
25 March, 1634, in the parish of St. Cuthbert, Wells. Died 
17 February, 1 702- 10 ; buried in Brecknock. 

BULL, JOHN (i563.?-i628), English Composer and Organist. 
According to the 'Visitation of Somerset' in 1623, he may be 
identified with the John Bull, third son of John Bull, of Peylinch, 
Parish of Wellow. Organist of Chapel Royal. Died at Antwerp, 
12 or 13 March, 1628, and buried there in the Cathedral of Notre 

BULLEN, EDWARD (18 13-1868), Lawyer. Born at 
Taunton, 3 April, 18 13. Died in London, 19 July, 1868. 

BULLER, CHARLES WILLIAM (b. 1847). Eldest son 
of Rev. William Buller, Rector of Hemington. Born 20 October, 
1847. Called to the Bar, 17 November, 1874. 


BURFORD, JOHN (b. 1612). Son of Edward Burford, of 
Yeovil. Possibly Vicar of Lufton, 1660. 

BURFORD, JOHN (1662-1676), Sub-Dean of Wadham College. 
Born 1645, at Yeovil. 

BURGE, WILLIAM (T.) (b. 1787). Son of John Burge, of 
Castle Cary. 

1665), ejected Minister. Descended from the Burgesses of 
Batcombe. Was probably born in 1589. Died at Watford, June, 

BURLAND, JOHN (d. 1776), of a family living at Stoke Courcy. 
Balliol College, Oxford, from 1 740-1 743. Called to the Bar, 
January, 1746. Judge. Died 28 March, 1776. Buried in 
Westminster Abbey. 


1830). Third son of Rev. Henry Thomas Burne, of Bath. 
Born 14 November, 1830. Called to the Bar, 26 January, i860. 

BURNETT, GEORGE (i776?-i8ii). Miscellaneous Writer. 
Born at Huntspill, in or about 1776. Died in Marylebone 
Infirmary, February, 1 8 1 1 . 

BURTON, JAMES (1694-1723), Rector of Weston Bampfylde. 
Son of J. Burton, of Sutton. 

BURTON, WALTER (b. 1737). Son of Walter Burton, of 
Sutton Montague. 

BUSH, PAUL (1490-1558), Bishop of Bristol. Born in Somerset 
in 1490. Died at Winterbourne (?), 11 October, 1558, and 
buried in Bristol Cathedral. 

BUSH, SAMUEL (1704-1783), Vicar of Wadhurst. Son of 
John Bush, of Langport. Born 1704. Died at Wadhurst, 2 
January, 1783. Buried in Wadhurst Church. 

1843. ^\^^ at Weston-super-Mare, 17 December, 1857. 
Extensive botanical knowledge. 

BUTLER, JOHN, Benefactor. Born at Martoclc 

BUTLER, SAMUEL EVAN (b. 1850). Only son of Samuel 
Butler, of Combe Hay Park. Born 1850. Called to the Bar, 17 
November, 1876. 


BUTTON, NICHOLAS (b. 1602). Son of John Button, of 

BUTTON, RICHARD (1687-1713). Son of Richard Button, 
of Poyntington. Born 1687. 

BYAM, HENRY, D.D. (1580-1669), Royalist Divine. Born 

31 August, 1850, at Luckham. Died there 16 June, 1669. 

Admiral. Born at Bath, 8 March, 1789. Died in London, 
2 March, 1868. 

CADOGAN, WILLIAM (1601-1661), Major of Horse under 
the Commonwealth. Was born at Dunster, in 1601. Died at 
Trim Castle, Co. Meath, 14 March, 1661. 

CAPEL, ARTHUR (b. 1854). Only son of Arthur Capel, 
of Wiveliscombe. Called to the Bar, 26 January, 1880. 

CAREY, SIR PETER STAFFORD (b. 1803). Only son 
of Peter Martin Carey, of Taunton. Born 7 April, 1803. first- 
class Classics St. John's College, Oxford, 1829. Called to the Bar, 
25 June, 1830. Bailiff of Guernsey since 1845. 

CARLEIL, JOHN (b. 1630). Son of Francis Carleil, of Wells. 

GARY, JOHN (b. 1648). Son of John Cary, of Yeovil. 

CASE, JOSEPH (b. 1695). S^^ of Joseph Case, of Seaburrow. 

CASTLEMAN, RICHARD, Benefactor to his native town of 

CASWELL, JOHN (1656-1712), Vice-Principal of Hart Hall. 
Son of Clement Caswell of Crewkerne. Born 1656. Died 28 
April, 17 12. Buried in Holywell Church. 

CHADOCK, MARMADUKE (i66o?-i7i6), Painter. Erron- 
eously called ' Luke ' by Walpole). Was born at Somerton, near 
Ilchester, about 1660. Died in London, March, 17 16. 

CHAMBERS, HUMPHREY, D.D. (1599-1662) of Uni- 
versity College, Oxford. Born in Somerset (probably at Bath), in 
1599. Commoner University College, 16 14, aged 15. Buried in 
Pewsey, Wilts, 8 September, 1662. 


CHAMPION, RICHARD (d. 1542). Born at Shepton Mallet. 
M.A. 1523. Chaplain to Cranmer. D.D. 1537. Canon of 
Canterbury, 8 April, 1541. Died 20 July, 1542. Buried at 

CHAMPNEIS, SIR JOHN, Lord Mayor of London, 1534. 
Born at Chew. 

CHANDLER, SAMUEL (1693- 1766), Nonconformist Divine. 
Born 1693 (probably at Hungerford or Bath). Educated at 
Bridgwater. Died in London (?), 8 May, 1766. 

CHAPLINE, ROBERT (b. 1620). Son of William Chapline, 
of Taunton. One Robert Chapline appears as Prebendary of 
Combe Undecima and Rector of Ashbury, Devon. 

WARD, G.C.B. (d. 1893). Son of Richard Chapman, of 
Gatchell. Died 13 June, 1893. 

Officer in the Royal Engineers and Governor of Bermuda. 
Carried into effect the emancipation of slaves in Bermuda in 1834. 
Born at Tainfield House, near Taunton, in 1776. Died there, 
6 March, 1851. 

CHAPMAN, THOMAS (i 650-1 672). Son of John Chapman, 
of Chard. Born 1650. 

Born 21 December, 1847. Second son of William Wheaton 
Chard, of Pathe, Somerset (?), and Mount Tamar, Devon. 

CHARLETON, WALTER, M D. (1619-1707). Born at 
Shepton Mallet, 2 February, 1619. Physician to Charles I. and 
II. Fellow of College of Physicians, 23 January, 1676-7. One 
of the original Fellows of the Royal Society. Died in London {.?), 

24 April, 1707. 

CHASE, JOHN (1637-1684), Vicar of Whitstaunton. Entered 
in the books of Wadham College as ' of Chard.' 

CHAYTOR, HENRY (1799-1873), Incumbent of Croxdale, 
Durham. Son of Henry Chaytor^ of Bath. Born 1799. Died 

25 February, 1873. 

CHEADSEY, WILLIAM (d. 1571), native of Somerset. 
Died in the Fleet Prison, 1571. 


1574?), Divine. A native of Somerset. 

CHEEKE, THOMAS (b. 1606). Son of Henry Cheeke, of 

CHETWYND (or CHETWIND), JOHN (1623-1692), 
Divine. Born at Banwell on 4 January, 1623. Died 30 
December, 1692. Buried in Temple Church, Bristol. 

CHICHESTER, JOHN ( 1 752-1 834). Son of Henry Chichester, 
of Northover. Born 1752. Died 6 May, 1834. 

CHINNERY, REV. SIR NICHOLAS (i 804-1 868), 3rd 
Baronet. Born at Bath, 7 July, 1804. Killed in a railway 
accident between Abergele and Llandulas Stations, 20 August, 

CHOKE, RICHARD (d. 1483). Son of John Choke, of Long 
Ashton. Advocate in 1440. Judge, 5 September, 146 1. Died 
1483. Buried at Long Ashton. 

CHOKE, SIR EDWARD (d. 1483?), Judge. Son of John 
Choke, of Stanton Drew, 

CHORLEY, CHARLES (1 8 10 ?-i 874), Journalist and Man of 
Letters. Born at Taimton about 18 10. Died at Truro, 22 June, 


CHURCHILL, JOHN, and the first Duke of Marlborough were 
cousins. Each descended from Jasper Churchill, of Bradford. 

CLARK, JOHN (i 785-1 853), Mechanical Patentee. Born at 
Greinton, 21 November, 1785. Died at Bridgwater, 23 May, 


CLARK, WILLIAM, of Bath. Writer on Natural History, 

CLARKE, ANTHONY (1654-1689), Rector of Enmore and 
Charlinch. Son of Robert Clarke, of Sandford, Windon. Born 
1654. Died 1689. 

CLARKE, EDWARD (b. 1651). Son of Edward Clarke, of 
Chipley, near Milverton. 

CLARKE, ROBERT (b. 1607). Eldest son of Jacob Clarke, of 


CLARKE, THOMAS (b. 1760). Son of Francis Clarke, of 

CLARKE, THOMAS EDWARD (b. 18 19). Eldest son of 
Thomas Edward Clarke, of Chard. Advocate. Called to the Bar, 
15 January, 1847. 

CLARKE, WILLIAM (1640.?- 16 84), Physician. Born at 
Swainswick, near Bath. Died at Stepney (.^), 24 April, 1684. 

CLAVEY, ABRAHAM (i 7 12-1765), Vicar of Norton Bavant, 
Wilts. Son of Abraham Clavey, of Frome. Born 17 12. Died 
14 August, 1765. Buried at North Bavant. 

CLAXTON, HUGH (b. 161 6). Son of William Claxton, of 


(b. 1835). Eldest son of James Ireland Clayfield-Ireland, late of 
Brislington. Born 14 March, 1835. Senior Optime, 1858. 
J.P. of Somerset. 

CLEEVES, WILLIAM (b. 1756). Son of John Cleeves, of 

1858), 8th Baron. Born at New Park, 29 May, 1790. Travelled 
in Southern Europe. Died at Rome, 28 February, 1858. Buried 
there 2 March, 1858. 

CLIFFORD, SAMUEL (i630-i699),B. A. of Magdalen College, 
Oxford. Born at Yarlington, 1630. Died 29 October, 1699. 

CLOSE, FRANCIS, D.D. (i 797-1 882), Dean of Carlisle, and 
prolific Author. Born near Frome, 11 July, 1797. Died at 
Penzance, 18 December, 1882. Buried in Carlisle Cemetery. 

CLOTHIER, JOHN (b. 1751). Son of John Clothier, of 

COATE, MARMADUKE (b. 1652). Son of Marmaduke 
Coate, of Curry Rivell. 

COCKERELL, SAMUEL PEPYS (i 754-1 827), Architect. 
Son of John Cockerell, of Eishop's Hull. Died at Paddington, 
12 July, 1827. 

COCKEY, EDWARD (i 809-1 880), Rector of Fryerning. Son 
of Edward Cockey, of Frome Selwood. Born at Frome Selwood, 
1809. DiedJ7 August, 1880. 


COFFIN, WILLIAM FOSTER (i 808-1 878), Canadian 
Lawyer, and afterwards Commissioner of Ordnance, Canada. Was 
born at Bath, 1808. Died 1878. 

COG AN, THOMAS (1545 ?-i6o7), Physician. Born about 
1545, at Chard. Died at Manchester {?)y and there buried, June, 

COGAN, THOMAS (b. 1682), son of John Cogan, of Kingston. 

COLE, CHARLES, (1733-18 13), Religious Writer and Sacred 
Poet. Born May 20, 1733, at Wellow. Died 3 December, 18 13. 

COLE, SIR HENRY (i 808-1 882), Journalist, &c., and Author. 
Was born at Bath, 15 July, 1808. K.C.B., 25 March, 1875. 
Originator of Christmas Cards. Died in London, 18 April, 1882. 

COLE, HENRY THOMAS (18 16-18 8 5), Barrister and Rector 
of various places. Born at Bath, 2 February, 18 16. Died in 
London, 5 January, 1885. 

COLE, ROBERT (b. 1655). Son of Roger Cole, of Crewkerne. 

COLERIDGE, HARTLEY (i 796-1 849), Poet. Son of Samuel 
Taylor Coleridge. Born at Clevedon, 19 September, 1796 
Died in the Lake District, Cumberland, 6 January, 1849. 


(b. 1845), Hymn Writer. Born at Shepton Beauchamp, 27 March, 
1845. ^^ 1884 was Librarian of the Pusey Library, Oxford. 

COLLARD, FREDERICK WILLIAM (i 772-1 860), Piano- 
forte Manufacturer. Baptized at Wiveliscombe, 21 June, 1772. 
Died in London, 30 January, i860. 

Brother and Partner of Frederick William Collard. Baptized at 
Wiveliscombe, 25 August, 1776. Died at Folkestone, 1 1 October, 

COLLETON, JOHN (1548-1735), Catholic Divine. Born at 
Milverton in 1548. Died at Eltham, 19 October, 1635. 

COLLETT, ARTHUR THOMAS (b. 18 10) Son of 
Thomas Collett, of Widcombe, Bath. 

COLLINS, JAMES (b. 1603). Son of Hugo Collins, of Compton- 


COLLINS, JAMES (b. 1683). Son of Edward Collins, of 

Cambridge, 1826. M.A., 1848. Author of the ' List of Somer- 
set Plants ' in Watson's New Botanist's Guide. 

COLMER, JOHN (1765-1842), Rector of Askerswell, Dorset, and 
Crickett Malherbe. Son of Robert Colmer, of Chard. Born 1765. 
Died 10 January, 1842. 

COLMER, ROGER (b. 1603). Probably son of Roger 
Colmer, of Colmore. 

COMBE, GILES (b. 1655). Son of Egidi us Combe, of Chard. 

COMBE, WILLIAM (b. 1688). Son of Ellas Combe, of 

COMER, JOHN ( 1 800-1 886). Brother of Thomas Comer, who 
was born at Bath. Popular singer, lived at Bath and Taunton. 
Died Ilchester, 17 March, 1886, aged 86. 

COMER, THOMAS (1790-1862), Theatrical Music Director. 
Born at Bath, 19 December, 1790. Died at Boston, U.S.A., 27 
July, 1862. 

COMPTON, PHILIP (1734-1803). Born in the neighbour- 
hood of Wells in 1734. Died 23rd July, 1803. 

CONANT, MALACHI (d. 1680), of Magdalen College. Was 
a Somersetshire man. He died in 1680. 

CONYBEARE, HENRY (b. 1823), Civil Engineer and 
Architect. Fourth son of the Very Rev. W. D. Conybeare, Dean 
of LlandafF. Was born at Brislington, 22 February, 1823. 

COOKE, REV. JOHN, of Weston-super-Mare. Author of a 
work entitled, ' Weston-super-Mare and Clevedon.' 

COOKE-HURLE, JOSEPH, B.A. (b. 1859). Eldest son 
of Joseph Cooke-Hurle, Brislington. Born 11 May, 1859. 
Called to the Bar, 25 June, 1884. 

COOKSON, CHARLES ALFRED (b. 183 1). C. B., 1881. 
Fifth son of late Christopher Cookson, of Nowers. Born in 1831. 
Called to the Bar, 26 January, 1867. Held various high judicial 
appointments in Egypt, &c. 



COOMB, JOHN (1680-1720), Sub. Warden of Wadham 
College. Son of Elias Coomb, ot Crewkerne. Born 1680. 

COOMBES, WILLIAM (i 743-1 822). Born at Meadgate, 
Camerton Parish, 4 August, 1743. Died at Bath, 18 April, 1822. 

COOMBES, WILLIAM HENRY, D.D. (1767.1850), 
Catholic Divine. Born at Meadgate, Camerton, 8 May, 1767. 
Died at Downside, 15 November, 1850. 

COOPER, CHARLES BRODIE (b. 1815), in Holy Orders. 
Son of Edward Cooper, of Staverton. 

Violinist. Born at Bath, 1 8 1 9. Married Mde. Tonnellier, Vocalist. 
Died at Glasgow, 26 January, 1881. One of the foremost of the 
English school of violinists. 

COOPER, JOHN (1790-1870;, Actor. Born at Bath in 1790. 
He was the last of the Kemble school. Died at Tunbridge Wells, 
13 July, 1870 

COOPER, THOMAS (1698-1720). Son of Henry Cooper, of 
Litton. Born 1698. 

CORNISH, HENRY (d. 1698). Son of William Cornish, of 
Ditcheat. Died 18 December, 1698. 

CORNISH, HENRY (b. 1839). Third son of late Robert 
Cornish, of Butleigh. Born in 1839. Called to the Bar, 28 June, 


CORNISH, JOSEPH (1750-1823), Dissenting Writer. Born at 
Taunton, 16 December, 1750. Died 9 October, 1823, and buried 
at Colyton, 17 October. 

CORNISH, THOMAS (d. 18 13). Was educated at Oriel 
College, of which he afterwards became Fellow. Died 3 July, 

CORYATE, THOMAS (1577-1617). Son of the Rev. George 
Coryate, Rector of Odcombe. Born about 1577 Died at Surat 
in December, 1617. Famous Traveller. 

English Pianist, Composer, and Teacher. Born at Bath, 22 
September, 1835. Founder of London Conservatoire of Music, 


COUCH, JOHN (b. 1610). Son of John Couch, of Ikon. 

COURT, THOMAS (b. 1 709). Son of Thomas Court, of North 

COURTE, WILLIAM (b. 1607). Son of Richard Courte, of 

COVENTRY, SIR JOHN, the originator of 'The Coventry Act.' 

COWARD, JOHN (b. 1720). Third son of Thomas Coward, of 

COX, EDWARD WILLIAM (i 809-1 879), Barrister. Born 
at Taunton in 1809. Recorder of various towns. M.P. for 
Taunton, 1868-9. Proprietor of newspapers. Died Mill Hill, 
Middlesex, 24 November, 1879. 

COX, WILLIAM (b. 1720). Son of William Cox, of Crew- 

COXE, THOMAS, M.D. (1615-1685). Born in Somerset. 
Fellow of College of Physicians, 25 June, 1649. ^^^ of the 
original Fellows of the Royal Society. Died in France in 1684-5. 

COXE, THOMAS (b. 1614), Son of Thomas Cox, of Sutton 

D.C.L. (b. 1832). Sixth son of Christopher Cookson, of Nowers. 
Born 24 February, 1832. Late Fellow of St. John's College, 
Oxford, 1861; Mathematical Scholar, 1853; double first class, 1856. 
Called to the Bar, 10 June, 1859 ; Q.C., 23 June, 1875 > Bencher, 
27 May, 1878. Took the name of Crackanthorpe. 

CRADOCK, LUKE {circa 1660-17 17), an English Painter of 
birds, dead game, and animals, in which he particularly excelled. 
He was born at Somerton about the year 1660. Died in London 

in 1717. 

CREES, THOMAS, of St. Alban*s Hall, Oxford. Native of 
Somerset. Resided at Bath. Died in his seventy-sixth year. 

CRIBB, GEORGE, brother of Tom Cribb, of Q Hanham), 
Pugilist. (Fl. beginning of the century.) 

CRIBB, TOM (b. 1 781). (The Black Diamond.) Champion 
Pugilist of England. Was born at Hanham, 8 July, 1781 
(a disputed question, as to whether in Gloucester or Somerset). 


CROSS, JOSEPH, D.D., L.L.D. (b. 1813). Was born at 
East Brent, 4 July, 18 13. 

CROSSE, ANDREW (1784-1855), Electrician. Born at Fyne 
Court, Broomfield, 17 June, 1784. Died in the room in which 
he was born at F^y^^ Court, Broomfield, 6 July, 1855. 

CROSSE, FRANCIS (1631-1675), Doctor of Physic. Born at 
Stogumber, 1631. Died at Bristol, 1675. Author of * Disputatio 
Medica Inauguralis de Febre Intermittente. 

CROSSE, ROBERT (i 605-1 683), Puritan Divine. Son of 
William Crosse, of Dunster. Died 12 December, 1683. 

CROSSE, WILLIAM (fl. 1630), Poet and Translator. Born 
in Somerset about 1590, * the son of sufficient parents.' 

Equity Draftsman and Conveyancer. Eldest son of George 
Cruickshank, of Coombe Down. Born 22 February, 1848. 
Called to the Bar, 7 June, 1873. 

son of Clement Wilson Cruttwell, late of Bath. Surgeon. Born in 
181 2. Called to the Bar, 17 November, 1837. 

CRUTTWELL, CLEMENT (i 743-1 808), Author and 
Compiler. Commenced his career as a surgeon at Bath. Died at 
Froxfield, Wilts, August, 1808. 

CRUTTWELL, RICHARD, Editor of Baih Chronicle, 

CUDWORTH, RALPH (1617-1688), Divme. Born at Aller, 
in 161 7. Died 26 June, 1688. 

CUFF or CUFFE, HENRY (1563-1601), Author and 
Politician. Born in 1563 at Hinton St. George. Scholar of 
Trinity College, Oxford, 25 March, 1578. Executed at Tyburn, 
13 March, 1601. 

CUMIN, PATRICK (b. 1824), Secretary to the Education 
Department since July, 1884. Eldest son of William Cumin, M.D., 
of Clifton. Born in 1824. Called to the Bar, 7 June, 1855. 

CURTIS, THOMAS (b. 1671). Son of John Curtis, of Wells. 

Glastonbury. This officer entered the navy in 1 800 ; was lieutenant 
in 1812. 


DAMPIER (DAMPHIRE), JOHN (1654-1 685), Vicar of 
Keinton Mandeville. Son of J. Dampier, of Marsh. Born 1654. 
Died about 1685. 

DAMPIER, JOHN ( 1 668-1 694), Chaplain of Wadham College. 
Son of Henry Dampier, of Blackford. Born 1668. Died 
4 December, 1694. Buried in the College Chapel. 

DAMPIER, WILLIAM (1652-1715), Celebrated Navigator, 
Buccaneer, Pirate, &c. Son of a farmer at East Coker, near 
Yeovil. Was baptized 8 June, 1652. Died in London, March 

DANIEL, HENRY THOMAS, B. A. (b. 1859), Lieutenant 
of West Somerset Yeomanry Cavalry. Eldest son of Rev. Henry 
Arthur Daniel, of Stockland Manor House. Born 24 January, 
1859. Called to the Bar, 25 June, 1884. 

DANIEL, JOHN JEREMIAH (b. 18 19). Born at Bath, 
6 October, 1819. Rector of Langley-Burrell, Wilts. Prose and 
Hymn Writer. 

DANIEL, SAMUEL (i 562-1619), Poet. Born probably near 
Taunton in 1562. Died near Beckington, Wilts, October, 16 19. 
Buried in Beckington Church. 

DARBY, GEORGE (b. 1649). Son of George Darby, of Road. 

DARE, CHARLES WILLIAM, Conveyancer. Eldest son 
of Charles Holcombe Dare, of North Curry. Called to the Bar, 
29 January, 1847. 


(b. 1765), Vice-Admiral of the White, 1841. Born in 1765. 
Son of Robert Dashwood, of Valla Wood. Entered the Navy, 
9 January, 1779. 

DAUBENEY, GILES, LORD (d. 1508), Soldier and 
Statesman. Probably born at South Petherton. Died in London, 
21 May, 1508, and buried in Westminster Abbey. 

DA VIES, BILL, the Bath Butcher. Fl. the beginning of this 
century. Pugilist. 

DAVIES, MRS. C. M., Authoress of 'The History of Holland, 
from the Xth to the XVIIIth Centuries.' Wife of Robert Davies, 
Town Clerk of Wells. 


DAVIES, GEORGE (1800-1876), Naval Officer. Born in 
St. Cuthbert's Parish, Wells, 15 December, 1800. Entered the 
Navy, 23 June, 1813; Commander, 1 842 ; for many years Head of 
the Admiralty Department, Somerset House. Retired Vice- 
Admiral, 29 May, 1873. Chief Constable of Cambs. and Hunts. 
Died at Cambridge, 24 November, 1876. 

DAVIS, EDWARD DEAN (1806-18 8 7), Theatrical Manager. 
Was born near Bath, 1806. Manager of Lyceum Theatre, 
Sunderland, when Henry Irving first appeared on the stage. Died 
at Newcastle, 19 February, 1887. 

DAVIS, JOHN FORD, M D. (i 773-1 864), Physician. Born 
at Bath in 1773. Died there, i January, 1864. 

DAVIS, WILLIAM (b. 1622). Son of William Davis, of 

DAWE, CHARLES (i 790-1 870), Captain in the Army. Son 
of Hill Dawe, of Ditcheat. Born 1790. 

DAWES, EDMUND (b. 1671). Son of Edmund Dawes, of 

DAWES, THOMAS (b. 1672). Son of Edmund Dawes, of 

SIGISMUND (b. 1826). Judge of the High Court of Justice, 
Queen's Bench Division, since June, 1882. Eldest son of John 
Day, of Englishbatch, near Bath. Born in 1826. B.A., London, 
1845. Called to the Bar, 26 January, 1849; Q^C., 1872. Called 
to the Bench, 6 May, 1873. 

Born at Bridgwater, 26 July, 1843. 


(b. 1848), Astronomer. Born at Braysdown, near Bath, 25 
November, 1848. 

DERBIE, MATTHEW (b. 1628), of Shepton Beauchamp. 

DERHAM, WILLIAM (i 687-1 720), Vicar of Halse. Born 
1687. Son of John Derham, of North Curry. 

DEVENISH, JOHN (b. 1614). Son of John Devenish, of 



(b. 1 841), New Inn Hall, Oxon, a special pleader. Only son 
of late John Deverell, of Bath. Born in 1841. Called to the Bar, 
7 June, 1869. 

DEWDNEY, EMANUEL (b. 1705). Son of Emanuel 
Dewdney, of Somerton. 

DICKINSON, EDMUND HENRY, B. A. (b. 1821). Second 
son of William Dickinson, M.P., of Kingweston. Born 30 June, 
1 82 1. J. P., for Somerset. Called to the Bar, 26 January, 1849. 

DICKINSON, FRANCIS HENRY (i 830-1 890). Son of 
William Dickinson, M.P., of Kingweston, Glastonbury. M.A. of 
Trinity College, Cambridge; M.P. for the Western Division ot 
Somerset 1841 to 1847; Magistrate and Deputy-Lieutenant for 
Somerset. Died at Kingweston, July 17, and was buried there 
July 23, 1890. 

DICKINSON, REGINALD, M.A. (b. 1841). Committee 
Clerk of the House of Commons. Second son of Francis Henry 
Dickinson, of Kingweston. Born 27 January, 1841. Called to 
the Bar, 30 April, 1866. 

Christi College, Cambridge, 1851. Only son of Garrett Dillon, 
M.D., of Bath. Called to the Bar, 9 June, 1854. 

DIMOND, WILLIAM, Actor and Dramatist. Born in Bath. 
Prolific writer for the drama between 1800 and 1830. 

DODD, WILLIAM (1691-1760), Rector of Charlton Mackrell. 
Son of Henry Dodd, of Crickett. Born 1691. Died 18 March, 
1760. Buried at Charlton Mackrell. 

DODDINGTON, FRANCIS (b. 1602), SherifF of Somerset. 
Son of John Doddington, of Dodington. 

Lord of the Manors of Stowell, Henstridge, Bowden, and High 
Ham. Captain 3rd Battalion Somerset Light Infantry since 1870. 
Eldest son of Rev. Thomas Marriott Dodington, of Horsington. 
Born 22 July, 1839. Called to the Bar, 26 January, 1865. 

DOMETT, JOHN (b. 1736). Son of William Domett, of 

DONNE, ROBERT (i 645-1 672). Son of Robert Donne, of 


DRAKE, ROGER, M.D. (i 608-1 669), Physician and Divine. 
Came of a family seated at Cheddon. Died at Stepney in 1669. 

DRAPER, WILLIAM (i 753-1 779). Son of William Draper, 
of Haselbury. 

DRAPER, WILLIAM YORKE (1808-1865), Rector of 

Hope Mansell, Hereford. Son of Joseph Shepherd Draper. 

Born at Haselbury, 1808. Died at St. Servan, France, 8 Nov- 
ember, 1865. 

DREWITT, CHARLES, M.A. (i 786-1 833 ?). Son of Rev. 
Thomas Drewitt, of Cheddar. 

DRING, RAWLINS, M.A. (fl. 1688), Physician. Son of 
Samuel Dring. Born at Bruton. Educated at Wadham College, 
Oxford, where he became a Fellow in 1682. Author of several 
medical works. 

DUFF, ADAM GORDON, B.A. (b. 1850). Youngest son of 
Admiral DufF, of Bath. Born in 1850. Called to the Bar, 
30 April, 1874. 


Mary Elizabeth Rosenberg, of Bath, well known as a water-colour 
Painter of flowers, married in 1850 William Duflield, painter of 

DUFFIELD, WILLIAM, (1816-1863), a Painter of flowers. 
Was born at Bath in 18 16. He studied in the schools of the 
Royal Academy, and under Wappers at Antwerp. He married 
in 1850 Mary Elizabeth Rosenberg, of Bath. Died at Bayswater, 
3 September, 1863. 

DUNCAN, WILLIAM GEORGE (b. 181 8). Born at 
Trull in 18 18. Son of Menzies Duncan, Captain in the 
H.E.I.C.'s Native Infantry. 

DUNSTAN, SAINT (924-988), Archbishop of Canterbury. 
Son of Heorstan, whose estate lay near Glastonbury. Born the 
first year of the reign of ^thelstan, 924-5. Died 19 May, 988. 

DUNSTER, JOHN. Born of a family living at Donyatt, near 
Ilminster. Became Proctor of Oxford University in 1 6 1 1 . 

DUNSTER, SAMUEL (1675-1754), Translator of Horace, of 
a Somersetshire family. Was born September, 1675. ^^^^ ^^ 
Rochdale, July, 1754. 


DUNSTER, THOMAS (1657-1719), Warden of Wadham 
College. Son of William Dunster, of Ilminster. Born 1657. 
Died in London, 17 May, 1719. 

DUSIGN (d. 1770), a Portrait Painter. Was a son of Colonel 
Dusign. He was a pupil of Sir Joshua Reynolds, and practised 
for a few years at Bath, where his family resided. He died at 
Rome in 1770. 

DYER, ARTHUR EDWIN (b. 1843), English Composer and 
Organist. Born at Frome, 20 February, 1843. Doctor of Music, 

DYER, SIR EDWARD (d. 1607), Poet and Courtier. Born 
at Sharpham Park. In 1566 he was at the Court of Elizabeth, 
and in 1596 was appointed to the Chancellorship of the Order of 
the Garter, and was knighted. Died May, 1607. Buried at 
St. Saviour's, South wark. 

DYER, SIR JAMES (1512-1582), Judge. Born at Roundhill 
(.^Somerset) in 1512. Died 24 March, 1582, at Great Staughton, 

DYKE, JOHN (b. 1705). Son of Thomas Dyke, of Bishops 

DYMOCK, ELI AS (i 700-1 724), Vicar of Hornblotton. Son 
of Thomas Dymock, of Milton. Born 1 700. 

DYNE, JOHN BRADLEY (i 809-1 874), Head Master of Sir 
Roger Cholmeley School, Highgate. Son of Edward Dyne. Born 
at Bruton, 3 January, 1809. Died 1874. 

ECCLES, HENRY (18 17-1863), Canadian Lawyer. Born at 
Bath, 1 8 1 7 . Died at Toronto, 2 2 November, 1863. 

EDGAR, JOSEPH HAYTHORNE (b. 1834), Lieutenant 
R.A., 1 856-1 859. Took Holy Orders, i860. Principal of a 
private school at East Sheen. Only son of Joseph Edgar, of 

EDGAR, ROBERT (i 666-1 703), Vicar of Stogumber. Son of 
John Edgar, of Donyatt. Born 1666. Died 1703. 

EDGELL, EDWARD (i 782-1 860), Rector of Rodden. Son of 
Chaffin Edgell, of Frome. Bom 1782. Died 2 April, i860. 


EDGELL, HENRY (i 767-1 863), Lawyer. Born 30 January, 
1767, at Beckington. Died at Chelsea, 14 May, 1863. Buried 
at Ruislip, Uxbridge. 

EDGELL, HENRY EDMUND (b. 1809), Captain 1846. 
Only son of Rear-Admiral Edgell. Entered Royal Naval College 
in May, 1821. 

EDGELL, HENRY FOLKES (i 767-1 846), Rear-Admiral of 
the Red, 1840. Born 13 August, 1767, and died 14 June, 1846, 
at his seat, Standerwick Court. He was a Magistrate and Deputy- 
Lieutenant for Somerset. Entered the Navy, 15 March, 1780. 

Author. Born in Pierrepoint Street, Bath, 3 1 May, 1 744. Died 
June 13, 1 817. 

EDWARDS, CHARLES (b. 1785). Son of Charles Edwards, 
of Chard. 

Lieutenant, 3rd Volunteer Battalion of Prince Albert's (Somerset 
Light Infantry) regiment since 1878. J. P. of Somerset. Only 
son of Charles Edwards, of Wrington. Born 25 December, 
1849. Called to the Bar, 26 January, 1876. 

EDWARDS, RICHARD (i523?-i566), Poet and Playwright. 
Born about 1523. Died 31 October, 1566. 

EDWARDS, THOMAS (b. 1691). Son of T. Edwards, of 

EDWARDS, ZACHARY (b. 1839). Born at Chipstable. 
Called to the Bar, 1865. Eldest son of the Rev. Zachary James 
Edwards, M.A. 

EDWARDS, ZACHARY JAMES, M.A. (i 8001 869), 
Rector of Combe Pyne, Devon, and of Misterton, Somerset. Son 
of Charles Edwards, of Chard. Born 1800. B.A., Oxford, 1821 ; 
M.A., 1827. Died 1869. 

EDWIN, DAVID (i 776-1 841), an American Engraver. Born 
at Bath in 1776. Son of John Edwin, a celebrated comic actor. 
He died at Philadelphia in 1841. 

EGLESFIELD, JAMES, M. A., of Queen's College, Oxford. 
Vicar of Chewton. Author of ' A Heavenly Hymne to the King 
of Heaven,' London, 1640. 


ELFEGE, SAINT (fl. looo), Archbishop of Canterbury. Born 
at the village of Weston-under-Lansdown. Lived chiefly at 
Glastonbury and Bath. Martyred in i o 1 1 . 

ELLIS, ROBERT LESLIE (1817-1859), Man of Science 
and Letters, edited Cambridge Mathematical Journal. Born at Bath, 
25 August, 1 81 7. Died Anstey Hall, Trumpington, 12 May, 

ELLIS, ROBERT LESLIE, Linguist and Scholar. Born at 
Bath in 181 8. 

ELPHEGE, SAINT, Archbishop of Canterbury. See 

ELSE, RICHARD. Eldest son of Richard Else, Esq., late of 
Bath. A student of Gray's Inn, 22 April, 1836. Called to the 
Bar, II June, 1839. 

ELS WOOD, CLEMENT (b. 1707). Son of Richard Elswood, 
of Way ford. 

ELWIN, FOUNTAIN HASTINGS (b. 1809). Only son 
of Rev. Fountain Elwin, of Bath. Born 5 July, 1809. Called 
to the Bar, 8 June, 1849. 

ELYOT, SIR RICHARD (1450.^-1522), Judge. Family of 
Elyot, closely associated with Coker, near Yeovil. Sir Richard 
died after February, 1522. 

ESCOTT, THOMAS HAY SWEET (b. 1844). Journalist 
and Author. Was born at Taunton, April 26, 1844. 

Lieutenant-Colonel 4th Hants Royal Militia since- 1873; J- P-. 
Hants, &c. Second son of Edward JefFeries Esdaile, of Cothel- 
stone House. Born 14 Janukry, 1820. Called to the Bar, 
30 January, 1 846. 

ESSEBIE, ALEXANDER of (fl. 1220), Poet. 

Archbishop of Canterbury. Was a monk of Glastonbury. Died 
13 February, 990. 

or EDNODUS(d. 1038), Archbishop of Canterbury, Monk of 
Glastonbury. Died 29 October, 1038. 


EVANS, THOMAS (b. 1729). Son of Rev. Thomas Evans, of 
Langford Budville. 

23 October, 1832. Of Cannington. Third son of Robert Guy 
Evered, of Exton. 

EVERED, WALSINGHAM (b. 1838). Second son of the 
Rev. Charles William Henry Evered, B.A. Born at Exton, near 

EVERY, SIR SIMON, Loyalist. Born at Chard. 

EYRE, SIR JAMES (1734-1799), Judge. Son of the Rev. 
Thomas Eyre, of Wells. James was baptized at Wells, 1 3 Septem- 
ber, 1734. Died I July, 1799. 

Physician. Born at Bath, 18 16. M.D. Edinburgh, 1839. 
Mayor of Bath, 1857-9. Died there, 6 May, 1881. 

FALCONER, THOMAS, M.D. ( 1 772-1 839, Classical Scholar. 
Son of William Falconer, of Bath. Born 24 December, 1772. 
Died there, 19 February, 1839. 

FALCONER, THOMAS (i 805-1 882), County Court Judge. 
Born 25 June, 1805. Second son of Thomas Falconer, of Bath. 
Died there, 28 August, 1882. 

FALCONER, WILLIAM, M.D., F.R.S., Physician at 

FAREWELL, CHRISTOPHER (b. 1674). Son of Thomas 
Farewell, of Garlington. 

FAREWELL, GEORGE (1676-1 7 17), Vicar of South 
Cadbury(?). Son of Thomas Farewell, of Holbrook. Born 1676. 
Died 171 7. Buried at South Cadbury. 

FAREWELL, JAMES (i 666-1 689), Lawyer. Son of Thos. 
Farewell, of Horsington, Commoner of Wadham College, 
Oxford, 1684, aged 18. Author of The Irish Hudibras. Died 
at or near Lincoln's Inn, 1689. 

FAREWELL, SAMUEL, (b. 1756). Son of Samuel Fare- 
well, of Milborne. 

FARNHAM, JOHN (b. 1696). Son of Francis Farnham, of 


FARR, SAMUEL, M.D. (1741-1795), Physician. Born at 
Taunton in 1741. Died at Upcott, near Taunton, 1 1 March, 1795. 

FENN, JAMES (d. 1584), Catholic Priest. Born at Montacute, 
near Wells. Executed at Tyburn, 12 February, 1583-4. 

FENN, JOHN (d. 161 5). Catholic Divine, brother of James 
Fenn. Born at Montacute, near Wells. Died at Louvain, 
27 December, 16 15. 

FERRES, JOHN (b. 18 18). Born at Bath, in 18 18. Started 
life as a Printer. In 1848 emigrated to Melbourne. Later 
manager of Herald \ in 1851 became Government Printer in 

Major-General, Royal Engineers. Son of Richard Grindal 
Festing. Born at Frome, 10 August, 1839. Fellow of the 
Royal Society in 1887. 


( 1 833-1 886), Major-General, Royal Marines. Born at High 
Littleton, 24 July, 1833. C.B., 1874; K.C.M.G., 1874. Died 
at Newbury, 21 November, 1886 ; and buried on the 26 November, 
at Portsmouth. 


Bishop of St. Albans. Elder son of the late Richard Grrndall Festing, 
and brother of Major-General Festing. Born probably at Frome, 
and educated at Wells Theological College, and Trinity College, 
Cambridge. B.A., i860; M.A., 1863. 

FEWTRELL, JOHN (1748-1819), Rector of Broadway, &c. 
Son of William Fewtrell, of Broadway. Born 1748. Died 1 5 July, 
1 8 19. Buried at Broadway. 

FEWTRELL, THOMAS (b. 17 17). Son of Thomas Fewtrell, 
of Weston. 

FIELD, HENRY IBBOT (1797- 1848), Composer and 
Pianist, and many years Organist at Bath Abbey. Born at Bath, 
6 December, 1797 ; died there 19 May, 1848. 

FIELD, JOHN (b. 171 1). Son of Constantine Field, of Shepton 

FIELDING, HENRY (i 707-1 754), Novelist. Born at Sharp- 
ham Park, near Glastonbury, 22 April, 1707. Died at Lisbon, 
8 October, 1754. 


FISHER, HENRY (b. 1793), Lieutenant, 1815. Born 20 
April, 1793, at Westwood, near Bath. This officer entered the 
Navy, 20 February, 1807. 

M.A. (b. 1844), ^ Commissioner of National Education, Ireland, 
December, 1884 ; Author of several works on law. Eldest son of 
Ven. Augustus Otway FitzGerald, of Charlton Mackrell, Arch- 
deacon of Wells. Born 22 September, 1844. Called to the Bar, 
I May, 1 87 1. 

Son of Gerald FitzGerald, of Bath. Born in 18 16. Called to the 
Bar, 23 November, 1842. 

FITZHARDING, ROBERT (d. 11 70), Founder of the 
second house of Berkeley. May have been born either at Meriet 
or Bristol. Died 5 February, 1 1 70. 

FITZJAMES, SIR JOHN (1470 ?- 1542 .^ ), Judge. Son of 
John Fitzjames of Redlynch. Date of death uncertain, but his will 
was proved the 12 May, 1542. Buried at Bruton. 

FITZJAMES, NICHOLAS, O S.B. (d. 1652). Born at 
Redlynch. Died at Stourton, Wiltshire, 16 May, 1652. 

FITZJAMES, RICHARD (d. 1522), Bishop of London Born 
at Redlynch. Died 1522, and buried in St. Paul's Cathedral. 

FITZURSE, REGINALD (fl. 1170), one of the murderers of 
Thomas a Becket, inherited his father's estate of Williton. 

FLAVEL, JOHN, M.A. (1596-1617), Logician, skilled in 
Greek and Latin verse. Born in 1596 at Bishop's Lydeard. Died 
at Wadham College, Oxford, 10 November, 161 7. Buried in the 
north part of the outer chapel. 

FLOWER, THOMAS (d. 1690), Rector of Farley Hunger- 
ford. Died at Farley Hungerford, 7 November, 1690, and buried 
in the church there. 

FORD, CHARLES LAWRENCE (b. 1830). Author of 
* Lyra Christi.' Born at Bath, in 1830. 

FORD, EDWARD (i 746-1 809), Surgeon. Born at Wells 
in 1750, or 1746. Died at Sherborne, 15 September, 1809, 
aged 62. 


FORD, JOHN, M.D. (1731-1807), Licentiate of College of 
Physicians, 30 September, 1790. Died in Chester, 9 October, 
1807, aged 76. 

FORDE, ROGER (d. 1261), Abbot of Glastonbury in 1235. 
Died 1 26 1. 

FORSTER (FOSTER), ANDREW (1811-1841). Son of 
Rev. Edward Forster, of Wells. Born at Wells, 1 8 1 1 . Died 
10 May, 1 841. 

FORSTER, WILLIAM (b. 1738). Son of Nathaniel Forster, 
of Crewkerne. 

FORTE, JAMES (b. 1595). Son and heir of Thomas Forte, of 
Curry Rivell. 

FOSTER, EDWARD (1758-1826), Vicar of Winscombe. Son 
of Rev. Aaron Foster, of Wells. Born 1758. Died 7 January, 

FOSTER, MOSES (1691-1753.^), Vicar of Long Sutton, 
Somerset (.^). Son of William Foster, of Long Auler in Creech 
St. Michael. Born 1691. Died 1753 (?). Buried at Long 
Sutton, 4 September. 

FOSTER, SAMUEL (1728-1797), Sub-Warden of Wadham 
College. Son of Rev. Nathaniel Foster, of Crewkerne. Born 
1728. Died 1797. Buried at Holywell, Oxford. 

FOWLER, WILLIAM WARDE, M. A. (b. 1847), Writer 
on subjects relating to Nature. Born at Langford Budville, near 
Wellington, 1847. 

FOX, EDWARD, of Wellington. Wrote Poetical Tentatives, 
London, 1854, under the pseudonym ' Lynn Erith.' 

FOX, WILSON ( 1 831-1887), Physician in Ordinary to the 
Queen, 1882, to death. Born at Wellington, 2 November, 1831. 
Died 3 May, 1887, at Preston, Lancashire, and buried on the 
6 May, at Taunton. His bust stands in the Shire Hall, 

J.P. ; D.L., Somerset ; late Captain, North Somerset Yeomanry 
Cavalry. Born in 1837. Called to the Bar, 17 November, 


retired Admiral. Born at Bath, 10 February, 1797. Entered 
Royal Naval College, 10 August, 1810 ; and officiated as Page of 
Honour to Lord Colville at the coronation of George IV. Died 
at Bath, 13 April, 1876. 

Born 23 May, 1794, at Yarlington. Son of Rev. Roger 
Frankland. Entered the Navy, 23 May, 1807. Captain, 1835. 

FRASER, SIR JOHN ( 1 792-1 864), Soldier, &c. Born at 
Bath, 1792. Died there 26 December, 1864. 

FREKE, FRANCIS (b. 1661). Son of Anthony Freke, of 
Combe St. Nicholas. 

FREKE, JOHN (b. 1638), Rector of Hannington, Wilts. Stated 
to be of Chard. 

FRENCH, JOHN (1680-1730), Vicar of Ikon. Son of John 
French, of Crewkerne. Born 1680. Died at Ilton, January, 1730, 
and buried there. 

FRIPP, FRANCIS (b. 1830). Second son of John Upton Fripp, 
R.N., of Nettlecombe. 

FRIPP, HERBERT INNES, B.A, (b. 1858). Second son 
of Samuel Charles Fripp, of Clevedon. Architect. Born in 1858. 
Called to the Bar, 6 June, 1883. 

FROME, NICHOLAS DE (d. 1456), fifty-fifth Abbot of 
Glastonbury. Born at Frome. Died in 1456. 

FRY, FREDERICK MORRIS (b. 1851), Equity Draftsman 
and Conveyancer. Fourth surviving son of Charles Edward Fry, 
of Compton Bishop. Born 9 July, 185 1. Called to the Bar, 
7 June, 1873. 

FRY, JOSEPH (1700-1723). Son of Joseph Fry, of Crewkerne. 
Born 1700. Died 1723. 

FRYER, EDWARD, M.D. (i 761-1826), Physician. Born at 
Frome in 1761. Licentiate of the College of Physicians, 
30 September, 1790. Died in London, 9 January, 1826. 

FRYER, WILLIAM (d. 1805). *Born of an ancient family in 
Somerset.* Died 15 August, 1805. 

FUDGE, THOMAS (b. 1709). Son of Thomas Fudge, of 


FULLER, CHARLES JAMES (b. 1839). Son of Charles 
Wray Fuller, of Frome. 

FULWELL, ULPIAN(fl. 1586), Poet. *A Somersetshire man 


(b. 1 849). Eldest son of Rev. James George Currjr, of the Chantry, 
Frome. Born in 1849. Called to the Bar, 6 June, 1872. 

GALE, HENRY PROCTOR (1792-1843), Curate of St. 
James's, Taunton. Born 1792, at Combe Florey. Died 2 April, 
1843, at Pitminster Lodge, near Taunton. 

GALE, ISAAC SADLER (b. 1827), Vicar of Cleeve, 1886. 
Only son of the late Isaac Sadler Gale, or Walcot Parish, Bath. 

GALE, JOHN ( 1 767-1 842), Rector of Angersleigh. Son of 
Henry Proctor Gale, of Haydon. Born 1767. Died 11 August, 

GALE, THOMAS (b. 1645). Son of Roger Gale, of Taunton. 

GAMLEN, SAMUEL (i 783-1 855), Vicar of Bossall, York- 
shire, and Rector of Kirkby Mallory. Son of William Gamlen, of 
Carston. Born 1783. Died 2 June, 1855. 

GAMMON, FREDERICK THOMAS (i 849-1 888), of 
the firm of S. W. Partridge, Publishers. Born in Somerset in 1 849. 
Died at St. Leonards, 19 September, 1888. 

GAPPER, ABRAHAM (1680-1753 ?), Serjeant at Law (?) Son 
of A. Gapper, of Beeston. Born 1680. Buried at Winchester, 
23 May, 1753(0- 

GAPPER, EDMUND (1720-1753), Sub-Dean of Wadham 
College. Son of Edmund Gapper, of Charlton. Born 1720. 

GAPPER, HENRY (168 5-1 764), Vicar of East Pennard, 
Son of Abraham Gapper, of Brewham(?). Born 1685. Died 
about 1764. 

GAPPER, THOMAS AUBREY (b. 1800). Son of Robert 
Gapper, of Wincanton. 

GARDINER, JOHN (1757-1838), Vicar of Shirley, and Rector 
of Brailsford, Derby. Son of William Gardiner. Born 1757. 
Died II August, 1838, aged 81. 


GARTLEY, MRS. ELIZABETH (i 751-1824), Actress, of 
Berrow. Daughter of James and Eleanor White. Born in 1751. 
Died at Woolwich, i February, 1824. 

GATEHOUSE, SAMUEL (b. 1744). Son of Robert Gate- 
house, of North Cheriton. 

GATEHOUSE. THOMAS (1789-1863), Rector of North 
Cheriton. Son of Samuel Gatehouse. Born 1789. Died i July, 
1863. Buried at North Cheriton. 

GATTIE, HENRY (1774-1844), Vocalist and Actor. Bom 
near Bath in 1774. Died at Reading, 17 November, 1844. 

GAY, JOHN(i8i3-i885),Surgeon, Born at Wellington, in 1813. 
Died at Hampstead, 15 September, 1885. 

Equity Draftsman and Conveyancer. Youngest son of Philip 
George, solicitor and town derk of Bath. Born in 1829. 
Called to the Bar, 17 November, 1855. 

Public Examiner in pass schools, 1875, and since 1884. Eldest 
son of Richard Francis George, of Bath, surgeon. Born in 1842. 
Called to the Bar, 6 June, 1864. He was Pro-Proctor of Oxford 
University in 1869. 

GEORGE, WILLIAM HENRY (1796-1846), Rector of 
Spaxton. Son of Rev. William George, of Cannington, near 
Bridgwater. Born 1796. Died 18 January, 1846. 

GETHIN, GRACE, LADY (1676-1697), learned Lady. 
Daughter of Sir George Norton, of Abbot's Leigh. Born in 1676. 
Died II October, 1697. 

GIBBONS, JOHN, D.D. (1544-1589), Jesuit. Born near 
Wells in 1544. Died at Treves, 3 December, 1589. 

GIBBONS, RICHARD (d. 1632), Jesuit. Younger brother of 
John aforesaid. Died 23 June, 1632. 

GIBBS, MRS. {nee GRADDON) (b. 1804), Singer. Born at 
Taunton, 1804. 

GIBBS, GEORGE (fl. 1634), of Bath, Surgeon. Brought 
plants from Virginia, and cultivated 117 exotics. 

GIBBS, JOHN ( 1 696-1 745), Vicar of Hazelbury. Son of John 
Gibbs, of East Chinnock. Born 1696. , 


GIBBS, JOHN (b. 1735). Son of Robert Gibbs, of East Chin- 

GILBERT, WILLIAM, Jesuit. Canon Regular and Prior ot 
Bruton. Born in Somersetshire. Became D.D. in 1506. 

GILDAS, 'the Wise' (d. 570), learned Divine and Historian. 
Born at Bath. Died in 570. 

GILES, JOHN (b. 1673), Vicar of Cossington. Son of William 
Giles, of Lovington. 

GILES, REV. JOHN ALLEN (i 808-1 884), prolific Writer. 
Born at Mark, 26 October, 1808. Died at Sutton Rectory, 
24 September, 1884. 

GILES, JOHN DOUGLAS (1812-1867). Son of Robert 
Giles, of Wedmore. Matriculated at Christ Church Collie, 
Oxford, 28 November, 1828, aged 16. Died Willoughby, Lin- 
colnshire, 5 February, 1867. 

GILL, CHARLES, a Portrait Painter. Was the son of a 
pastry-cook at Bath. He became a pupil of Sir Joshua Reynolds, 
and exhibited a few portraits at the Royal Academy between 1772 
and 1 8 1 9. 

GILLETT, WILLIAM (1686-1707). Son of Elias GiUett, of 
Misterton. Born 1686. 

GILLING, GEORGE ROBERT (b. 1831), afterwards Rev. 
G. R. Gilling-Lax, Rector of Fitzhead, 1861. Second son of 
Thomas Gilling, of Cheddar. 

GILLING, ISAAC (1662 ?-i725), Presbyterian Minister. Bom 
at Stogumber. Died 20 or 2 i August, 1725. 

GILLING, THOMAS GILLING (b. 1831), Soldier. Eldest 
son of Thomas Gilling, of Cheddar. 

GILLINGHAM, ROBERT (b. 1690). Son of R. GilHngham, 
of He Brewers. 

Holy Orders. Second son of William Shartman Glanvile. born 
at Wedmore, near Weston-super-Mare. B.A., 1869 ; M.A., 1874. 

GODFREY, JOHN RACE (b. 1790), Lieutenant, 18 15. Bom 
1 1 March, 1790. Son of the late John Godfrey, of Bath. Entered 
the Navy, 9 June, 1 803, 


QODSALL, JOHN (b. 1655). Son of George Godsall, of 

GODWIN, IGNATIUS (d. 1667), Jesuit. ' Of Somersetshire.' 
Died in London, 26 November, 1667. 

GODWIN, THOMAS, D.D. (1587-1642). Son of Anthony 
Goodwin, of Wookey. Student Magdalen Hall, Oxford, 1602, 
aged 15. Died 20 March, 1642. 

GOFFE, ROBERT (b. 161 2). Son of John GofFe, of Merriott. 

GOLDESBOROUGH, JOHN (i 745-1 822), Incumbent ot 
Weston Bampfylde. Son of John Goldesborough, of Bruton. 
Born 1745. Died 1822. 

GOLDING, THOMAS (b. 18 10). Son of John Golding, of 

GOOD, WILLIAM (1527-1586), Jesmt. Born at Glastonbury 
in 1527. He was one of the earliest of our countrymen who 
joined the Jesuits. Died at Naples, 5 July, 1586. 

GOODFORD, CHARLES OLD (1812- 18 84;, Provost of 
Eton. Born at Chilton-Cantelo. Born 15 July, 18 12. Died at 
Eton, 9 May, 1884. 

GOODSON, JAMES. Third son of Thomas Goodson, late of 
Baltonsborough. Called to the Bar, 17 November, 1855. Chdr- 
man Great Eastern Railway Company. M.P. Great Yarmouth 
1865-8. J. P. of Middlesex. 

GOODWIN, JAMES IGNATIUS (i6o3?.i667), Jesuit. 
Bom in Somerset in or about 1603. Died in London, 26 
November, 1667. 

GOODWIN, WINDHAM (b. 17 14). Son of John Goodwin, 
of Uton. 

GOODWYN, ROBERT (b. 1662). Son of Robert Goodwyn, 
of Ocwkcme. 

GORE, MONTAGUE ( 1 800-1 864). Son of Rev. Charles Gore, 
of Barrow Court. Matriculated at Christ Church, Oxford, 8 May, 
18 18, aged 18. Died in London, 5 October, 1864. 

GORGES, SIR FERDINANDO (i566?-i647), Naval and 
Military Commander. Governor of Plymouth. Probably bom 
a the family seat at Wraxall. Died at Bristol (?), 1647. 


GORGES, ROBERT, M.A., 15 April, 1648, of St. Edmund's 
Hall, Oxford. Born at Cheddar. One of the Proctors of the 
University of Oxford in 1653. Secretary to Henry Cromwell, 
Lord- Lieutenant of Ireland. Afterwards Secretary to Frederick, 
Duke of Schomberg, General of His Majesty's Forces in Ireland. 

GOULD, SIR DAVIDGE (b. 1758), Admiral of the Red. 1825. 
Born in 1758, at Bridgwater. Died 23 April, 1847, at Hawks- 
head. Son of Richard Gould, of Sharpham Park. Entered the 
Navy in May, 1772. 

GOULD, SIR HENRY, the elder (1544-17 10), Judge. Son 
and heir of Andrew Gould, of Winsham. Born 1644. Called to 
the Bar in 1667. Judge of the King's Bench, 26 January, 1699. 
Died in London, 16 March, 17 10. 

GOULD, SIR HENRY, the younger (1710-1794). Son of 
Davidge Gould, of Sharpham Park. Born in 17 10. Called to 
the Bar, June, 1734. Judge of Common Pleas, 24 January, 
1763. Died in London, 5 March, 1794. Buried at Stapleford 
Abbotts, Essex. 

GOULD, JOHN (b. 1697). Son of Thomas Gould, of Peryton. 

GOULD, ROBERT FREKE (b. 1837). Eldest son of Rev. 
Robert Freke Gould, late Rector of Stoke Pero. A member of 
the Western Circuit. Late Lieutenant 31st Regiment. Called to 
the Bar, 6 June, i868» 

GOULD, WILLIAM (1690-1715). Son of John Gould, of 
Alford. Born 1690. 

GOURNEY, SIR MATTHEW (13 10.?- 1406), Soldier. Born 
at Stoke-under -Hamdon, about 13 10. Died 26 September, 


(b. 1846), Dramatist and Novelist. Born at Bath, October, 

GRABHAM, ROGER (b. 1682). Son of R. Grabham, of St. 

GRACE, HENRY MILLS (1808-1871), Surgeon. Born at 
Long Ashton. Father of the famous cricketers of that name. 
Died at Downend, 23 December, 1871 ; aged 63. 

GRADDON, MISS, afterwards Mrs. Gibbs (1804- 1854 ?), 
Vocalist. Born at Taunton in 1 804. 


GRAHAM, SIR FORTESCUE ( 1794-18 80), General. Born 
at Tintinhull, near Ilchester, in 1794. K.C.B., 1864. Died at 
Stonehouse, Devon, 9 October, 1880. 

GRANT, WILLIAM (1789-1845). Born 14 May, 1789, at 
Taunton. He entered the Navy 13 September, 1805. Lieutenant 
in 1 8 15. Died i December, 1845. 

GRAVES, JOHN (d. 1 652), Jesuit. ' Of Somersetshire.' Died at 
Li^ge, 30 August, 1652. 

GRAY, ROBERT, Benefactor. Taunton. Died 1635. 

Divine and Composer of Music. Born near Weston-super-Mare, 
22 February, 18 13. Rector of Corringham. 

GREEN AWAY, ROBERT (b. 1 655). Son of John Greenaway, 
of Crewkerne. 

GRIFFITH, CHARLES TAPP ( 1 789-1 866), Rector of EJm 
and other places. Son of John Griffith, of Frome Selwood. Bom 
1789. Died at Elm, 5 January, 1866. 

GRIFFITH, JOHN (1762-1816), Rector of Elm, and Domestic 
Chaplain to Lord Bath. Son of Thomas Griffith, of Chard. Bom 
1762. Died 31 January, 1816 ; aged 54. Buried at Frome. 

GRIFFITH, ROBERT CLAVEY (1792-1844). Admitted 
to Wadham College, 29 June, 1808. Son of John Griffith. 
Rector of Fifield Bavant in 1828. Born at Frome Selwood, 1792. 
Died at Corsley, 4 November, 1844 ; aged 52. 

GRIMSTEAD, JOHN (b. 1658). Son of Robert Grimstead, of 
Balston (?). 

Biblical Scholar. Born 1785, probably at Bath. Died at Brighton, 
9 July, 1864. 

GRINFIELD, THOMAS (1788-1870), Divine and Hymn 
Writer. Born at Bath in 1788. Died at Clifton, 8 April, 1870. 

GROBHAM, WILLIAM (b. 1676). Son of J. Grobham, of 

GROVE, HENRY (1684-1738), Dissenting Tutor. Born at 
Taunton, 4 January, 1684. Essayist, Philosophical Writer, and 
Hymn Writer. Died 27 February, 1738, and buried at Taunton. 


Third son of Rev. Charles Stephen Grueber, Vicar of Hambridge. 
Hon. Secretary Numismatic Society since 1874. Called to the 
Bar, 17 November, 1871. 

GUNN, HENRY MAYO (18 17-1886), Hymn Writer. Born 
at Chard, 25 March, 18 17. Died 21 May, 1886. 

GUNNING, MRS. SUSANNAH (1740.?- 1800), known as 
Miss Minifie, of Fairwater. Died in London, 28 August, 1800. 
Buried in Westminster Abbey. 

GUTCH, JOHN (i 746-1 831), Antiquary and Divine. Bom at 
Wells, 21 January, 1746. Died at Oxford, i July, 1831. 

GUYON, HENRY COPLESTON (b. 1847), Rector of 
Lamyatt. Eldest son of Rev. Charles Langford Guyon, M.A., of 
Lamyatt, near Evercreech. 

GUYON, RICHARD DEBAUFE (1803-1856), Soldier. 
Served in Austrian and Turkish Armies. Born at Walcot, Bath, 
31 March, 1803. Died of cholera at Scutari, 13 October, 1856. 

HAIGH, GEORGE HARTY (b. 1852). Second son of Geoigc 
Haigh, of Bath. Born 22 April, 1852. Called to the Bar, 30 
April, 1874. 

Son of Thomas Hale, of Batheaston, Born 1789. Died at Paris, 
25 April, 1857. 

HALES, JOHN, M.A., *the Ever-Memorable' (15 84-1 6 56), a 
famous Scholar and Divine. Was a native of Bath. Born 19 
April, 1584. Canon of Windsor. Died at Eton, 19 May, 1656. 

HALFYEARD, EDMUND (b. 1619). Son of Edmund 
Halfyeard, of North Petherton. 

HALL, FRANCIS (1785-1866), Newspaper Editor. Bom at 
Taunton, 1785. Died New York, 11 August, 1866. 

HALL, HENRY (d. 1663). Son of Thomas Hall. Born at 
Wells. Was made D.D. at Dublin, 27 January, 1660. Died 
23 July, 1663. 

t I *^ .w ^„. fc^ 

HALL, JOHN (1648.1665J, Servitor at Wadham Collie. Bom 
1648. Died 1665. Buriea in the chapel of the College. Son of 
Robert Hall, of Curry Rivcll. 



London University, 1870. Only son of Job Hallett, of Martock. 
Called to the Bar, 26 January, 1878. Formerly of the Indian 
Civil Service. 

HALSWELL, HUGH, Commoner of Wadham College, 1613. 
One of this name was created D.D., 15 January, i6q. Fourth son 
of Sir Nicholas Halswell, of Halswell. 

HAMBLEY, REV. JOHN (d. 1587), native of Somersetshire. 
Executed at Chard, 20 July, 1587. 


(b. 1856). Only son of Rev. James Hamilton, Vicar ofDoulting. 
Called to the Bar, 26 January, 1880. 

HAMMATT, JOHN, B.A., of St. Edmund's HaU, Oxford, 
2 May, 1678. Son of a father of both his names, of Taunton. 
Vicar of Stantonbury, Bucks. 

at Bath, 24 January, 1837. Took double first-class in modera- 
tions (the first public examination at Oxford), 1856. B.A., 1858 ; 
M.A., 1 86 1. Rector of Wootton, Northamptonshire, since 

HAMPDEN, JOHN, of Bath. Author of Reformation or Ruin: 
a Warning to the Churches^ &c., London, 1862, 8vo. 

HANCOCK, FREDERICK, M.A. (b. 1849), Rector of 
Selworthy, 1884. Son of Philip Hancock. Born at Ford, 

HANCOCK, RICHARD DONNE, B.A. (b. 1854). Second 
son of John Donne Hancock, of Raise. Born 8 August, 1854. 
Called to the Bar, 3 July, 1878. 

HANHAM, FREDERICK (fl. 1846-57), of Bath. Natural 
Illustrations of British Grasses^ 1 846 ; Manual for the Victoria 
Parky Botanical Arrangement of the Trees y 1857. 

H ANN AM, WILLIAM (b. 1541 ?). Born at Combe, in or 
about 1 541. Scholar of King's College, Cambridge, 25 August, 
1559 ; Fellow, 26 August, 1562. 

HANSON, ALFRED (1816-1886), Barrister. Eldest son of 
Joshua Flesher Hanson, of Backwell. Born 29 June, 18 16. 
Died in London, 6 January, 1886. 



HARBIN, CHARLES (i 800-1 875), Rector of Teston, Kent. 
Son of Rev. Robert Harbin, of Yeovil. Born 1800. Died 7 
April, 1875. 

HARBIN, JOHN (b. 1767). Son of Swayne Harbin, of Yeovil. 

HARBIN, ROBERT (1650-1672?). Son of John Harbin, of 
Newton. Born 1650. Died about 1672. 

HARBIN, ROBERT (b. i765),B.C.L., 28 May, 1789. Son of 
Swayne Harbin, of Newton, and brother of Wyndham Harbin. 

HARBIN, WILLIAM ( 1 826.1 864), Vicar of Northover. Son 
of Rev. Edward Harbin. Born at Odcombe, 1826. Died at 
Ilchester, 25 November, 1864, aged 38. 

HARBIN, WYNDHAM (1762-1837). Son of Swayne 
Harbin, of Newton. Born 1762. Died 1837. 

HARDING, THOMAS (i 516-1572), Divine and Contro- 
versialist. Born at Beckington in 15 16. Died at Louvain, 1572. 

HARDING, WILLIAM (i 792-1 886), Lieutenant-Colonel, 
F.G.S. Born at Pilton. Entered the army in 1 8 1 2 ; served in 
Peninsular war ; retired in 1 841 ; author of The History of Tiverton. 

HARE, RICHARD (fl. 1810), of Bath, F.L.S., 1810. 

HARINGTON, HENRY, D.D. (1727-1816), Musician and 
Author. Born at Kelston, September, 1727. Died 15 January, 
1 8 1 6. Buried in Bath Abbey. 

HARINGTON, HENRY, D.D. (1755 ?-i79i), Compiler of 
the *Nugae-Antiquae.' Born at Wells about 1755. Died at 
Norwich, 25 December, 1791. 

HARRINGTON, JOHN, LORD (i540?-i6i3). Eldest son 
Sir James Harrington, of Exton. Born about 1540. Died at 
Worms, 24 August, 16 13. 

HARRINGTON, JOHN (1679-1700?). Sonof John Harrington, 
of Kelweston. Born 1679. Died 1700 (?). Buried at Kelweston (?). 

HARRIS, a Collier of Kingswood (fl. end of last century). 

HARRISON, SAMUEL (1826.1871). Newspaper Proprietor. 
Born at Banwell, 1826. Died at Sheffield, 21 February, 1871 


HART, WILLIAM (1557-1582), a zealous Roman Catholic 
Priest. Born at Wells. Lincoln College, 1572. Hanged, drawn, 
and quartered, for religion's sake, at York, 15 March, 1582, 
aged 25. 

HARTE, WALTER, M.A. (i695?.i774). Was born at 
Taunton circa 1695. Died at Bath in March, 1774. Sacred 

HARTGYLL, JOHN, and WILLIAM, of Kylmington. 

Note. — The reference reads thus : — [Account of Catholic families in Wilts.] 
* Charles,- the 7th Lord Stourton. 

' . . . . From the Fourth Report of the Public Records, p. 256, 1 
gather that his lordship had long harboured a rancorous feeling in his heart 
against William Hartgyll, of Kylmington, co. Somerset, gentleman, and his 
son and heir, John Hartgyll ; that his lordship on Monday, 1 1 January, 
1557, arrested them under pretence of having committed a felony .... 
(they were) cruelly murdered at *' the Worth," near Stourton, Wilts., &c. 

[For these murders Lord Stourton was executed on the 6th of March.] 

HAT TON, RICHARD (d. 1509). Born at Bath. King^s 
College, Cambridge, 1470 ; LL.D. ; Chaplain to Henry VII. ; 
Ambassador to the Low Countries and Scotland in 1499. Provost 
of King's College, 21 March, 1507-8. Died in June, 1509. 

HAVILAND, JOHN (b. 1653). Son of Joseph Haviland, of 
Charlinch. Gardiner adds : — * John, son of John Haviland, of 
Charlinch, registered his pedigree at the Visitation in 1672.' 

HAVILAND, JOHN, M.D. (1785-1851). Born at Bridg- 
water, 2 February, 1785. Fellow of the College of Physicians, 
30 September, 18 18. Died at Cambridge, 8 January, 1851. 

HAVILAND, JOHN (1792-1852), Architect. Born at Gunden- 
ham, 15 December, 1792. Planned several of the large American 
buildings. Died at Philadelphia, 28 March, 1852. 

F.S.A (b. 1827). Son of John Havilland, of Taunton. Called 
• to the Bar, 26 January, 1870. 

HAWKINS, REV. EDWARD (1789-1882). Provost of 
Oriel College, Oxford. Born at Bath, 27 February, 1789. 
Bampton Lecturer, 1840. Died at Rochester, 18 November, 1882. 
Buried in the Cathedral cemetery. 

HAWKINS, JOHN ISAAC (1772-1855), Engineer and 
Patentee. Born at Taunton, 14 March, 1772. Died at 
Elizabeth Town, New Jersey, 28 June, 1855. 


HAWKINS, THOMAS (1810-1889), Geologist and Fossil 
Collector. Born at Glastonbury, 25 July, 18 10. Died in the 
Isle of Wight, October, 1889. 

HAWLEY, JAMES, M.D. (d. 1777), descended from an old 
Somerset family. Fellow of the College of Physicians, 22 Decem- 
ber, 1739. Died 22 December, 1777. 

HAYNE, GEORGE (b. 161 1). Son of George Hayne, of 

HAYNE, ROBERT (b. 1649). Son of ^gidus Hayne, of 

HEATH, FRANCIS (b. 1608). Son of Thomas Heath, of 

HEATH, JOHN (b. 1588), Epigrammatist. He entered Win- 
chester School in 1600, aged 13. 

HEBDITCH, SAMUEL (1821-1888). Born at Lopen, 
22 March, 1821. A very successful Congregational Preacher. 
Chairman of the South Australian Congregational Union, 1887-8. 
Died at Adelaide, 5 May, 1888. 

HECTOR, ROBERT (b. 1672). Son of William Hector, of 
St. George's. B.A., 27 October, 1692. 

HELLICAR, ARTHUR GRESLEY (b. 1836), Vicar of 
Bromley, Kent, in 1865. Eldest son of the late Rev. Ames 
Hellicar, M.A., of Curry Rivell. 

HELLIER. HENRY, D.D. (1662.M697), Divine. Born at 
Dundry, about 1662. Died by his own hand in December, 1697, 
being at the time Vice-President of Corpus Christi College, 

HELPS, WILLIAM, B. A. (i 773-1 848), for fifty years Rector 
of Hawton, Notts. Son of William Helps, of St. Mary RedclifFe. 
Born 1773. Died 17 January, 1848. 

HENDERSON, THOMAS JULIUS (b. 1828), Vicar of 
Farley, Wilts, in 1883. Only son of the late John Henderson. 
Born at Bath, 1828. 

HENLEY, a Somerset family of this name was originally 
established at Henley, in Somerset, of which county several mem- 
bers of it were sheriffs. Its elder branch was honoured with a 
baronetcy in 1660, which expired in 1740. 


HENLEY, ROBERT (1601-1639). Son of Henry Henley, of 
Leigh. Buried in Winsham Church. 

HENNIKER, ALDBOROUGH (1821-1880), Barrister. Born 
6 July, 1 82 1. Son of A. B. J. Henniker, of Calcott. Died in 
London, 28 January, 1880. 

HENNIKER, REV. ROBERT (1833-1880). Son of 
A. B. J. Henniker, of Calcott. Born i June, 1833. Died at 
Frocester, near Stroud, i February, 1880. 

HENRY of Bath, a Lawyer of the reign of Henry III. 

HEWLETT, JAMES (1789-1836). Flower-painter. Born in 
1789. Practised chiefly at Bath. Died at Isleworth, 18 August, 

HIBBERT or HIBBART, WILLIAM (fl. 1 760-1 800), 
Etcher, practised chiefly at Bath towards the end of the eighteenth 

HICKES, CHARLES ROBERT, Equity Draftsman and 
Conveyancer. Eldest son of Charles Hickes, of Bath, surgeon. 
Called to the Bar, 17 November, 1852. 

HIGGINS, JOHN (1762-1833). Son of John Higgins, of 
Ditcheat. Born 1762. Died 13 February, 1833. Buried at 

HIGGINS, ^yILLIAM (1680-1712), Vicar of Work. Son of 
Thomas Higgins, of Ditcheat. Bom 1680. Died 17 12. Buried 
at Ditcheat, 1 7 September. 

HIGGS, WILLIAM ALPHEUS (1838-1 889), Tea Merchant. 
Born at Luckington, near Frome, 1838. Died in London, 
23 December, 1889. 

HILL, a very ancient Somerset family, iBourished at Hounston from 
the time of Edward III. Time of Henry VIII. seated at 
Poundisford, near Taunton. 

HILL, JOHN, B.A. (b. 1619). Son of Richard Hill, of Combe 
Flory. B.A., 5 December, 1640. 

HILL, JOHN, M.D. (d. 1789), a native of Somerset. Licen- 
tiate of the College of Physicians, 25 June, 1 765. Died 9 February, 

HILL, SAMUEL (1648-1 7 16), Archdeacon of Wells. Born in 
1648. Son of William Hill, of South Petherton. Died 7 March, 


HILL, alias BUCKLAND, THOMAS, D.D.(i 564-1644), 
Benedictine monk. Bom in Somerset in 1564. Dieid at Douay. 
7 August, 1644. 

HILL, WILLIAM (1687-1708). Son of G. Hill, of Goathurst. 
Born 1687. 

HILLIARD, JOHN EDWARD (b. 1850), Rector of Cowley, 
Middlesex, 1882. Eldest son of the Rev. John Crosier Hilliard. 
Born at Street. 

HILLIARD, WILLIAM (b. 1665). Son of William Hilliard, 
of Ilminster. 

HIPPISLEY, JOHN (d. 1748), Actor and Dramatist. Born 
near Wookey Hole, Wells. Died at Bristol, 12 February, 1748. 

HIPPISLEY, SIR JOHN COXE (1748-1825), Political 
Writer. Born in 1748. Only son of William Hippisley, of 
Yatton. He died in London, 3 May, 1825. 

HOARE, PRINCE (1755-1834), Dramatic Author and Artist. 
Born in Bath, 1755. Died at Brighton, 22 December, 1834. 


(b. 1 8 19). Fourth son of the late Right Hon. Henry Hobhouse. 
Born at Hadspen, 10 November, 18 19. 

HOBHOUSE, HENRY, M.A. (b. 1854). Only son of Henry 
Hobhouse, late of Hadspen. Born i March, 1854. Called to 
the Bar, 9 June, 1880. 

Third son of the late William Sampson Hodgkinson, of Wells. 
Called to the Bar, 21 June, 1882. 

HODY, ARTHUR (b. 1675). Son of Richard Hody, of 

HODY, HUMPHREY (i 660-1 707), Domestic Chaplain to 
Bishop Stillingfleet. Son of Richard Hody, of Odcombe. Born 
1660. Died 50 January, 1706-7. Buried in Wadham College 
Chapel. Author of De Gracis Illustribus^ published post- 
humously in 1742. 

HODY, JOHN (b. 1658). Son of Richard Hody, of Odcombe. 
HODY, JOHN (b. 1659). Son of John Hody, of Northover. 

HODY, RICHARD (1659-1690), Vicar of Uchester. Son of 
Richard Hody, of Odcombe. Born 1659. Died at Uchester, 1690. 


HOLMES, EMRA (b. 1839). Born at Cleevc. Collector of 
customs at Fowey from 1877. Writer of talcs, &c. 

HOLT, EDWARD (1646-1668). Son of Thomas Holt, of 
Wells. Born 1646. Died at Wadham College, Oxford, 1668. 
Buried in the Outer Chapel. 

HOLT, WILLIAM FREDERICK (b. 1826). Only son 
of the Rev. William Fowler Holt, M.A. Born at Claverton. 

HOME, NORTH DALRYMPLE (1856-1887), Singer. 
Bom at Long Ashton, August, 1856. Died at Clifton, 3 July, 

HONE, WILLIAM ( 1 780-1 842), Writer and Bookseller. Born 
at Bath, 3 June, 1780. Died at Tottenham, 6 November, 1842. 

HOOD, SIR ALEXANDER (1793-1851). Born at Wootton, 
5 July, 1793. M.P. for Somerset, 1847-51. Died in London, 
7 March, 1851. 

HOOD, SAMUEL, Viscount Hood (1724-18 16), Admiral. Born 
12 December, 1724. Son of Samuel Hood, Vicar of Butleigh and 
Prebendary of Wells. Died at Greenwich, 27 January, 18 16. 

HOOKINS, PHILIP, B.A., Trinity Hall, Cambridge, 1830. 

Second son of John Hookins, of Yeovil. Called to the Bar, 

21 November, 1834. Vicar of Great Barford, Oxon, since 1852. 

HOOPER, HENRY (b. 1842), Vicar of Ripley, Surrey, 1879. 
Third son of William Hooper. Bom i October, 1842, at East 

HOOPER, JAMES JOHN, M.A. (b. 1823). Eldest son of 
Rev. James Hooper, Rector of East Lydford. Born 7 November, 
1823. Called to the Bar, 17 November, 1852. Judge of County 
Courts (circuit No. 20) since December, 1883. Has held several 
important legal appointments. 

HOOPER, JOHN (b. 1836;. Eldest son of William Hooper. 
Born at East Harptree. Brother of William Hooper (1855), ^^^ 
Henry Hooper (1861). 

HOOPER, JOHN (d. 1555), Bishop of Gloucester and Worcester. 
Born towards the end of the fifteenth century, in Somerset. Burnt 
at Gloucester, 9 February, 1554-5. 

HOOPER, WILLIAM (b. 1837), Missionary in India. Second 
son of William Hooper, R.N. Born at East Harptree. Author 
of a * Greek-Hindu Lexicon,' &c. 


HOOPER, WILLIAM (b. 1838). Second son of the late Rev. 
James Hooper, of Yeovil. 

HOPKINS, DAVID (b. 171 1). Son of David Hopkins, of 
Stanton Drew. 

HOPKINS, WILLIAM (1629-1700). Of Magdalen College, 
Oxford. Born at Yeovilton, 15 July, 1629. Died March, 1700, 
in his seventieth year. 

HOPTON, SIR ARTHUR (i588?.i65o). Diplomatist. Son 
of Sir Arthur Hopton, of Witham. Born about 1588. Died 5 
May, 1649-50. 

HOPTON, RALPH, Lord Hopton (1601 .?.i652). Son of 
Robert Hopton, of Witham, Born about 1601. Died at Bruges, 
September, 1652. 


Eldest son of Rev. John Stuart Hippisley Horner, of Mells Park. 
Born 28 December, 1842. Called to the Bar, 17 November, 
1868. Went the Western Circuit., J. P., D.L., Somerset. 

General. Born at Bath, 3 April, 181 8. K.C.B., i860. G.C.B., 
1875. Died Munlochy, near Inverness, 13 September, 1885. 
Buried in Kensal Green Cemetery. 

HOSKINS, MARTIN THOMAS (b. 1825), Roman Catholic 
Priest. Born at Chilcompton, nth November, 1825. Baptized 
at Downside, 13 November. Studied for the Church at the 
Benedictine College, Douay, 1847-53. Ordained Priest, 22 
September, 1855. 

Eldest son of Henry William Hoskyns, of Hinton St. George. 
Called to the Bar, 21 April, 1880. 

HOSKYNS, JOHN (b. 1772). Son of John Hoskyns, of 
Compton Martin. Assumed the additional name of Abrahall. (q.v.) 

HOSSOM (HOFFMAN) JAMES {circa 1661-1669), Son of 
Martin Hossom, of Taunton. 

HOULTON, ROBERT (fl. 1801). Dramatist and Journalist. 
Born about 1739. Son of the Rev. Robert Houlton, of Milton 

HOULTON, ROBERT, Retired Commander, 1840. Second 
son of the late Joseph Houlton, of Farley Castle. Entered the 

Navy in 1790. 


HOWELL, THOMAS (fl. 1568), Verse-writer. Probably a 
native of Dunster. 

HUGH (d. 1235), called Hugh of Wells, Bishop of Lincoln, Son 
of 'Edward of Wells,* of Lanchester, near Wells. In 1225 he 
witnessed the confirmation of Magna Charta. Died 7 February, 
1234-5, and buried in Lincoln Cathedral. 

HUGO, REV. THOMAS (1820-1876). Born at Taunton in 
1820. Collected Bewick's works and wood-blocks. Died at 
West Hackney, 31 December, 1876. 

HUISH, ALEXANDER (1594?-! 668), Biblical Scholar. Born 
in Wells, 1594 or 1595. Died in April, 1668. 

HUMPHREYS, RICHARD, the Gentleman Boxer. No birth- 
place known. (Fl. end of last century). 

HUNGERFORD, WALTER, D.D. (1597-1681), Rector of 
Buscot, Berks. Born 1597. Died at Buscot, 10 November, 1681. 
Probably the third son of John Hungerford, of Cadenham. 

HUNT, DODINGTON (b. 1736). Son of John Hunt, of 

HUNT, JOHN ( 1 703-1 740). Son of John Hunt, of Compton 
Pauncefoot. Subsequently of Sandford Orcas. Bom 1703. 
Died 1740. 

HUNT, WILLIAM, M.A. (i 610-1684), of Wadham College, 
Oxford, and of Cambridge. Born at Dowlish, .near Ilminster. 
Extraordinary Greek Scholar, and skilled in Oriental languages. 
Died in 1684, aged 74. Buried at his native place. 

HUNT, WILLIAM (b. 1616), B.A., February, 1637. Son of 
William Hunt, of Dowlish Wake. 

HUNT, WILLIAM (b. 1648). Son of William Hunt, of 
Ilminster (?). 

HUNT, WILLIAM (1801-1885). Born at Bath in 1801. 
Mayor of Bath several times. Died there 17 September, 1885. 

HURLY, JAMES, (d. 1783), Divine and Eccentric Philosopher. 
Bom at Crowcombe. 

HUTCHINS, SAMUEL (b. 1691). Son of S. Hutchins, of 
South Cadbury. 



HYATT, GEORGE TILL AD AM (b. 1815). Son of George 
Hyatt, of Shcpton Mallet. 

INE, INI, or Latin IN A (d. 726), West Saxon King. Son of 
Cenred, an under-king of the West Saxons, probably of the tribe 
inhabiting Somerset. Died at Rome, 726. 

INGE, or YNGE, HUGH (d. 1528). Born atShepton Mallet. 
Made Perpetual Fellow of New College, Oxford, in 1484. Died 
at Dublin, 3 August, 1528. 

IRVING, SIR HENRY, Actor. Originally named John Henry 
Brodribb, but assumed his present name by Royal Patent. Bom at 
Keinton, 6 February, 1838. Knighted 1895. 

JACOB, JOHN (18 12-1858), Brigadier-General. Born at Wool- 
avington-cum-Puriton, 11 January, 181 2. Died at Jacobabad, 
India, 5 December, 1858. 

JACOB, WILLIAM STEPHEN (18 13-1 862), Astronomer. 
Born at Woolavington-cum-Puriton, 19 November, 18 13. Died 
at Poonah, 16 August, 1862. 

JAMES, WILLIAM (b. 1608). Second son of Francis James, of 

JARDINE, DAVID (i 794-1 860), Historical and Legal Writer. 
Born at Pickwick, near Bath, in 1794. Died at Heath, Weybridge, 
13 September, i860. 

JEANES, HENRY, M.A., of New Inn, Oxford. Son of 
Christopher Jean, of Kingston. Commoner at New Inn, 1656, 
at the age of 1 5. Vicar of Kingston, and afterwards Rector of 
Chedsey. Died at Wells, 1662. Buried there in the Cathedral (?) 


Assistant Magistrate and Collector, Bengal. Second son of 
Thomas Lowten Jenkins, of Wraxall House. Called to the Bar, 
21 June, 1882. 

JENKYNS, RICHARD, D.D. (1782-1854), Master of Balliol 
College, and Dean of Wells. Born at Evercreech, in 1782. Died 
6 March, 1854. 

JENNINGS, JAMES (b. 1772), Poetical Writer. , Born at 


JOCELIN, or JOCELINE of Wells (d. 1242). Born and 
educated at Wells. He died 19 November, 1242, and was 
buried in the choir of Wells Cathedral. 

JOHN of Glastonbury ^fl. 1400), Historian, ^ Benedictine 

JOHNES, THOMAS (b. 1787). Son of John Johnes, of 
Batheaston. Born 1787. 

Artillery, K.C.B., C.S.I. Born 4 July, 1825, at Bath. 

JOHNSON, J., from Bath, Pugilist. Fought with Jem Ward, 
20 August, 1823. 

1846. Born 3 July, 1793, at South Stoke, near Bath. Entered 
the Navy, i February, 1807, 

JONES, ROBERT (b. 1657). Son of Nathaniel Jones, of 

JONES, SIR WILLIAM (1631-1682), Lawyer. Son x>f 
Richard Jones, of Stowey. Died in London, 2 May, 1682. 

JOUXSON, SAMUEL (i 700.1 726), Vicar ofUbley and But- 
combe. Son of Benjamin Jouxson, of Ubley. Born 1700. 

JOYCE, JAMES, M.A. (178 i-i 850), Hymn Writer. Born at 
Frome, 2 November, 1781. Died at Dorking, 9 October, 1850. 

JOYCE, THOMAS (b. 161 8). Son of Joseph Joyce, of Wells. 

KEARY, ELIZA. A Writer of tales, between 1874 and 1883. 

KEARY, MISS ANNA MARIA (1825-1879). Born at 
Bath. Successful as a Writer upon Irish life. 

KEATE, JOHN (1773-1 852), Head Master of Eton. Born at 
Wells in 1773. Died at Hartley Westpall, Hants, 5 March, 1852. 

KEATE, ROBERT (i 777-1 857), Surgeon. Born at Laverton, 
14 March, 1777. Died in Mayfeir, 2 October, 1857. 

KEBBY, SAMUEL (b. .1717). Son of the Rev. Benjamin 
Kebby, of Staplegrove. 

KEENE, WILLIAM (1795-1872), Geologist. Born at Bath 
in 1795. I^ ^856 was appointed Government Geologist and 
examiner of coal mines in New South Wales, Died 2 February, 


KELLAND, PHILIP (1808-1879), Mathematician. Born at 
Dunster, in 1808. Died at Bridge-oNAllan, Stirlingshire, 7 May, 

KEPER, JOHN (fl. 1580), Poet. Probably born at WeUs, 
about 1547. . 

KEYNES, ALEXANDER (d. 17 13), Jesuit, of Somersetshire. 
Died at Ghent, 7 June, 1713. 

KEYNES, GEORGE, alias BRETT (1630-1659), Jesuit, 
of Compton Pauncefoot. Born in 1630. Died in the Philippine 
Islands, 1659. 

KEYNES, JOHN (i625?-i697, Jesuit. Bom at Compton 
Pauncefoot, about 1625. He was probably a brother of George 
Keynes. Died at Watten, near St. Omer, 15 May, 1697. 

KIDDLE, HENRY, M.A. (b. 1824), Writer of Educational 
Works. Born at Bath. Superintendent of common schools in 
New York City, 1870-9. 

KILVERT, FRANCIS (i 793-1 863), Antiquary. Born at Bath, 
Good Friday, 1793. Died at Bath, 16 September, 1863. 

KING, ALICE (b. 1839). Born at Cutcombe Vicarage, in 1839. 
A Linguist and Novelist. She became blind at the age of seven. 

KING, alias SCOTT, RICHARD (d. 1 664), Benedictine, of 
Somersetshire. Died 2 July, 1 664. 

1809, d. I Jan. 1 891). Eldest son of William Kinglake, of 
Taunton. M.P. for Bridgwater, 1857-9. D. L., Somerset. 

KINGLAKE, ROBERT ARTHUR (1813-1893). Registrar 
of the Taunton Probate District. Third son of William Kinglake, 
of Wilton House. One of the originators of the Somerset Valhalla 
of Worthies established in the Shire Hall, Taunton. Bom at 
Taunton, 18 13. Died 5 December, 1893. 

KNAPP, F. H. (fl. 1 846-1 863), of Bath. Author of Works on 
Natural History. 

KNIGHT, HUGH (1649-1672), Vicar of Wembdonp) Bom 
1 649. Son of William Knight, of Kingstone. 

KNIGHT, JAMES (1671-1757), Precentor of Wells. Son of 
John Knight, of Bromfield, Bom 1671. Died 6 February, 1757, 
aged 86. 


KNIGHT, SAMUEL (b. 1725). Son of Simon Knight, of Cud- 

KNOTT, WILLIAM (b. 1746). Son of WUliam Knott, of 

KNOTT, WILLIAM (b. 1778). Son of Nathaniel Knott, of 


(179 8- 1869. Son of Peter C. Labouchere, of Hy lands, Essex, 
and Over Stowey, Somerset. Born 15 August, 1798. Died in 
London, 13 July, 1869. Buried at Over Stowey Church. 

LACKINGTON, JAMES (1746-18 15), Bookseller. Born 
31 August, 1746, at Wellington. Died at Budleigh Salterton, 
Devon, 22 November, 181 5, 

LACY, JOHN (b. 1652). Son of William Lacy, of Stogumber. 

LAMBERT, AYLMER BOURKE (1761-1842), Botanist. 
Born at Bath, 2 February, 1761. St. Mary's Hall, Oxford, 1779 ; 
F.L.S., 1788 ; V.P., 1796 ; F.R.S., 1791. Died at Kew, 
10 January, 1842. Buried at Boyton, Wilts. 

LAMOTTE, JOHN LEWIS (b. 1804). Son of James 
Lamotte. Born at Taunton, 1804. 

LANCASTER, JOHN (d. 1619), Bishop of Waterford and 
Lismore, possibly a member of the Somerset family of Lancaster. 
Was Chaplain to James I. Died at Waterford in 16 19. Buried 
in the Cathedral there. 

LANE, JOHN (fl. 1620), Verse Writer, assumed to be connected 
by birth with Somerset. 

LANGTON, HENRY (b. 1679). Son of Joseph Langton, of 
Newton Park. 

LASINBY, EDWARD (b. 1 622). Son of Christopher, Lasinby, 
of Alford. 

LATCH, JOHN (d. 1655), Lawyer. Born in Somerset, probably 
at Upper Langford, the family seat. Died at Hayes, Middlesex, 
August, 1655. 

LAUGHTON, GEORGE (i 735-1 800), Vicar of Welton, 
Northants, and Chippenham, Cambridge. Son of John Laughton, 
of Bridgwater. Born 1735. Died at Chippenham, 9 May, 1800, 
aged 65. 


LAURENCE, RICHARD (i 760-1 838), Archbishop of Cashel. 
Born at Bath in 1760. Younger brother of French Lawrence. 
Died in Dublin, a 8 December, 1838. Buried in Christ Church 

LAURENCE, FRENCH, M.A. (i 757-1 809), Civilian. Eldest 
son of Richard Laurence, of Bath. Born 3 April, 1757. He 
was the elder brother of Richard Laurence, Archbishop of Cashel. 
Took the degree of D.C.L. in 1787. M.P. for Peterborough in 
1796. Died at Eltham, 26 February, 1809. 

LAWSON, HENRY (1774-1855). Born in Bath. Died 1855, 
aged 81. Astronomical Writer. 

LEIR, THOMAS (b. 1622), Rector of Charlton Musgrove. Son 
of Richard Leir, of Charlton Musgrove. 

LA YARD, GEORGE SOAMES, B.A. (b. 1857). Third 
son of Rev. Charles Clement Layard, Rector of Combe Hay. 
Born 4 February, 1857. Called to the Bar, 29 June, 1881. 

LEACH, ROBERT (b. 1762). Son of Rev. Robert Leach, of 

LEAKE, ELIZABETH (1696-1773), second wife of Samuel 

Richardson, printer and eminent writer. Sister of James Leake, 

bookseller of Bath. Died 3 November, 1773, aged 77. Buried 
in St. Bride's Church. 

LEAKE, JAMES, Bookseller of Bath. Brother of Elizabeth 
Leake (q. v.). 

LEAVES, JOHN (1693-1731), Sub-Warden of Wadham College. 
Son of John Leaves, of Crewkerne. Born in 1693. 

LEIGH, HENRY, a Revising Barrister on the Western Circuit 
since 1877. Eldest son of Henry James Leigh, late of Taunton. 
Called to the Bar, 18 April, 1845. 

LEIGH, THOMAS, M.A. (i 621-1684). Born 25 March, 
1 62 1. Died at Bethnal Green, 7 June, 1684. Son of Thomas 
Leigh, of Chard. 

LEIR, PAUL METHUEN, Matriculated 25 June, 1772. Son 
of Thomas Leir, of Ditcheat. Brother of Thomas Leir (1756), 
and William Leir (1777). 

LEIR, THOMAS (i 672-1 730?). Rector of Ditcheat. Son of 
Thomas Leir, of Charlton Musgrove. Born in 1672. Died in 
1730 (?). 


LEIR, THOMAS (i 702-1 781), Rector of Ditcheat and Charlton 
Musgrove. Son of the Rev. Thomas Leir, of Ditcheat. Born in 
1702. Died 23 August, 178 1. Buried at Ditcheat. 

LEIR, THOMAS (1739-1812), Rector of Ditcheat and Charlton 
Musgrove. Son of the Rev. Thomas Leir, of Ditcheat. Born in 
1739. Died 7 January, 18 12. Aged 73. 

LEIR, WILLIAM (1664-1726 ?), Rector of Bratton, Somerset (?). 
Son of G. Leir, of Charlton Musgrove. Born 1664. Died about 

LEIR, WILLIAM (i 676-1 743), Rector of Charlton Musgrove. 
Son of Thomas Leir, of Charlton. Born 1676. Died at Charlton 
Musgrove, 25 March, 1743. 

LEIR, WILLIAM (b. 1740). Son of Rev. Thomas Leir, of 
Ditcheat. Brother of Thomas Leir (1756), and Paul Methuen 
Leir (1772), and son of Thomas Leir (1719-20). 

LEIR, WILLIAM MARRIOTT (1805-1891), Rector ot 
Ditcheat. Son of Rev. William Leir. Born at Almsford. Died 
5 May, 1 891. Aged 86. 

LENNARD, WILLIAM (b. 1667). Son of George Lennard, 
of Crewkerne. 

LEONARD, the Champion Pugilist of Bath at the beginning of 
this century. 

LESSEY, THEOPHILUS (b. 1702). Son of WiUiam Lessey, 
of Stocklinch. ' 

LESSEY, THOMAS (1650-1724), Rector of Odcombe. Born 
1650. Died 1724. Son of R^inaJd Lessey, of Donyat. 

LIGHT, STEPHEN (b. 1659). Son of Stephen Light, of 
South Petherton. 

LINLEY, ELIZA ANN (1754-1792), ' Maid of Bath,' EngUsh 
Soprano Vocalist. Born at Bath, 1754. Died at Bristol, 1792. 

LINLEY, MARIA (d. 1784V English Vocalist. Born at Bath. 
Died there at an early age of brain fever, on 15 September, 1784. 

LINLEY, MARY, afterwards Mrs.Tickell (1756?-! 787), Vocalist. 
Born at Bath about 1756. Died at Clifton, 27 July, 1787, and 
buried in Wells Cathedral. 


LINLEY, OZIAS THURSTON, B.A. (i 766-1 831), Musical 
Amateur and Organist. Eldest son of Thomas Linley * the elder/ 
Probably born at Bath. Minor Canon of Norwich, 1790. On 
5 May, 1 8 16, he accepted a fellowship, with the post of organist, 
at Dulwich College. He died there, aged 6^^ 6 March, 1831. 

LINLEY, THOMAS * the elder' (i 732-1 795), Musical Composer. 
Born at Wells, 1732. Died in London, 19 November, 1795 ; and 
buried 28 November in Wells Cathedral. 

LINLEY, THOMAS, * the younger' (1756-1778), Violinist and 
Composer. Born at Bath, May, 1756. Drowned at Grimsthorpe, 
Lincolnshire, 5 August, 1778. 

LINLEY, WILLIAM (i 771-1835), Author and Musical Com- 
poser. Born at Bath, 1771. Died in London, 6 May, 1835. 

LITTLEJOHN, JEROME (1624.1680J, of Cambridge Uni- 
versity. Born at Seymorc-Bratton, 3 (Jctobcr, 1624. Died 
2 March, 1680. 

LLEWELLIN, JOHN GEORGE (b. 1842). Only son of 
the Rev. John George Llewellin, M.A., Vicar of Wivcliscombc. 
Born in 1842. Called to the Bar, 17 November, 1875. 

LOCK, JOHN. Born at Pensford. Student at Christ Church, 
Oxford, in 165 1 ; Physician and Politician ; Secretary of War in 
1689 ; Miscellaneous Writer. 

LOCKE, JOHN (1632-1704), Philosopher. Born 29 August, 
1632, at Wrington. Died 27 October, 1704. 

LOCKE, SAMUEL (i 768-1 849), Chaplain to the Duke of 
Kent. Son of Thomas Locke, of Taunton, Somerset. Bom 
1768. Died 20 December, 1849. 

LOCKYER, NICH9LAS (1611-1685), M.A., 1636; Puritan 
Divine. Son of William Lockyer, of Glastonbury. Born in 1 6 1 1 . 
Provost of Eton, 14 January, 1658-9. Died at Woodford, Essex, 
13 March, 1684-5. Buried at St. Mary, Whitechapel. 

LODER, EDWARD JAMES (18 13-1865), Musical Com- 
poser. Born at Bath in 18 13. Died in London, 5 April, 1865. 

LODER, GEORGE (i8i6?-i868). Musician. Born in Bath, 
probably in 18 16. Died in Adelaide, 15 July, 1868. 

LODER, JOHN DAVID (1788-1846), Violinist. Bom at 
Bath in 1788. Died in London, 13 February, 1846. 


LODER, KATE FANNY (b. 1826), Musician. Born at 
Bath, 22 August, 1826. Married Sir Henry Thompson in 1851. 

LONG, GEORGE (b. 1644). Son of L. Long, of Stratton. 
Donor of plate to Wadham College. 

LONG, SIR LISLEBONE(i6i3-i659),SpeakeroftheHouse 
of Commons. Son of William Long, of Stratton. Baptized at 
Beckington in 16 13. Died 16 March, 1659. 

LONG, WILLIAM (b. 1679). Son of George Long, of Down- 

LONGFORD, BILL, of Bath (fl. about 1820), Pugilist. 

LONGMAN, THOMAS TUCKER (d. 1892). Son of John 
Longman, of Castle Cary. Was the first to take a B.A. degree at 
the London University. Died 14 December, 1892. 

LONGMORE, ALEXANDER (b. 1754). Son of William 
Longmore, of Bath. 

LONSDALE, WILLIAM (i 794-1 871), Geologist. Born at 
Bath, 9 September, 1794. Died at Bristol, 11 November, 1871. 

LOVEL, CHRISTO'PHER. Born at WeUs. Said to have 
been ured of the Kings Evil by application to the Pretender. 

LOVELL, JOHN (b. 1670). Son of John Lovell, of Ever- 
creech. Probably Rector of Portishead, 13 April, 1702. 

LOWDER, CHARLES FUGE(i 820-1 880), Divine. Born 
at Bath, 22 June, 1820. Died at Zellam See, in Austrian Tyrol, 
9 September, 1880. Buried at Chislehurst. 

LUDERS, ALEXANDER (d. 18 19), Legal Writer. Son of 
Theodore Luders, of Lyncombe andWidcombe. Died 25 Novem- 
ber, 1 8 19. 

LUDWELL, JAMES (b. 1671). Son of Robert LudwcU, of 

LUDWELL, JOHN (1644-1723), Doctor of Medicine. Son 
of Robert Ludwell, of Bruton. Born in 1644. Died 22 January 
1723. Buried in the Chancel of St. Mary's, Oxford. 

LUTTRELL, NARCISSUS (d. 1732), of the ancient family 
of the Luttrells of Dunstcr Castle. Famous Diarist of the 
seventeenth century. 


LYE, CHARLES HENRY LEIGH (b. 1829). Rector 
of Badger, Hereford, in 1880. Son of Benjamin Leigh Lye, of 
Walcot, Bath. Born 17 September, 1829. 

LYE (or LEE, or LEIGH), THOMAS (1621-1684), Non- 
conformist Minister. Born at Chard, 25 March, 1621. Servitor 
Wadham College, 1636. Died at Bethnal Green, 7 June, 1684. 
Wrote several religious works. 

LYE, THOMAS (1656-1676). Son of Edward Lye, of Crew- 
kerne. Born in 1656. 

LYE, WILLIAM JONES (i 783-1 846), Rear-Admiral of the 
Blue, 1 84 1. Born 9 June, 1783. Entered the Navy, 5 August, 
1795. Died 7 March, 1846, at Bath. 

LYSONS, DANIEL, M.D. (d. 1800), Medical Writer. 
Born in Bath. 

LYTE, HENRY (1529 .?-i 607), Botanist and Antiquary. Born 
at Lytescary about 1529. Died there on 15 October, 1607. 
Buried in Charlton Mackreli Church. 

LYTE, THOMAS (1568.^-1 638), Genealogist. Bornabout 1568. 
Son of Henry Lyte, of Lytescary. Died 18 September, 1638. 

K.C.B. (i 789-1 872), Lieutenant-General. Born at Bath in 1789. 
Went to New South Wales with his father in 1790. Served 
through the Peninsular War, and had the medal and seven clasps. 
Governor of Victoria in 1856. K.C.B. in 1862. Died in London, 
4 June, 1872, aged 82. 

MACKILLpP, CHARLES \yiLLIAM (b. 1825), late 
E.I.C. Civil Service. Only surviving son of George Mackillop, 
of Bath. Called to the Bar, 26 January, 1861. 

Youngest son of James Robert Macleay, of Tetton House. Called 
to the Bar, 15 May, 1878. 

MACY, DAVID (i 665-1 701) Vicar of Weston, near Bath. Son 
of John Macy, of Weston. Born 1665. Died 1701. 

MADDOX, WILLIS (1813-1853), Painter. Bom at Bath in 
1 8 13. Died at Pera near Constantinople, 26 June, 1853. 

MAISTERS, JOSEPH (1640-17 17), of Magdalene College. 
Born at Kingsdown, near Ilchester, 13 November, 1640. Died 
6 April, 17 17. Buried in Bunhill Fields. 


MALET, BALWIN (1682-1651), Rector of Street. Son of 
Balwin Mallet, of St. Audries. Born in 1682. B.A., 31 October, 
1703 ; M.A., 10 July, 1708. 

MALET (or MALLETT), SIR THOMAS (? 1582-1665), 
Judge, grand-grandson of Sir Baldwin Malet of St. Audries. 
Born about 1582. Died 19 December, 1665. Buried in Poynting- 
ton Church. 

MALET, WILLIAM (fl. 1195-1215), Baron of Curry Mallet 
and Shepton Mallet. Youngest son of William Malet, of Graville, 
in Normandy. In 121 1 he was appointed sheriff of Dorset and 
Somerset. One of the twenty-five barons elected to guarantee 
the observance of the Great Charter. Personally excommunicated 
by the Pope. Monuments of this family are in the churches of 
Curry Mallet and Shepton Mallet. 

MALLET, SIR JOHN, of Enmore. Married daughter of Sir 
John Popham. Knighted at the coronation of King James, in 
1603. Probably died before 1620. He was living in 16 14. 


OF (d. 1 1 48 ), Historian and Poet. Born in Somerset. Died in 1 1 48 . 

MANGIN, EDWARD NANGREAVE (1815-1879), Vicar 
of Horsley, Gloucester, &c. Son of Rev. Edward Mangin, of 
Walcot Parish, Bath. Born in Walcot Parish, 18 15. Died at 
Woodhorn, Northumberland, 23 July, 1879. 

MANGIN, SAMUEL, WAREING (1821-1 889), Rector of 
West Knoyle. Son of Rev. Edward Mangin, of Bathwick, Bath. 
Born in 1821. 

MANTON, THOMAS, D.D. (1620-1677), Presbyterian 
Divine. Baptized at Lydeard St. Lawrence, 31 March, 1620. 
Died 18 October, 1677. 


MARISCO (or MARSH), RICHARD de (d. 1226), Bishop 
of Durham, and Chancellor. Was perhaps a native of Somerset. 
We know that Adam de Marisco (q.v).) was his nephew. Died at 
Peterborough, i May, 1226. 

MARSH, WILLIAM (1768-1825), Rector of Weston Bampfylde. 
Son of the Rev. John Marsh, of Lydford. Born 1768. Died 

MARSHALL, PETER CHARLES (1813-1864), in Holy 
Orders. Son of the Rev. William Marshall, of Bath. Born at 
Bath, 1 8 13. Died at Overton, Hants, 26 May, 1864. 


Rector of Farnham Royal, Bucks. Son of the Rev. William 
Marshall, of Widcombe, Bath. Born at Widcombe, 18 17. Died 
April, 1 89 1. 

MARTIN, the Bath Butcher. A Pugilist of considerable fame, 
who flourished at the end of last century. 

MARTIN, MATTHEW (1748-1838), Naturalist and Philan- 
thropist. Born in 1748, in Somerset. Died at Blackheath, 20 
November, 1838. 

MASKELL, WILLIAM (18 14.?-! 890), Medisevalist. Only son 
of Wm. Maskell, Solicitor, of Shepton Mallet. Born about 18 14. 
Magistrate and Deputy- Lieutenant for Cornwall. Died at Penzance, 
12 April, 1890. 

MASTERS, GEORGE (1788-1861), Vicar of Swingfield, Kent. 
Son of George Masters. Born at Whitchurch, 1788. Died 7 
March, 1861. 

MASYE, HENRY (b. 161 5). Son of Henry Mayse, of Temple 

MASYE, JOHN (b. 1619). Son of Henry Masye, of Temple 

MAULE, GEORGE NORMAN, M.A. (b. 1828), a Member 
of the Western Circuit. J.P., Devon. Only son of John Maule, 
late of Bath. Solicitor. Called to the Bar, 26 January, 1853. 

MAYSON, CHARLES (1752-1815), Rector of Lezant, Corn- 
wall. Son of Peter Mayson, of Frome. Born 1752. Died 
14 January, 1815. Buried at Lezant, Cornwall. 

MELLIAR, JAMES (b. 1755). Son of Jacob Melliar, of 

MELLIAR (? MAC LEAR), BENJAMIN (1695-1727), 
Vicar of Bawdrip, Kilton, and Dodington. Son of Jacob Melliar. 
Born 1695. Died 1727. 

MELLYER, RICHARD (b. 1648). Son of Robert Mellyer, of 

MEREDITH, RICHARD (d. 162 1), of New College, Oxford. 
Born in the city of Bath. Was admitted Perpetual Fellow of New 
College in 1578. Died 15 August, 1621. Buried in Wells 


Son of Henry Alworth Merewether, Serjeant-at-Law. Born at 
Combhay, 1812. Died 29 August, 1877. 

MERRIFIELD, WILLIAM (1678). Son of Robert Merri- 
field, of Wolmerfiham. 

MESSITER, GEORGE MALIM (1817-1874), in Holy 
Orders. Son of George Messiter. Born at Frome, 18 17. Died 
19 May, 1874. 

MESSITER, RICHARD (1800-1885), Rector of Bratton St. 
Maur, Dorset, &c. Son of the Rev. John Messiter, of Wincanton. 
Born in 1800. Died 15 May, 1885. 

METFORD, JAMES, Scholar of Christ Church College, Oxford. 
Son of John Metford, of Crewkerne. M.A., 23 August, 1660. 

METFORD, JOHN (b. 1617). Son of John Metford, of 

MEYLER, WILLIAM, Proprietor of Baih Herald. Magistrate 
of Bath. Died 10 March, 1821. 

MICHELL, RICHARD (1805-1877), Principal of Magdalen 
Hall, Oxford. Rector of South Moulton, Berks. Son of Edward 
Michell, of Bruton, Somerset. Born at Bruton in 1805. Died 
29 March, 1877. 

MICHELL, ROWLAND DANIEL (1817-1843). Son of 
Edward Michell. Born at Bruton, 18 17. Died there 26 April, 


MIDDLETON, JOHN (b. 16 13). Son of Robert Middlcton, of 
Curry Rivell. 

MILES, RICHARD, Benefactor. Born at Ashcot. 

MILLER, DANIEL (b. 1792). Son of George Miller. Born 
at Bath. Born in 1792. Admitted Commoner of Wadham 
College, 8 December, 18 12, aged 20. B.A., 28 May, 18 19. 

MILLER, LADY M. (d. 1781), a resident of Bath-Easton, near 
Bath. Author of Letters from Italy ^ &c., in- 17 70-1, of which 
several editions appeared. 

MILLS, JOHN (b. 1705). Son of John MiUs, of Crewkerne. 


MILMAN, ROBERT (i 8 16-1876), Bishop of Calcutta. Third 
son of Sir William George Milman, Bart., of Steventon, Devon. 
Born at Easton-in-Gordano, 25 January, 18 16. 

MILVERTON, JOHN (d. 1487), Carmelite. A native of 
Milverton. He became a Carmelite friar at Bristol. 

MILWARD, CLEMENT (b. 1821). Third son of Clement 
Milward, of Chewton House. Admiral R.N. Born 20 August, 
1 82 1. Married 8 May, 1856. Called to the Bar, 6 November, 
1846. QJC., 16 February, 1865. Bencher, 9 May, 1865. 

MILWARD, JOHN (16 19-1683), Nonconformist Divine. Son 
of George Milward, of Shepton Mallet. Born there in 16 19. 

MINIFIE, BURNET (b. 1737). Son of James Minifie, of 

MINIFIE, JAMES (b. 1707), Incumbent of Staplegrove. Son 
of Jacob Minifie, of Staplegrove. 

MINIFIE, JAMES (i 735-1 789), Rector of Norton Fitzwarren. 
Son of the Rev. Jacob Minifie, of Staplegrove. Born 1735. 
Died 17 July, 1789, aged 54. Buried at Staplegrove. 

MITCHELL, GEORGE. ' One fi-om the plough.' 

MITCHELL, JOHN (1693-1722?), Vicar of Huish Episcopi. 
Son of John Mitchell, of Langport. Born 1693. 

MOGG, THOMAS (b. 1646). Son of Jeremiah Mogg, of 
Shepton Montague. 


(d. 1591), Divine. Born in- Somerset. Probationary Fellow of 
Magdalen College, Oxford, 1541. B.A. 1541, M.A. 1545, D.D. 
1565-6. He died in June, 1591. Buried at St. Paul's Cathedral. 

MONK, EDWIN GEORGE (b. 1819), English Organist and 
Composer. Born at Frome, 13 December, 1819. Organist of 
York Cathedral, 1859-83. 

MONTGOMERY, ROBERT (1807-1855), Poetaster. Born 
at Bath in 1807. Was the natural son of Robert Gomery. On 
3 May, 1835, ^^ ^^ ordained at St. Asaph. Served a curacy at 
Whittington, Shropshire ; afterwards at Glasgow ; and then 
became minister of Percy Chapel, St. Pancras, which he held till 
his death at Brighton in December, 1855. 


MOORE, CHARLES (1815-1881), Geologist. Born at Ilminster, 
8 June, 181 5. Died at Bath, 8 December, 1881. 

MOORE, JOSEPH HENRY (b. 1791), Naval Officer. Born 
16 June, 1 79 1, at Bath. Entered the Navy, 15 December, 1804. 
Lieutenant in 1 8 1 5. 

MOORE, WILLIAM HENRY (b. 1 790), Naval Officer. Born 
27 June, 1790. His elder brother, Joseph Henry Moore {q.v.)y 
was born at Bath. Entered the Navy, i January, 1802. Lieu- 
tenant in 1815. 

MORGAN, THOMAS (d. 1743), Deist, of Welsh origin. Is 
said to have been a poor lad in a farmer's house near Bridgwater, 
Died 14 January, 1742-3. 

MORSE, ROBERT ( 1 743-1 8 1 8), General. Colonel Commandant 
Royal Engineers, Inspector-General of Fortifications. Second son 
of Thomas Morse. Born 29 February, 1743. Died 28 January, 
1 818, at his house in Devonshire Place, London, and was buried in 
Marylebone Church. 

MURCH, CHARLES JEROM, B.A. (b. 1833), Recorder 
of Barnstaple and Bideford since 1864. Eldest son of Rev. Jerom 
Murch, of Cran wells, near Bath. Born 4 July, 1833. Married 
10 November, i860. Called to the Bar, 6 June, 1855. 

MURRAY, WILLIAM HENRY (1790-1852), Actor and 
Manager. Son of Charles Murray. Born in 1790 at Bath, where 
as an infant he appeared as Puck, with his sister as Titania. 

MUSGRAVE, RICHARD (b. 1690). Son of George Mus- 
grave, of Nettlecombe. Several George Musgraves, of Nctdecombe, 
arc buried at Stogumber. 

MUSGRAVE, SAMUEL (1659-1689). Son of Thomas Mus- 
grave, of Kingston. 

MUSGRAVE, WILLIAM (i655.?-i72i), Physicianand Anti- 
quary. Was third son of Richard Musgrave, of Nettlecombe, 
Somerset. The date of his birth is given in Munk's * College of 
Physicians' as 14 November, 1655, but according to CoUinson it 
occurred at Charlton Musgrave in 1657. Fellow of the Royal 
Society ; Fellow of the College of Physicians, 30 September, 1692. 
Died 23 December, 1721. 

MUTTLEBURY, GEORGE, O.S.B. (d. 1632). Born in 
Somersetshire. Died 6 July, 1632. 


NAISH, WILLIAM (d. 1800), English Miniature Painter. 
Born at Axbridge. He exhibited at the Royal Academy from 
1783 to 1800, in which year he died. His brother, John Naish, 
was also an artist. 

NAISH, WILLIAM (1785-1860), Quaker Writer. Born at 
Bath, 9 March, 1785. Died at Bath, 4 March, i860. 

Fourth son of William Neal, of Kingsdon. Called to the Bar, 
6 June, 1 87 1. 

Christian Socialist and Co-operator. Born at Bath, 2 April, 18 10. 
Died 16 September, 1892. Buried at Bisham. 

NESFIELD, WILLIAM EDEN (1835-1888, an Arc i ct 
Son of William Andrews Nesfield. Born at Bath, 2 April, 1835. 
Died at Brighton, 25 March, 1888. 

NEVIL, EDWARD (d. 1705), Judge. Second son of Henry 
Nevil, of Bath wick. Called to the Bar, 1658. Knighted, June, 
1 68 1. Died at Hammersmith, 8 August, 1705. 

NEVILLE, HUGH, M.A. (b. 1851). Third son of Ralph 
Neville Grenville, M.P., of Butleigh Court. Born 9 June, 1851. 
Called to the Bar, 30 April, 1875. Author of Game Laws for 

NEWBERRY, THOMAS (b. 18 10), Biblical and Religious 
Writer. Born at Taunton in 18 10. 

NEWBERY, HENRY (b. 1695). Son of Robert Newbery, 
of Dowlish. 

NEWMAN, FRANCIS (b. 1693). Son of Francis Newman, 
of North Cadbury. 

NEWMAN, GEORGE HENRY (i 830-1 858), Rector of 
West Lydford. Second son of Edward Newman, of Yeovil. Born 
in 1830. Died 24 February, 1858. 

NEWMAN, HENRY (1698-1725), Vicar of South Cadbury. 
Son of Francis Newman, of North Cadbury. Born in 1698. 
Died 28 May, 1725. 


NEWMAN, HENRY BROWN (1798-1878), Rector of 
Little Bromley, in Essex. Son of Rev. Edwin Sandys Newman, of 
Shepton Beauchamp. Born in 1798. Died 11 January, 1878. 
Buried at Little Bromley. 

NEWMAN, HUMPHREY (b. 1622). Third son of Humph- 
rey Newman, of Wincanton. 

NEWMAN, ROBERT (b. 1621). Son of Robert Newman, of 
Queen Camel. 

NEWMAN, WILLIAM (b. 1701). Son of Francis Newman, 
of North Cadbury. 

late Judge at Poonah, India. Eldest son of Rev. George William 
Newnham, incumbent of Combe Down. Born 23 August, 1834. 
Called to the Bar, 26 January, 1870. 

NEWPORT, MAURICE (1611-1687), Jesuit. Born in 
Somerset in 161 1. Died in London, 4 December, 1687. 

NEWTON. FRANCIS (d. 1572) Dean of Winchester. A 
cadet of the Newtons of Gloucestershire and Somerset. 

NEWTON, JOHN (fl. 1640), Surgeon. Of CoUiton. Brought 
plants from America to Parkinson (see Theatrum^ page 596.) 

NIX (or NYKKE, or NIKKE), RICHARD, LL.D. (? 1447- 
1535), Divine. Born in Somerset about 1447. Son of Richard 
Nykke and Joan his wife. In 1473, he was Rector of Ashbury, 
Berks. Archdeacon of Exeter, 3 February, 149 1-2 ; Archdeacon 
of Wells, 10 July, 1494 ; Canon of Windsor, 29 November, 
1497 ; Bishop of Norwich, March I5cx>-i. Died 15 January, 
1535-6. Buried in Norwich Cathedral. 

NOAD, HENRY MINCHIN (18 15-1877), Electrician. Born 
at Shawford, near Frome, 22 June, 1 8 1 5. Died at Lower Norwood, 
Surrey, 23 July, 1877. 

NOBLE, RICHAR^i684-i7i3), Attorney-at-Law. Son of a 
coffee house keeper at Bath. Born in 1684. Executed at Kings- 
ton for the murder of Mr. Sayer, on 29 March, 1713. 

NORMAN, HENRY(i7ii.i78o), Rector of Bleadon. Son of 
Henry Norman, of Langford. Born 171 1. Died 13 November, 
1780. Buried at Bleadon. 


NORMAN, JAMES (b. 1647). Son of Robert Norman, of 

NORMAN, WILLIAM (1757-1788), Rector of Bleadon. Son 
of Rev. Henry Norman, of Bleadon. Born in 1757. Died 
27 September, 1788. 

NORRIS, EDWIN (i 795-1 872), Orientalist and Cornish 
Scholar. Born at Taunton, 24 October, 1795. Died at Brompton, 
London, 10 December, 1872. 

NORRIS, JOHN (1615-1681), Divine. Son of William Norris, 
of Sutton. Entered Christ Church College, Oxford, in 1631, aged 
(?) 16. Died 16 March, 1681. 

NORRIS, SYLVESTER, D.D- (i 572-1630), Jesuit and 
Catholic Controversialist. Born in Somerset in 1572. Educated 
at Rheims, &c. Superior of the Hampshire District. Died 
16 March, 1629-30. 

NORTON, FRANCES, LADY (fl. 1672). About 1672 she 
married Sir George Norton, Knt., of Abbots Leigh. He had 
concealed Charles II. in his house after the battle of Worcester. 

NORTON, GEORGE (b. 1648). Son of Lord George Norton, 
of Abbots Leigh. 

NORTON, SAMUEL (i 548-1 604.?), Alchemist. Son of Sir 
George Norton, of Abbots Leigh. Sheriff of Somerset in 1589, 
and Muster-Master of Somerset and Wiltshire on 30 June, 1 604. 

NORTON, WILLIAM FRANCIS (b. 1782). Son of John 
Norton, of Somerton. 

NUGENT, CHRISTOPHER, M.D. (d. 1775), of Bath. 
He was father-in-law of Edmund Burke. 

ODGERS, WILLIAM BLAKE, LL.D. (b. 1849). Youngest 
son of Rev. William James Odgers, formerly of Belvedere, Bath. 
Born 15 May, 1849. Called to the Bar, 17 November, 1873. 
LL.B., Cambridge, 1880; M.A., LL.M., 1874; B.A., 1871. 
Author of Law of Libel and Slander. 

OKEOVER (or OKEVER, or OKER), JOHN (fl. 1619- 
1634), Organist and Composer. M.B., 5 July, 1633. Organist 
pf Wells Cathedral, v / .1 p 


OLDMIXON, JOHN (i 673-1 742), Poetical and Historical 
Writer. Native of Axbridge. Collector of Customs at Bridgwater. 
Died in London, 9 July, 1742. 

OLIVE, JOHN (i 801-1866), Vicar of Hellingly, Sussex. Son of 
Edward Olive, of Frome. Born in 1801. Died 27 February, 
1866. Buried at Hellingly. 

OSBORN, ELIAS (1643-1720), Quaker Preacher at Chillington. 
Baptized 24 June, 1643. ^^^^ *^ Chard, 5 July, 1720. 

OVERTON, CHRISTOPHER (b. i6i6). Third son of 
William Overton, of Babcary. 

OWSLEY, JOHN (1685-1757), Vicar of White Lackington. Son 
of Robert Owsley, of South Petherton. Born, according to 
Registers, in 1685 ; but according to age at death, in 1679. Died 
1757, aged 78. Buried at White Lackington, 18 March, 1757. 

PAILLET, EDWARD (b. 1810), Benedictine. Born in Bath, 
6 March, 18 10. Ordained priest, 23 February, 1839. In 1841 
became blind through brain fever. Later became assistant to the 
missionary at Whitehaven. 

PALMER, CHARLES (i 777-1 851), Soldier and Statesman- 
Son of John Palmer. Born at Weston, 6 May, 1777. Major, 
General, 27 May, 1825. M.P. for Bath in 1808. Died 17 April. 

PALMER, EDMUND, Naval Officer. Son of John Palmer, 
of Bath. Distinguished in 1814 by capturing a French frigate. 

PALMER, JOHN (b. 1611). Son of John Palmer, of Trull. 

PALMER, JOHN (b. 1747). Son of John Palmer, of Ilchester. 

PALMER, JOHN (1742-18 18), Projector of mail-coaches. 
Born at Bath in 1742. Died at Brighton, 16 August, 1818. 
Buried in Abbey Church, Bath. 

PANTON, CHARLES (1662-1711). Born at Bath Easton, 

23 April, 1662. Extra-Licentiate of College of Physicians, 

24 February, 1685-6. Died 30 August, 171 1. 

PARFITT, CHARLES (b. 1816). Born at Bruton, 10 Sep- 
tember, 1 8 16, 

PARNELL, THOMAS PARNELL (b. 1856). Eldest 
son of John Griffin, of Portbury House. Assumed the name of 
Parnell. Called to the Bar, 6 June, 1883. 


PARRY, CALEB HILLIER, M.D., F.R.S. (fl. 1800), 
Physician, Bath. Wrote * Facts .... for producing woollen 
clothing, &c. ; also hints on sheep farming,' 1 800. 

PARRY, CHARLES HENRY, M.D. (1779- 1860), 
Physician. Son of Caleb H. Parry, M.D., F.R.S. Born at Bath 
in 1779. Licentiate of College of Physicians, 22 December, 1806. 
Died at Brighton, 21 January, i860. Buried at Weston, near 

PARRY, SIR WILLIAM EDWARD (1790-185 5), Rear^ 
Admiral of the White. Born at Bath, 19 December, 1790. Died 
at Ems, 8 July, 1855. Buried in Mausoleum at Greenwich 
Hospital. Arctic Explorer Entered the Navy in 1 803 ; Rear- 
Admiral, 1852; F.R.S., 1821; D.C.L., Oxon, 1829; Knight, 1829. 

Landscape Painter. Born at Beckington, 2 December, 1847. 

PARSONS, ANDREW (1616-1684), Dissenting Minister. 
Son of John Parsons, of Milton. Matriculated at Oxford, 20 June, 
1634, aged 18. Died i October, 1684. 

PARSONS, ARTHUR (b. 1650). Son of Arthur Parsons, of 
Bishops Hull. 

PARSONS, ARTHUR (1656-1693). Son of Arthur Parsons, of 
West Bucldand. 

PARSONS, BARTHOLOMEW (1574- 1642), Divine. 
Native of Somerset. Oriel College, Oxford, 1590, aged {?) 16 
years. Died February, 1 641-2. Buried at Ludgershall, Wilts. 

PARSONS, HENRY (b. 161 1). Son of Anthony Parsons, of 

PARSONS, HENRY JAMES (b. 1845). Eldest son of 
John Parsons, of Bridgwater. Called to the Bar, 25 April, 1877, 
district and session judge, Thana, late assistant judge, Ahmedabad, 
India ; J. P., Bombay. 

PARSONS, JOHN (b. 161 5). Son of Robert Parsons, of 
St. Decumans. 


COWBUCK, &c. (1546-16 10), Jesuit Missionary and Con- 
troversialist. Born at Nether Stowey, near Bridgwater, 24 June, 
1546. Admitted to the Society of Jesus, May, 1575. Died at 
Rome, 15 April, 16 10. 


PARSONS, ROBERT (i6ii-(?)i68i). Son of Robert Parsons, 
of St. Decumans. • 

PARTRIDGE, CHRISTOPHER (b. 171 5), Son of 

Christopher Partridge, of Hazelbury. 

PARTRIDGE, FRANCIS (b. 1702), Son of Christopher 
Partridge, of Hazelbury. 

PARTRIDGE, THOMAS (b. 1709). Son of Thomas 
Partridge, of North Perrott. 

PAUL, WILLIAM (b. 1691). Son of Robert Paul, of Hinton 
St. George. 

PAULE, THOMAS (1647-1672), B.A., of Wadham College. 
Son of Matthew Paule, of Furland. Born in 1647. Died at 
Wadham College, 2 November, 1672. Buried in the chapel there. 

PAULET, SIR AMI AS (fl. i6th century). Privy Counsellor to 
Queen Elizabeth, and Keeper of Mary, Queen of Scots. Born at 
Hinton St. George. 

PAULET (or POULET), SIR HUGH (? i5oo-?i57i), 
Military Commander, and Governor of Jersey. Born about 1 500. 
Eldest son of Sir Amias Paukt, of Hinton St. George. Died about 

PAWLET, JOHN (d. 1649), M.P. for Somerset, 1614. Elevated 
to peerage as Baron Poulett, of Hinton St. George. Knighted, 
with his eldest son John, on board H.M.S. Mary Honor^ 27 
September, 1635. He died 20 March, 1649. Succeeded by his 
son, Sir John, second Lord Poulett. 

PAYNE, CHARLES HENRY (d. 1863). Son of Simon 
Payne, of Axbridge. Died 31 August, 1863. 

PAYNE, JOHN HORNE, M.A. (b. 1838). Eldest son of 
Reuben Craven Payne, of Bridgwater. Called to the Bar, 17 
November, 1863. 

PEACH AM, EDMUND (d. 1616), reputed Traitor. Rector of 
Hinton St. George, 15 July, 1587. Accused of treason, and 
tortured in the Tower of London. Died in Taunton Jail in 
March, 16 16. 

PEARCE, ROGER (1657-1691), Vicar of Seavington St. 
Michael. Son of William Pearce, of Seavington St. Mary. Born 
in 1657. Died in 1691. 


PEARS, PHILIP WALTER (b. 1846). Second son of Rev. 
James Robert Pears, M.A. Born at Bath. 

PEARS, STEWART ADOLPHUS, Head Master of Repton 
School. Fellow Christ Church College, Oxford. 

PEARSON, JOHN (b. 1755). Son of Robert Pearson, of 

PEARSON, THOMAS HORNER (1752-1832), Rector of 
Podymore Milton. Son of Robert Pearson, of Crewkerne. Born 
in 1752. Died 13 May, 1832. 

PEASE, JOSEPH (b. 161 6). Son of William Pease, of Busted. 

PECK, A WDRY (b. 1 847), Surgeon. Fifth surviving son of the 
Rev. Jasper Peck, M.A. Born at Bath, 5 August, 1847. 

PECK, JASPER KENRICK (1832). Eldest son of Rev. 
Jasper Peck, of Bath. Born 24 March, 1832. Called to the Bar, 
I May, 1854. 

PECK, KENRICK (b. 1836). Third son of Rev. Jasper Peck, of 
Bath. Formerly a solicitor. Born 4 June, 1836. Called to the 

Bar, 6 June, 1883. 


PECK, PHILIP (b. 1845), in Holy Orders. Third surviving 
son of the Rev. Jaspar Peck, M.A. Born at Bath. 

PENDARVES, WILLIAM COLE, B.A. (b. 1842). Elder 
son of John Wood, of Martock. Called to the Bar, 27 January, 
1868. High Sheriff of Cornwall, 1878. J.P., D.L., Deputy 
Warden or the Stannaries. Assumed the name of Pendarves in 

PENNY, HENRY (1697-1791), Vicar of Shipham and Christon. 
Son of Henry Penny, of Somerton. Born in 1697. Died at 
Axbridge, 12 July, 1791. 

PERCEVAL, SIR PHILIP (1605-1647), Politician. Born in 
1605. Son of Richard Perceval, of Tickenham. Died in 
London, 10 November, 1647. 

' of a very ancient Somerset family.' Son of George Percival, a 
landed proprietor of Somerset. Born in 1550. Died in Dublin, 
4 September, 1620. He deciphered certain letters in cipher which 
had been captured, containing intelligence of Spanish Armada. 


PERRY, GEORGE GRESLEY (1820), Church of England 
Clergyman. Born at Churchill, 21 December, 1820. 

PESTER, JOHN (b. 1732). Son of Rev. Robert Pester, of 

PESTER, ROBERT (1696-1756), Vicar of Stawley and Stock- 
linch Ottersey. Son of Robert Pester, of Kingston. Bom in 1696. 

PETVIN, WILLIAM (17001770), Rector of Woodham 
Ferrars, Essex, and Danbury, Essex. Son of John Petvin. Bom 
in 1700. Died in July, 1770. 

PHILLIPS), SIR EDWARD, M.A. (i56o.>.i6i4),Judge. 
Fourth son of Thomas Phelips, of Montacute. Born about 1560. 
B.A., 1579. M.A., 1582. Speaker of the House of Commons, 
and Master of the Rolls. Died 11 September, 16 14. 

PHELIPS, SIR ROBERT (d. 1638), of Montacute. Son of 
Sir Edward. Knighted 23 July, 1603. Died in 1638, leaving 
two sons, both afterwards distinguishal Commanders. 

PHELPS, EDWARD SPENSER (1812-1874), Chaplain. 
Son of Rev. Thomas Spencer Phelps. Born at Maperton, in 1812. 

PHELPS, WILLIAM, B.A.(? 17 76- 185 6), Topographer. Son 
of John Phelps, of Flax Bourton. Born abbout 1776. B.A., 
Oxford, 1797. Died at Oxcombe, Lincolnshire, 17 August, 1856. 

PHILIPS, HUMPHREY, M.A. (.?i 633-1 707), Nonconformist 
Minister. Of both Universities, and some time Fellow of Magdalen 
College, Oxford. Born in Somerton about 1633. ^^^^ at Frome, 
27 March, 1707. 

PHILLPOTTS, HENRY (1778-1869), Bishop of Exeter. 
Born at Bridgwater, 6 May, 1778. Died at Bishopstowe, 
Torquay, 18 September, 1869 

PHILPOT, JOHN (d. 1555), a Writer of theological treatises. 
Native of Compton. Flourished in the sixteenth century. Re- 
former. Burnt at Smithfield, 18 December, 1555. 

PICKERING, ELLEN (d. 1843), Novelist. Lived in early life 
in Bath. Died at Bath, 25 November, 1843. 

PIERCE (or PEIRCE), ROBERT, M.D. (1622-1710), 
Physician. Bom in Somerset in 1622. Ked in June, 17 10. 


Hymn Writer. Born at Bath, 7 October, 1835. 

PINE, LIONEL (b. 1623), Sub-Dean of Wadham College. Son 
of Lionel Pine, of Yeovil. 

PINNY, ROBERT (b. 1671). Son of Robert Pinny, of Isle 

PITNEY, MATTHEW (b. 1665). Son of Matthew Pitney, of 

PITT (or PYTTE, or PITTS), JOHN (i 583-1 648), of Isle 
Abbotts. Born in 1583. Died in 1648 at Isle Abbotts. Warden 
. of Wadham College, 1644. 

PLANTAGENET, MARGARET (d. 1541). Niece of 
Edward IV. Born at Farley Castle. Beheaded in 1541. 

PLIMER, ANDREW (1763-1837), English Miniature Painter. 
Born at Bridgwater in 1763. Practised at Exeter, and exhibited 
at the Royal Academy from 1786 to 1819. Died at Brighton, 
29 January, 1837. 

PLIMER, NATHANIEL (1751-1822), English Miniature 
Painter. Born at Wellington in 1751. He was elder brother of 
Andrew Plimer, but did not possess his artistic power. Exhibited 
at the Royal Academy from 1787 to 18 15. He died in 1822. 

POLE, ALEXANDER EDWARD (b. 1848). Third son 
of Rev. Reginald Pole, of Yeovilton. Born 23 February, 1848. 
Practises before the High Court of Madras. Called tb the Bar, 
17 November, 1873. 

POLE, JOHN LIONEL (b. 1858). Fourth son of Rev. 
Reginald Pole, of Yeovilton. Born 30 December, 1858. Practises 
before the High Court of Madras. Called to the Bar, 26 January, 

POLE, MARGARET, Countess of Salisbury (1473-1 541), Born 
at Farley Castle, near Bath, August, 1473. Beheaded on East 
Smithfield Green, 27 May, 1541. 

POLE, SIMON (fl. 1662), of Oxford University. Born in 
Somerset. One of the two thousand ejected ministers of 24 
August, 1662. Went thence to the Isle of Wight, where he 
preached, and for which he was imprisoned for seven years. 


POLWHELE, THEOPHILUS (d. 1689), Puritan Divine. 
Born in Somerset. Buried at St. Peter's, Tiverton, 3 April, 1689. 

POOLE, ARTHUR RUSCOMBE, M.A.(b. 1840). Eldest 
son of Gabriel Stone Poole, of Weston-super-Mare. Solicitor. 
Called to the Bar, 17 November, 1865. 

POOLE, HENRY LYTE (b. 1788). Son of Clement Poole, 
of Ilchester. 

POOLE, REV. JOHN (1771.?-! 857). Born at Over Stowey, 
about 1 77 1. B.A., Oxon, 1792. Died 16 May, 1857. 

POOLE, THOMAS (i 765-1 837), Friend of Coleridge. Born 
at Nether Stowey, 14 November, 1765. Died 8 September, 


POPrifAM, ALEXANDER (1605-1669), Parliamentary Soldier. 
Born in i6o5* Second son of Sir Francis Popham. M.P. for 
Bath from 1640. In 1644 inherited the estates at Littlecote, 
where in 1663 he entertained Charles II. on his way to Bath. Sat 
in Cromweirs parliament in 1657, and in the Cavalier parliament 
of 1 66 1. Died in November, 1669. 

POPHAM, ALEXANDER (1729-18 10), Lawyer. Son of 
Alexander Popham, Rector of West Monckton. Born in 1729. 
Author of the bill for the prevention of the gaol distemper in 
1774. M.P. for Taunton, &c. Died at Lincoln's Inn Fields, 
13 October, 18 10. 

POPHAM, EDWARD (i 6 10. ?-i 651), Admiral and General at 
sea. Fifth son of Sir Francis Popham. Born about 16 10. In 
1627 Edward and Alexander Popham were outlawed for debt. 
Fought on the Parliamentary side during the Civil War. Died at 
Dover, 19 August, 1651. Buried in Westminster Abbey. Body 
afterwards removed. 

POPHAM, SIR FRANCIS (i 573-1 644), Soldier and Politician. 
Born in 1573. Only son of Sir John Popham (1531 .^-1607), of 
Littlecote. Knighted at Cadiz in 1596. M.P., 1597, &c. Died 
in 1644. Buried at Stoke Newington, 15 August, 1644. Body 
removed to Bristol in March, 1647. 

POPHAM, SIR JOHN (1531 ?-i6o7). Chief Justice of the King's 
Bench. Bom at Huntworth about 1531. An eminent lawyer, 
and at one time Speaker of the House of Commons. Knighted in 
1592. Died 10 June, 1607. Buried at Wellington. 


I ■■ f ii mmimmf^mmimm 


POPHAM, JOHN (d. 1638?). Eldest son of Sir Francis 
Popham. Married, in 1621, Mary, daughter of Sir St. Sebastian 
Harvey. M.P. for Bath, 1627-8. Died at littlecote in or about 
January, 1638, where he was buried. 

PORTMAN, SIR JOHN (1605*1624). Born in 1605. Son of 
Sir John Portman, of Orchard Portman. Died at Wadham 
College, 10 December, 1624. Buried in the Inner Chapel of 
the College. 

PORTMAN, SIR WILLIAM (d. 1557), Judge, 15 May, 
1546. Knighted. Died 5 February, 1557. His grandson was 
made a baronet in 1612. 

PORTMAN, SIR WILLIAM (1641 ?.i69o). Captor of the 
Duke of Monmouth. M.P. for Somerset, 1676-1681. He died 
there, 20 March, 1689-90. 

POWELL, JOHN (1615.1638 .?), Sub-Dean of Wadham College. 
Born in 161 5. B.A., 1635 ; M.A., 6 June, 1638. Died before 
7 September, 1638. Son of William Powell, of Taunton. 

POWELL, ROBERT (fl. 17th century), of Wells. Historical 

POWELL, SAMUEL (b. 1648). Son of Marmaduke Powell, 
of Curry Rivell. 

POWELL, THOMAS (b. 1680). Son of Thomas Powell, of 

POWELL, WILLIAM (fl. 1629), a native of Somerset. 
Practising at Taunton, Extra-Licentiate of the College of 
Physicians, 27 November, 1629. 

POWNALL, ROBERT (i 520-1 571), Protestant Divine. 
Born at Barwick in 1520. Died in 1571- 

Youngest son of John Prankerd, of Langford. Called to the 
Bar, 13 June, 1877. B.A., 1871 ; LL.B., London University, 
1880 ; Vinerian law scholar, Oxford. 

PRATT, RICHARD (i 765-1 840), Vicar of Littleham with 
Exmouth, Devon. $on of Rev. Richsprd Pratt, of Gl^tonbury. 


PRESTON, SIR AMY AS (d. 161 7?), Naval Commander. 
Of an ancient family settled at Cricket, near Crewkerne. Danger- 
ously wounded, Spanish Armada, in 1588. Died(?) 12 November, 

PRICE, CHARLES, M.D. (1776-1853), Physician. Son of 
Rev. Thomas Price, of Merriott. Born in 1776. Fellow of the 
College of Physicians, 30 September, 1805. Died at Brighton, 
8 September, 1853. 

PRICE, THOMAS (b. 1784). Son of the Rev. John Price, of 

PRICE, WILLIAM THOMAS (d. 1838), Rector of Hinton 
St. George. Died 30 October, 1838. 

PRICHARD, WILLIAM (b. 1661), Vicar of East Lambrook. 
Son of Walter Prichard, of White Lackington. Born in 1661. 
Resigned the living in 1701. 

PRIDE, THOMAS (d. 1658), Soldier. Of obscure origin. 
Stated to have been born at Ashcott, near Glastonbury. Died 
23 October, 1658. 

PRIGG, SAMUEL (b. 161 8). Son of Richard Prigg, of Kings- 

PROCTOR, JOHN (I52i?.i584), Divine and Historian. A 
native of Somerset. Scholar of Corpus Christi College in 1536. 
Probably a schoolmaster of Tunbridge, Kent. Author of History 
of IVyatfs Rebellion. Died in 1584. 

PROVIS, SAMUEL BUTLER, M.A. Eldest son of 
Samuel Provis, of Bath. M.A. in 1872. Called to the Bar, 
30 April, 1866. An assistant secretary. Local Government Board. 

PROWSE, JAMES (b. 1663). Sonof James Prowse, of Norton. 

PROWSE, JOHN (1647-1675). Born in 1647. Rector of 
Pendomer. Son of John Prowse, of Hinton St. George. Died 
26 April, 1675. 

PRYNNE, WILLIAM, M.P. (1600-1669), Lawyer and 
Puritan Pamphleteer. Born at Swainswick, near Bath, in 1 600. 
M.P., and Recorder of Bath. Died at Lincoln's Inn, 24 October, 


PULMAN, JOHN. Eldest son of Thomas Pulman, of Samp- 
ford Brett. Called to the Bar, 17 January, 1845. 

PULMAN, PROCKTER THOMAS, B.A. (b. 1854). Eldest 
son of Rev. William Walker Pulman, Vicar of Wellington. First 
class Classics, Oxford. Called to the Bar, 27 January, 1879. 

PYM, SIR CHARLES, BART. (fl. 1660), Parliamentary 
Soldier. Son of John Pym, parliamentary statesman. Created a 
baronet by Richard Cromwell, and was confirmed in the honour 
by Charles II., in 1663. 

PYM, JOHN, M.P. (i 584-1643), Parliamentary Statesman. 
Member of a Somersetshire family. Eldest son of Alexander Pym, 
of Brymore, near Bridgwater. Born in 1584. Leader of the 
impeachment of the Earl of Strafford. Died 8 December, 1643. 

PYNE, ARTHUR THOMAS, M.A.(b. 1841). Youngest 
son of Rev. William Pyne, of Charlton House, near Somerton. 
Called to the Bar, 27 January, 1868. 

PYNE, JAMES KENDRICK (b. 1852), Organist, Lecturer 
and Composer. Born at Bath; 5 February, 1852. 

PYNE, VALENTINE (1603-1677), Master-gunner of England. 
Second son of George Pyne, of Curry-Mallet. Born in 1603. 
Served in the navy, and also as a soldier with Charles I.'s army. 
Died 30 April, 1677. Tablet to his memory in the chapel of the 
Tower of London. 

PYSSING, BENEDICT (1688-1750), Vicar of East Chinnock. 
Son of Hugo Pyssing, of Wynsant. Born in 1688. 

QUARE, DANIEL (i 648-1 724), Clockmaker. Possibly a 
native of Somerset. Born in 1 648. Quaker. Inventor of repeating 
watches. Master of the Clockmakers' Company, 29 September, 
1708. Died 21 March, 1723-4, at Croydon. Buried in Chequer 
Alley, Bunhill Fields, 27 March. 

QUEKETT, JOHN THOMAS (181 5-1 861), Histologist. 
Born at Langport, 11 August, 1815. Youngest son of William 
Quekett. In November, 1 843, was appointed assistant conservator 
of the Hunterian Museum, under Sir Richard Owen. President 
of the Microscopical Society, i860. Fellow of the Linnsean 
Society in 1857, and of the Royal Society in i860. Died at Pang- 
bourne, Berkshire, 20 August, 1861. 


QUEKETT, EDWIN JOHN (i 808-1 847), Microscopist. 
Born at Langport in 1808. Brother of John Thomas and William 
Quekett. Fellow of the linnsean Society in 1836. Died 28 June, 
1847. Buried at Sea Salter, Kent. 

QUEKETT, WILLIAM (i 802-1 881), Clergyman. Born at 
Langport, 3 October, 1802. Brother of Edwin John and John 
Thomas Quekett. Rector of Warrington, Lancashire. Died 
30 March, 1888. 

RADFORD, WILLIAM (b. 1681). Son of WUliam Radford, 
of Marksbury. 

RAINE, JAMES, D.C.L. (1791-1858). Born at Lovington 
in 1 79 1. Died at Durham in 1858. Topographical Writer. 

RALPH of Shrewsbury (d. 1363), Bishop of Bath and Wells. 

RANN, JACK (Sixteen String Jack) (d. 1774), Highway Robber. 
Bom at a village near Bath. Executed at Newgate, 30 November, 


RAW, RICHARD (1692-1718). Son of Edward Raw, of 
Scavington. Born in 1692. 

RAWLINS (1747-1810), Rector of Staplegrove. Son of Henry 
Rawlins, of Wedmore. Born in 1747- Died in 18 10. 

RAYMOND, JOHN (b. 1651). Son of Samuel Raymond, of 

REDDISH, SAMUEL (1735-1785), Actor. Born at Frome 
in 1735. Died in York Asylum, 31 December, 1785. 

Assistant Commissioner, Gudh. Only son of Rev. William Thomas 
Redfern, of Taunton. Called to the Bar, 9 June, 1880. 

REED, THOMAS ALLEN (b. 1826). Bom at Watchet, 
6 April, 1826. 

REEVE, ANDREWS, B.A. (b. 1 8 1 7 .?), Composer of Sacred 
Music. Son of John Andrews Reeve, of Locking. 

MATHERS (b. 1852), Novelist. Born in 1852 at Crewkerne. 

REGINALD of Bath, Physician. Sent by Henry III. to attend 
a Queen of Scotland at Edinbui^h. 


REYNOLDS, VINCENT JOHN, M.A. (b. 1825). Only 
son of Vincent Stuckey Reynolds, of Cannon's Grove. Born 
15 June, 1825. J.P., Somerset. Called to the Bar, 11 June, 1850. 

RICHARD of Ilcester (d. 11 88), Bishop of Winchester. Bom 
in the diocese of Bath, probably at Sock Dennis. 1156 to 1162 
he was scribe of the Court. In 11 65 he was a judge. On 
I May, 1 1 73, he was chosen Bishop of Winchester. Died on the 
21 or 22 December, 1188. Buried in Winchester Cathedral. 

RICKENS(fl. 1823), a Furrier of Bath. Pugilist. 

1884), Bengal Civil Service, 1861. Sixth son of the Rev. George 
William Hughes Ridsdale, B.A. Born at Crowcombe, near Taun- 
ton, in 1 841. Died 15 November, 1884. 

RING, JOHN(i752-i82i), Surgeon. Born at Wincanton. Bap- 
tized there on the 21 August, 1752. A poet and classical writer. 
He was a friend of Jenner's, and greatly in sympathy with the 
vaccination movement. Died in London, on 7 December, 1821. 

RING, GEORGE, a Baker. Pugilist at Bath. Fought with 
Edwards, a butcher at Kilburn. 

ROBERTS, MISS EMMA (1794.?-! 840), Literary Lady. 
Bom about 1794. Resided in Bath until, in 1828, she went to 
India. Died at Poonah, 1 6 September, 1 840. 

Physician. Eldest son of Frederick Fowler Robertson, of Bath. 
Born in 1825. Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians in 1874. 
M.P. for Brighton, 1888. Knighted in 1888. Died 5 October, 

ROBINS, BENJAMIN (i 707-1 751), Mathematician and 
Military Engineer. Born at Bath in 1 707. Fellow of the Royal 
Society, 16 November, 1727. Died at Fort St. David, Madras 
Presidency, 29 July, 1751. 

ROBINSON, JOHN (17 15-1745), Portrait Painter. Born at 
Bath in 1 7 15, Came to London when he was young and entered 
the studio of John Vanderbank. Died in 1745. 

ROCHE, ROBERT ( 1 577-1 629), Divine and Poet. Commoner 
of Magdalen Hall, 1595, aged 18. Died in 1629. 


ROCKE, RICHARD (b. 1610). Son of Ellis Rocke, of CIos- 

RODBARD, WILLIAM (b. 1 741). Son of William Rodbard. 
of Norton. 

RODNEY, LORD (1718?-! 792), successful Naval Commander. 
Born in Somerset about 17 18. Died in 1792. 

RODNEY, WILLIAM (b. 1600). Probably third son of Sir 
John Rodney. Married Alice, daughter of Sir J. Caesar, and was 
buried at Huntspill. 

Third son of Francis Rogers, of Yarlington Lodge, Wincanton. 
Born II December, 1828. Called to the Bar, 6 June, 1856. 
Governor of Bruton School. 

ROGERS, EDWARD (d. 1627), of Cannington. Died in 
1627. He married a daughter of Sir John Popham. 

ROGERS, THOMAS ENGLESBY, M.A. (b. 18 17). Eldest 
son of Francis Rogers, of Yarlington. Born 24 May, 18 17. Called 
to the Bar, 24 November, 1846. Chancellor of the diocese of Bath 
and Wells since 1884. Recorder of Wells since 1872. 

ROSELLE, AMY (b. 1854). Born at Glastonbury. 

ROSENBERG, MARY ELIZABETH (fl. 1839-1845), of 
Bath. Authoress of Corona Amaryllidacea^ 1839. Museum of 
Flowers y 1845. 

ROSEWELL, THOMAS, M.A. (1630-1692). Born at 
Dunkerton, near Bath, 3 May, 1630. Convicted of high treason 
for preaching a sermon on the 14 September, 1684, ^"t was 
pardoned by the King. Died 14 February, 1692. Buried at Bun- 
hill Fields. 

ROSSE, JAMES (b. 1610). Son of Jacob Rosse, of Shepton 

ROTTON, WILLIAM (1827-1865). Called to the Bar. 
Third son of John Rotton. Born at Bath in 1827. Died 9 June, 

ROWE, ELIZABETH (1674-1737). Born at Ilchester in 
1674. Died at Frome in 1737. Poetical and religious prose 


ROYSE, GEORGE (b. 1655), Divine. Born at Martock in 
1655. Semi-Commoner, St. Edmund's Hall, Oxford, in 1671, 
aged 16. Dean of Bristol and Provost of Oriel College. 

ROYSE, WILLIAM (b. 1761). Son of Nathaniel Royse, of 

RUSCOMBE, HUGH (1663-1701-2), Vicar of Cannington, &c. 
Son of William Ruscombe, of Cannington. Born in 1663. Died 
1 701-2. 

RYALL, HENRY THOMAS (1811-1867). English Engraver. 
Born at Frome in 181 1. His works won him a considerable 
reputation, and he was appointed historical engraver to the Queen. 
He died at Cookham in 1867. 

(b. 1 821), Lawyer. Son of Henry Dudley, Bishop of Lichfield 
and Coventry. 

SADLER, ROBERT (b. 1695). Son of Robert Sadler, of 

SAINTLOO, EDWARD (fl. 1575) of Somersetshire. Re- 
ferred to in Pulteney's Sketches of the Progress of Botany in 
England J London, 1790. 

SALMON, THOMAS ABRAHAM (i 767-1 822), Rector of 
Rodney Stoke. Son of John Salmon, of Chew Magna. Born in 
1767. Died 2 1 January, 1822. Buried at Wookey. 

SALMpN, WILLIAM (1765-18 18), Vicar of Wadhurst. Son 
of William Salmon, of Crewkerne. Born in 1765. Died 2 June, 
1 8 18. Buried at Wadhurst. 

SAMPSON, JOHN (1728-1779), Rector of Croscombe. Son of 
Rev. Henry Sampson, of Bruton. Born in 1728. Died i October, 

SAMWAIES, RICHARD (1614-1669), Divine. Born at 
Ilminster in 16 14. Died 21 August, 1669. 

SANDYS, EDWYN (1689-1731), Dean of Wadham College. 
Son of John Sandys, of Petherton. 

SANFORD, JOHN (d. 1629). Son of Richard Sanford, of 
Chard. Born in Somersetshire. Died in 1629. Buried in Canter- 
bury Cathedral. 


SANFORD, JOHN AYSHFORD (fl. 1847), Lieutenant 
in 1847. Fourth son of Edward A. Sanford, of Nynehead Court, 
and Lynton, Devon. Passed examination for Navy, 3 December, 

Thames Police Court since 1878. Second son of Samuel E. 
Saunders, of Bath. Called to the Bar, 9 June, 1837. Recorder of 
Bath, i860 to 1878. Author of several law books. 

SCLATER, WILLIAM (fl. 1 626), a Divine. Called The Father 
of King's College, Cambridge.' Son of William Sclater, Vicar of 
Pitminster. Born at Pitminster. Entered King's College in 1626. 

SEALY, WILLIAM (b. 1664). Son of Marmaduke Sealy, 
of Quantoxhead. 

SHARP, DAVID (b. 1661). Son of Richard Sharp, of Wayford. 

SHARP, JOHN (1647-1671), Vicar of Seaburrow. Born in 1647. 
Son of Richard Sharp, of Wayford. 

SHATTOCK, THOMAS (b. 1809), Catholic Priest. Born at 
Gouthurst, near Taunton, March, 1809. Priest in 1833. In 
April, 1856, he has succeeded the Rev. James Dawson, at Shepton 

SHAW, WILLIAM (b. 1798?). Eldest son of John Shaw, of 
Bath. Undergraduate of Wadham Collie, Oxford. Called to 
the Bar, 22 November, 1833. 

SHELDON, GILBERT, Archbishop of Canterbury. Born 
at Stanton Prior, in 1598. Died in 1677. 

SHEPPARD, GEORGE EDMUND (b. 1842), in Holy 
Orders. Second son of Thomas Byard Sheppaixi, of Frome. Died 
at Cape Town, 28 April, 1886. 

SHIRE, JOHN (1701-1728), Vicar of Walton-in-Gordano. Son 
of John Shire, of Crewkerne. Born in 1701. 

SHOLL, SAMUEL (b. 1752), SUk-weaver. Inventor of the 
Grand National Flag, which was completed on 23 March, 1 8 1 1 , 
and was acknowledged to have been one of the most remarkable 
works ever produced by silk-weavers. Born at Taunton, 
28 January, 1752. His family were Quakers. 


SHORLAND, WILLIAM HENRY (b. 1834), Vicar of 
Oakhill, Bath, in 1878. Eldest son of William Shorland, of 

SHORT, BERNARD, O.S.B. (b. 1800). Born at Bath, 
6 October, 1800. Ordained in 1827. Rendered valuable service 
at Downside College. 

SHUTE, HENRY (1655-1719?), Rector of St. Andrew's, 
Holborn. Son of John Shute, of Kilmersdon. Born in 1655. 
Will proved in 1719. 

SIBTHORPE, ROBERT (b. 1595). Son of Robert Sibthorpe, 
Rector of North Cadbury. 

SILVERTHORNE (fl. 1800), Costermonger by calling. Native 
of Somerset. Pugilist who flourished beginning of present century. 

SIMMONS, JOHN {circa 1715-1780). Born at Nailsea about 
171 5. House and snip's painter at Bristol. Died at Bristol, 
18 January, 1780. 

TORN, G.C.B., G.C.M.G. (b. 1821). Born at Langford in 

SIMMS, EDWARD (b. 1803), Vicar of Escot, Devon. Son of 
Samuel Simms, Bookseller, Bath. Born at Bath in 1 803. Author 
of Holy Thoughts and Prayers^ &c. 

Fourth son of Henry Duncan Skrine, M.A., of Wadham College. 
Born at Warleigh, Bathford, Bath, in 1 849. 

SKRINE, HENRY (fl. end of i8th and beginning of 19th 
century), of Warley. Topographical Writer. 

SKRINE, HENRY MILLS, M.A. (b. 1845). Eldest son 
of Henry Duncan Skrine, of Warleigh, Bath. Called to the Bar, 
26 January, 1870. Lieutenant-Colonel ist Volunteer Battalion 
Somerset Light Infantry since 1883. 

SKRINE, HENRY DUNCAN (b. 1815), Lawyer. High 
Sheriff^ of Somerset. Son of Henry Skrine, of Bath. Born 
22 May, 1 81 5. Author of Translations in Verse of Anacreon^ &c. 

SLADE, ADOLPHUS (fl. 1815-1841), Commander, 1841. 
Fifth son of General Sir John Slade, Bart., G.C.H., of Maunsell 
House. Entered the Navy, 3 August, 18 15. 


SLADE, WYNDHAM, B.A. (b. 1826). Magistrate at 
Southwark Police Court since 1879. Sixth son of General Sir John 
Slade, Baronet, of Montys Court and Maunsell House. Born 
27 August, 1826. Called to the Bar, 22 November, 1850. 
Recorder of Penzance, 1876-7 ; Magistrate at Greenwich Police 
Court, 1877-79. 

SLAPE, JOHN (b. 1652). Son of John Slape, of Taunton. 

SLATYER (or SLATER), WILLIAM, D.D., Classical 
and Hymn Writer. Born at Fykenham (?), in 1587. Died at 
Otterden, Kent, 13 February, 1646. 

SMITH, CECIL, B.A. (b. 1826). Only son of Rev. Cecil R. 
Smith, of Lydeard House, Taunton. Born 31 May, 1826. 
Called to the Bar, 7 June, 1852. Author of Birds of Somerset y &c. 

SMITH, FRANCIS (b. 1700). Son of John Smith, of East 
Harptree, Somerset. 

SMITH, FREDERICK PORTER (1833-1888), Medical 
Missionary in Central China. Born in 1833. M.B., London, 
1855. Contributed to several medical journals. Died at Shepton 
Mallet, March, 1888. 

SMITH, HUMPHREY (b. 1655). Born at Chewstoke, near 
Bristol. Servitor of Queen*s College, Oxford, in 1671, aged 16. 
Became Vicar of Dartmouth. 

SMITH, JOHN (b. 1696). Son of Thomas Smith, of Cossington. 

SMITH, RICHARD (b. 1646). Son of Richard Smith, of 

SMITH, THOMAS (b. 1670). Son of John Smith, of Halse. 

Born at Martock, 21 December, 1788. Fellow of College of 
Physicians, 9 July, 1 847. 

SMITH, WILLIAM (i 582-1 658). Born at St. Mary Magdalen, 
Taunton, 4 October, 1582. Died 6 May, 1658, at Worcester. 
Buried in Speechly Church. Rector of Tredington, Worcester- 
shire, and Prebendary of Worcester. 

SMITH, WILLIAM (b. 1644), of Uton. 

SMITH, WILLIAM PULTENEY, B.A. (b. 1855). Second 
son of Frederick James Smith, of Weston-super-Mare. Born 
13 August, 1855. Called to the Bar, 9 June, 1880. 


SMYTH, RICHARD (b. 1624). Son of Thomas Smyth, of 


(b. 1824). Third son of John Hugh Smyth-Pigott, of BrockJey 
Hall. Called to the Bar, 21 November, 1851. Examiner of 
Plays in the Lord Chamberlain's Department since 1874. 

SNOW, FRANCIS (i 654-1 704), Rector of Staple Fitzpaine. 
Son of Richard Snow, of Taunton. Bom in 1654. , Died in 1704. 

SODEN, THOMAS SPOONER, M.A. Third son of John 
Smith Soden, of Bath, surgeon. Called to the Bar, 11 June, 1862. 

Only son of Thomas Somers, of Mendip Lodge. Born 20 
November, 1851. Called to the Bar, 26 January, 1877. 

SOMERSET, MAURICE (fl. 1193), Cistercian Monk. Bom 
at Ilchester. 

Eldest son of James Curtis Somerville, of Dinder House, Wells. 
Born 23 April, 1850. Called to the Bar, 17 November, 1875. 

SOUTHBY, ANTHONY (fl. 1835-1849), of Bridgwater. 

SPALDING, SAMUEL (b. 1658). Son of Augustus Spalding, 
of Hutton. 

SPEKE, GEORGE (1647-1668). Son of George Speke, of 
White Lackington. Born in 1647. Died in 1668. Brother of 
John Speke (1652). 

SPEKE, GEORGE FREDERIC, Recorder of Helston since 
December, 1879. Second son of George Speke, of Burnham. 
Called to the Bar, 12 January, 1849. Bencher, 30 January, 1885. 

SPEKE, JOHN (b. 1652). Son of George Speke, of White 

SPEKE, JOHN MANNING (1827-1864), African Explorer. 
Born at Jordans in 1827. Served in the Crimean War. Writer 
on African exploration. Died September, 1864. 

SPEKE, JOSIAH (b. 17 19). Son of Rev. William Speke, of 

SPEKE, PHILIP ( 1 698-1 746), Sub-Warden of Wadham CoUege. 
Son of William Speke, of Jordans. Born in 1698. 


SPEKE, WILLIAM (b. 1661). Son of William Speke, of 

SPEKE, WILLIAM (1691-1729), Vicar of Ilminster. Son of 
George Speke, of Ashill. Born in 1691. 

SPEKE, WILLIAM (b. 1695). Son of William Speke, of 
"^hite Lackington. 

SPEKE, WILLIAM (171 5-1 791), Prebendary of White Lacking- 
ton (Wells). Son of Rev. William Speke, of Jordans. Born in 
17 1 5. Died 15 November, 1791. 

SPENDER, EDWARD (1833), Manager and Chief Pro- 
prietor of the fVe stern Morning News. Born at Bath in 1833. 

SPENDER, EMILY (b. 1841), Novelist. Born at Bath in 1841. 

SPICER, ALEXANDER (b. 1575 ?), A minister's son and ' a 
Somersetshire man born.* Became a batler of Exeter College in 

son of John Spurway, of Bath. Called to the Bar, 12 June, 1846. 

STACK, RICHARD WILLIAM, M.D. (fl. 1764-1784), 
of Bath. Author of Dissert atio Medicth-practicay 1764; Medical 
Cases y Bath, 1785, 8vo. 

STAWELL, SIR JOHN (1600-1662), Knight of the Bath, 
Governor of Taunton. Born in 1 600. He was one of the knights 
for Somerset to serve in the parliament which commenced at West- 
minster, 3 November, 1640, and again 8 May, 1661. Died at 
Ham, near Somerton, 21 February, 166 1-2. 

STEARD, ROBERT (b. 1662). Son of Humphrey Steard, of 

STEVENS, ROBERT (i 776-1 856), Vicar of South Petherwin, 
Cornwall. Son of Robert Stevens, of Ansford. Born in 1776. 
Died I October, 1856. 

STEWARD, ROBERT (d. 1557). Descended from a branch 
of royal family of Scotland. Born at Wells Q Somerset). B.A., 
1516 ; M.A., 1520. Prior of Ely, 1522. Died 22 September, 
1557. Buried at Ely Cathedral. 

Only son of Charles Stirling, of Ashleigh House, Taunton. Called 
to the Bar, 26 January, 1880. Practised before the Supreme 
Court of South Australia. 


STOWER, CALEB (1779-1816), Printer. Born at Taunton in 
1779. Died in Hackney, 23 March, 1816. Wrote several works 
on Printing. 

STRACHEY, RICHARD, Lieut.-General, R.E., C.S.I., F.R.S. 
(b. 1 817). Born 24 July, 1817, at Sutton Court. 

STRADLING, SIR JOHN (fl. 161 1). Born near Bristol. 
Made a baronet in 161 1. Related to the Popham family of 

STRADLING, RICHARD (b. 1780). Son of Richard 
Stradling, of Chedzoy. 

STRANGE WAYS, EDMUND (b. 1651) Son of Egidius 
Strangeways, of Charlton Adam. 


(b. 1832). Son of Henry Bull Strangeways, of Shapwick. Called 
to the Bar, 6 June, 1856. Attorney-Greneral,- South Australia, 
1 860-5. Premier of South Australia, 1 868-70. 

STRODE, JOHN (b. 1675). Son of Edward Strode, of Downside. 

STRODE, THOMAS (b. 1626), Mathematician. Born at 
Shepton Mallet in 1626. Commoner of University College, 
Oxford, in 1642, aged 16. 

STRODE, WILLIAM (i 589-1666), Merchant. Born at 
Shepton Mallet in 1589. Died November, 1666. 

STRONG, CHARLES EDWARD (b. 1815). Son of Rev. 
Charles Strong, of Locking. 

STRONG, MARTIN (b. 1663). Born at Riston^) in 1663. 
Servitor of Lincoln College, Oxford, 1680, aged 17. Vicar of 

STROUD, JOSEPH (1795-1855), Incumbent of WiUiton. Son 
of William Stroud, of Bath. Born in 1795. Died in 1855. 

STROUD, WILLIAM, M.D. (1789-1858). Born at Bath, 
3 July, 1789. Licentiate of College of Physicians, 28 March, 
1825. Died 29 June, 1858. 

STUCKEY, JOHN (1649-1692.?), Vicar of Chilthorne-Domer. 
Son of Roger Stuckey, of Crewkerne. Born in 1649. Died 
about 1692. 

SUGDEN, ARTHUR MAITLAND (b. 1828), Rector ot 
Markhall, Essex, 1885. Son of William James Sugden. 


SUGGE, TRISTRAM (1610-1660-1), Sub-Warden of Wadham 
College. Son of Tristram Sugge. Born at Yeovil, 16 10. 
Died at Wadham College, 27 January, 16 60-1. Buried in the 

SULLY, JAMES, M.A., LL.D. (b. 1842). Born at Bridg- 

SUMMERLY, FELIX (b. 1808), the nom de plume of Henry 
Cole, Miscellaneous Writer. Born at Bath, in 1808. 

SUMMERS, CHARLES (i 828-1 878), Sculptor. Born in 
1828. Lived in Victoria many years. Died in 1878, at Rome(.^). 

SWAYNE, GEORGE, M.A. (1746-1827), Vicar of Puckle- 
church, Gloucester, and Dereham, Gloucester. Son of Rev. George 
Swayne, of Wilton. Hody (Greek) Exhibitioner, 1763 to 1768. 
Born in 1746. Died at Dereham, 24 October, 1827. 

SWEETING, JOHN (b. 1648). Son of John Sweeting, of 
Sampford Brett. 

SWINTON, ROBERT BLAIR. Madras Civil Service, 
1849-74. Eldest son of Colonel William Swinton, of Bath. 
Called to the Bar, 17 November, 1866. 

SYDENHAM, FLOYER ( 1 709-1 787), Rector of Esher. Son 
of Humphrey Sydenham, of Dulverton. 

SYDENHAM, HUMPHREY (d. 1650), Clergyman. Born 
at Dulverton. Son of Humphrey Sydenham and Jane Champneys. 
Sojourner at Exeter College, Oxford, in 1 606. Died at Dulverton, 

SYDENHAM, RICHARD (d. 1396.?), Lawyer and Judge, of 
Combe, Monksilver . Judge, February, 1388. Judge of the Court 
of Common Pleas, 1388. Died 1396 (.?). 

SYMES, AARON STARK (b. 1792), Naval Officer. Born 
17 September, 1792, at Combe St. Nicholas, Chard. Entered 
the Navy, 7 December, 1808. Lieutenant in 18 16. 

SYMONS, BENJAMIN PARSONS (1785-1878), Warden 
of Wadham College. Son of John Symons, of Cheddar. Born in 
1785. Died 12 April, 1878. 

SYMONS, EDWARD (i 81 3-1 891), Vicar of Ringmer, Sussex. 
Son of Rev. Thomas Symons, of Axbridge. Born at Axbridge in 


SYMONS, THOMAS (b. 1782). Son of George Symons, of 

TALBOT, ROBERT (b. 1720). Son of John Talbot, of 

TARCHILL, JOHN (fl. 1682), a native of Somerset. Extra- 
licentiate of the College of Physicians, 17 August, 1682. 

TARRANT, HENRY JEPFERD, Clerk of the Crown and 
Crown Prosecutor, Madras. Second son of William Tarrant, of 
Bath. Called to the Bar, 11 June, 1862. Author of Lloyd* s 
Bonds : Their Nature and Uses. 

TATCHELL, CHRISTOPHER (1713-1793), Vicar of 
Combe St. Nicholas. Son of John Tatchell, of Stoke-under- 
Hamdon. Bom in 1713. Died 22 February, 1793. 

TATCHELL, CHRISTOPHER (1739-1768). Son of John 
Tatchell, of Stoke-under-Hamdon. Born 1739. 

TATE, ALFRED NORMAN (d. 1892). Son of Alderman 
James Tate, of Wells. Educated at the Chapter Grammar School. 
Died 22 July, 1892. 

TAUNTON, GEFFERY DE (fl. 11 70), native of Somerset. 
He* was a monk of Winchester in 1 170. 

TAYLOR, JOHN (d. 1806), English Marine and Landscape 
Painter. Born about the middle of the 1 8 th century at Bath. 
Died at Bath in 1806. 

TAYLOR, JOHN BIANCHI(i 801-1876), English Composer 
and Conductor. Born at Bath in 1801. Died there in April, 

TAYLOR, WILLIAM (b. 161 1). Son of John Taylor, of 

TAYLOUR, JOHN (b. 1662). Son of John Taylour, of Crew- 

TEMPLEMAN, JOHN (i 750-1 835), Rector of Cricket St. 
Thomas. Son of Thomas Templeman, of Merriott. Born in 
1750. Died 20 April, 1835. 

TEMPLEMAN, ROBERT (b. 1769). Son of Osborn Thomas 
Templeman, of Wells. 

TERRY, DANIEL (d. 1829), Dramatist and Comedian. Born 
in Bath. 


THOMAS, LEWIS WILLIAM (b. 1826), Welsh Bass 
Vocalist. Born at Bath in 1 826. Gentleman of the Chapel Royal, 

THOMAS, SAMUEL (i627?.i693), Divrine. Born at Ubley. 
Died at Chard, 4 November, 1693. Writer of several religious 
controversial works. 

THORNTON, WILLIAM (1642-1707), of Milborne. Born 
in 1642. Died 25 September, 1707. 

THRING, EDWARD, M.A. (1821-1887), Miscellaneous 
Writer. Born at Alford, 29th November, 1821. Head Master 
of Uppingham School from 1853 until his death on 22 October, 

THRING, GODFREY, B. A. (b. 1823), Prolific Hymn Writer. 
Born at Alford, 25th March, 1823. 

THRING, HENRY, ist BARON, K.C.B. (b. 181 8). Second 
son of Rev. John Gale Dalton Thring, of Alford House. Born 
3 November, 1818. Called to the Bar, 31 January, 1845. 
Parliamentary Counsel since 1868 ; K.C.B., 27 March, 1873. 
Author of several law books. 

THRING, SARAH (1790-1891). Daughter of Rev. J. Jenkyns, 
Vicar of Evercreech and Prebendary of Wells. Died at Horn- 
blotton Rectory, 26 September, 1891, aged loi. 

THRING, THEODORE, B.A. (1816-1891). Eldest son of 
Rev. John Gale Dalton Thring, of Alford House. Born 4 
August, 1 816. Commissioner in Bankruptcy for Liverpool since 
1 869. Author of a treatise on The Criminal Law of the Navy. 
Called to the Bar, 27 January, 1843. Died at Alford House, 
28 September, 1891. 

TICE, FRANCIS (b. 1679). Son of Francis Tice, of Hatch. 

TICKELL, RICHARD (d. 1793). Brother-in-law of R. B. 
Sheridan. Born in Bath. Died in 1793. 

TILLEY, JAMES (b. 1781), Naval Officer. Born in 1781, in 
Somerset. Entered the Navy, 21 May, 1795. Lieutenant in 

TILLY, SAMUEL (1670-1712), Rector of Bladon, Oxford- 
shire. Son of Samuel Tilly, of Martock. Born in 1670. Died 
24 August, 17 12. Buried in the chancel of St. Mary's, Oxford. 



TILLY, WILLIAM (1675-1711). Son of Samuel Tilly, of 
Martock. Born in 1675. 

TOCLIFFE, RICHARD (fl. 1160-1188), Bishop and Judge. 
Born at Sock, near Bath. A Justicier of the Exchequer, 11 65-6. 
Died in December, 11 88. Buried in Winchester Cathedral. 


TOTTERDALE, JOHN (d. 1737). Born at North Curry. 
Brought up as a farmer. Executed for murder at Tyburn, 
5 October, 1737. 

TOWGOOD or TOOGOOD, RICHARD (d. 1683). Born 
near Bruton. Servitor of Oriel College, 1610 ; Chaplain to 
Charles I. ; Dean of St. Asaph. Author of several religious works. 
Died in Bristol, 1683. 

TOWNING, HENRY (b. 1649). Son of Robert Towning, of 

Second son of Rev. Daniel Tremlett, late of Rodney Stoke. Born 
14 February, 1834. Called to the Bar, 6 June, 1861. 

Nettlecombe Court, 7th Baronet. Only son of Alfred Wilson 
Trevelyan. Died 1 8th April, 1 89 1 . 

TREVELYAN, WILLIAM (1746-18 12), Vicar of Stockland, 
Dorset. Rector of Cheddington, Bucks. Son of Rev. William 
Trevelyan, of Dunster. Born in 1746. Died in 1812. 

TREVILIAN, GEORGE (1614-1653). Son of John Trevilian, 
of Nettlecombe. Born in 1 6 1 4. Sequestered and imprisoned for 
his loyalty to the King, and compounded for his estate. Died in 
1653. Probably fether of George Trevilian (d. 1671). 

TRIVELLIAN, GEORGE (d. 1671), probably Sir George 
Trevelyan, ist Baronet, of Nettlecombe. Son of George Trevelyan. 

TROUGHTON, JOSEPH (b. 1791), Naval Officer. Born at 
Bath, 13 June, 1791. Entered the Navy, 3 June, 1804. 
Lieutenant in 1 8 1 5. 

TUCKER, CHARLES (1803-1872), Incumbent of Charminster 
and Stratton, Dorset. Son of Benjamin Tucker, of Chard. Born 
at Chard, 3 March, 1803. Died in 1872. 


TUCKER, JOHN (b. 1680). Son of Francis Tucker, of Bridg- 

TUCKER, THOMAS (17701827), Rector of Kingston. Son 
of Thomas Tucker, of Kingston. Born in 1770. Died in 1827. 


(b. 1 8 14 ?). Born at Bath in 1 8 14 or 1 8 1 5. First Bishop of Bris- 
bane, 1859-75. Retired in 1875. Son of John Charles Tufnell, 
of Walcot Parish, Bath. Vicar of Croydon, Surrey, 1879-82. 
Canon of Chichester, 1882. Died 1896. 

TURLE, JAMES (1802-1882), English Organist, Composer, and 
Writer. Born at Taunton, 5 March, 1802. Died in London, 
28 June, 1882. 

TURNER, HENRY GRIBBLE (b 1844), Postmaster- 
General of Madras. Eldest son of James Turner, of Staplegrove. 
Born in 1844. Called to the Bar, 6 June, 1874. 

TURNER, JEROM (b. 161 5), Clergyman. Born at Yeovil 
in 161 5. Greek and Hebrew Scholar. Author of several 
religious works. Died 27 November, 1655. Buried at Nether- 

TURNER, PETER (1542-1614). Son of Dr. William Turner, 
the medical dean of Wells, and one of the most original 
botanists of his age. Born in 1 542. Licentiate of College of 
Physicians, 4 December, 1582. Physician to St. Bartholomew's 
Hospital until 1584. Died 27 May, 16 14. Buried at St. Olave's 
Church, Hart Street. 

TURNER, WILLIAM (i 604-1 670 .?), Judge. Born at Bur- 
ringtonin 1604. Died at Richmond, Surrey, about 1670. 

TUTHILL, FRANCIS (b. 1673). Son of Francis Tuthill, of 

TYSON, EDWARD (1649- 1708), Comparative Anatomist. 
Born either at Bristol or Clevedon in 1649. Medical Writer. 
Fellow of College of Physicians, 2 April, 1683. Died i August, 

UPPILL, GEORGE (1762-1822), Curate of Hornblotton. 
Son of John Uppill, of Charlton Horethorne. Born in 1762. 


UPTON, JOHN ( 1 709-1 760), Rector of Seavington. Son of 
Rev. Jacob Upton, of Uminster. Born in 1709. Died 2 Decem- 
ber, 1760. Prebendary of Rochester, 19 January, 1736-7. Editor 
of Ascham's Schoolmaster y &c. 

UTTERMARE, JAMES ( 1708-17 88). Rector of South 
Bradon. Son of John Uttermare, of Curry Mallet. Born in 1708. 
Died in 1788. Buried at Curry Mallet. 

UTTERMARE, JOHN (1732-1 804). Son of Robert Utter- 
mare, of Curry Mallet. Born 4 August, 1732. Died 19 November, 
1804. Buried at Curry Mallet. 

VALENTINE, JOHN WITHERS (b. 1832), Vicar of 
Kimmeridge, Dorset, 1886. Son of John Valentine, of Somerton. 

VAUGHAN, WALTER, M.D. (1766-1828). Born at Frome 
in 1766. Licentiate of College of Physicians, i October, 1792. 
Died in 1828. 

VENNER, TOBIE (1570-1660), Physician at Bath. Born at 
Petherton, near Bridgwater, in 1577. Died at Bath, 27 March, 

VERYARD, ELLIS (b. 1680). Son of Andrew Veryard, of 
St. Decuman's. 

VILE, ROBERT (b. 1674). Son of Edmund Vile, of South 

Richard Vowell, of Bath. 

WADHAM, JOHN CHARLES (b. 18 50), Solicitor. Eldest 
son of the Rev. John Wadham, M.A. Born at Stowey Vicarage, 
24 March, 1850. 

WADHAM, NICHOLAS (d. 1609). Founder of Wadham 
College, Oxford. 

WALCOTT, JOHN (fl. i8th century), of Bath. Scientific 
Writer. Author of /'V(?r^ Britannica Indigena^ ^778; Synopsis of 
British Birds^ 1789-92, 2 vols., &c. 

family settled at Chewton. Created a Fellow of the College of 
Physicians by James II. in 1686. 

It He sOMEks&r koLt. loi 

WALE, GILES, M.D. ( d. 1558). Native of Somerset. 
Admitted a Fellow of the Q)llege of Physicians, 1 1 December, 
1556. Died 26 October, 1558. 

WALFORD, WILLIAM (1773-1850), Religious Writer. 
Born at Bath in 1773. Tutor in Hebrew at Homerton College. 
Died 22 June, 1850. 

WALKER, EDWARD (fl. 1644). Second son of Edward 
Walker, of Nether Stowey. Born at Nether Stowey. Was knighted, 
2 February, 1644. 

F.R.G S., F.R.H.S. (b. 1820). Only son of Francis Walker, 
of Bath. Born in 1820. Called to the Bar, 30 April, 1852. 

WALROND, HENRY (b. 1610). Eldest son of William 
Walrond, of Ile-Brewers. 

WALROND, HUMPHREY (b. 1601). Son of William 
Walrond, of Ile-brewers. 

WALROND, HUMPHREY. Matriculated in 1655. Second 
son of Humphrey Walrond. 

WALROND, WILLIAM (b. 1612). Second son of William 
Walrond, of Ile-Brfcwers. Brother of Henry Walrond. 

WALSH, JOHN (d. 1572), Judge. Of Cathanger, Fivehead. 
Reader in Temple in 1555. Judge, 10 February, 1563. 

WALTER, SIR EDWARD (d. 1676), Historian and Herald. 

WALTER, WALTER WILLIAM (b. 1824). Eldest 
son of William Walter, of Wilhayne, in the parish of Combe St. 
Nicholas, near Chard. 

WARRE EDWARD (b. 1744). Son of Rev. John Warre, of 

WARRE, THOMAS (fl. 1606-1614), of Hestercombe. Third 
son of Roger Warre, by Eleanor, daughter of Sir John Popham. 

WARRE, FRANCIS (1681-1706), Vicar of Cheddon. Son of 
Henry Warre, of Cheddon. 

WARREN, JOHN, M.D. (fl. 1786), of Taunton. 


WARRY, GEORGE DEEDES, M.A. (b. 1831), Recorder 
of Portsmouth since 1879. Eldest son of George Warry, of 
Shapwick. Born 7 June, 1831. Called to the Bar, 17 Novem- 
ber, 1859. Author of A Treatise on Railway Rating, J.P. for 

WARRY, THOMAS (i 757-1 799), Bursar of Wadham College, 
Oxford. Son of William Warry, of West Coker. Born in 1757. 

WARRY, WILLIAM TAYLOR, B.A. (b. 1836), a 
principal Clerk in the Charity Commission since 1879. Second 
son of George Warry, of Shapwick. Born 4 December, 1836. 
Called to the Bar, 17 November, 1866. 

WATSON, JAMES (b. 1827), Bengal Civil Service, 1847- 
62. Only son of Dr. James Watson, of Bath. Born 21 August, 
1827. Called to the Bar, 11 June, 1862. High Sheriff of Bucks, 

WATTS, EDMUND (b. 1775). Son of Edmund Watts, of 

WATTS, JOHN ONSLOW (b. 1831). Only son of Philip 
Henry Watts, of Bathford. Born 12 September, 1831. Called 
to the Bar, 17 November, 1856. 

WAY, ALBERT, F.S.A. (fl. 19th Cent.), Antiquarian. Born 
at Bath. Author of Promptorium Parvulorum^ 1843, &c., and con- 
tributions to the Archaeological Journal^ &c. 

WAYLAND, CHARLES (1789-1870), Rector of Holcombe. 
Son of John Wayland, of Frome. Born in 1789. Died 22 July, 


WAYLETT, MRS. {nee COOKE), (i 800-1 851), English 
Soprano Vocalist. Born at Bath, 7 February, 1800. Died at 
London, 1 9 April, 1 8 5 1 . 


(b. 1848). Born at Portishead. Prolific writer of songs and 
children's books. 

WEBB, CHARLES LOCOCK, Q.C. Member of the 
Committee of the Bar library, High Court of Justice. Eldest son 
of Samuel Webb, of Chard. Called to the Bar, 19 April, 1850. 
Q.C., 25 June, 1875. Bencher, 9 May, 1879. 

WEBB, DANIEL, B.A. (b. 1674), Vicar of Stratton-on-the-Foss, 
I July, 1699. Son of Nathaniel Webb, of Timsbury. Born in 



WEBB, DANIEL (fl. 1 760-1795), of Bath, Miscellaneous 
Writer on art, &c. Author of Beauties of Paintings &c., 1760 ; 
Remarks on the Beauties of Poetry^ 1782, &c. 

WEBB, FRANCIS (1735-18 15), Baptist Minister in London. 
Born at Taunton. Died in 18 15, aged 80. 

WEBB, JOANNA, M.A. (fl. 1 679-1 691), of Wadham College. 
Born in Bruton. Chaplain of the said college, afterwards Master 
of the Free School at Bruton. M.A. in 1679. 

WEBBE, ROBERT (b. 1606). Son of William Webbe, of 

Daughter of Charles Frederick Prosser-Hastings, of Taunton. 
Died 30 April, 1891. 

WELCH, CHRISTOPHER (b. 1833), distinguished Amateur 
Musician and Composer of Works for the Flute. Only son of 
the late Christopher Welch, of Lamyatt. 

WELCH, HUGH (i 649-1 682), Vicar ofClosworth. Native of 
Chard. Bom in 1649. ^^^^ ^ May, 1682. 

WELLMAN, SIMON (d. 1707). Second son of Simon 
Wellman, of Taunton. Fellow of College of Physicians, 1 2 April, 
1687. Died in 1707. 

WELLMAN, THOMAS (i6o6?-i685). Born at Ilchester 
about the year 1606. Vicar of Luppitt, Devonshire. One of the 
two thousand ministers ejected in 1662. He died in 1685. 

WELLS (fl. 1823), Pugilist A Bath lad. 

WELLS, HUGH DE (d. 1234), Bishop and Judge. Born at 
Wells. Bishop of Lincoln, 12 December, 1209. Died 7 Feb- 
ruary, 1234. 

WELLS, JOCELINE DE (1242), Bishop and Judge. Bishop 
of Bath and Glastonbury, 28 May, 1206. Brother of Hugh. 
Bom at Wells. Died 9 November, 1242. Buried at Wells. 

WELSH, THOMAS (i 770-1 848), English Bass Vocalist, 
Teacher and Composer. Born at Wells, 1770. Died at Brighton, 
21 January, 1848. 



WEST, GEORGE FREDERICK, English Writer, Composer, 
and Teacher. Born at Bath. Author of Questions relating to the 
Theory of Music ^ Lond., 1864 ; and composer of many pianoforte 

WEST, RICHARD (^ West Country Dick* (b. 1794), PugUist. 

Born at Bedminster, in 1794. Won many prize-fights. 


WESTCOTT, JOHN (b. 1717). Son of Robert Wcstcott, of 

WESTCOTT, ROBERT (1688-1725), Vicar of East Lam- 
brook. Son of Samuel Westcott, of Martock. Born in 1688. 

WHEELER, GEORGE DOMVILE (18 15-1890), Vicar of 
Wolford, Warwickshire, &c. Son of Rev. George Wheeler, of 
Bath. Born in Walcot Parish, Bath, i May, 1815. Died in 1890. 
Author of A Sermon on the Revival of Convocation^ &c. 

WHEELER, WILLIAM HANCOCK (b. 1837), Born at 
Blagdon, 6 July, 1837. Third son of the Rev. Daniel Wheeler, 
B. A. Vicar of Berrow, 1 863-1881 . Author o{ Spiritual Gleanings^ 

WHITBY, JOHN (b. 1621). Son of WiUiam Whitby, of 

WHITCHURCH, JOHN (b. 1675). Son of William With- 
church, of Frome. 

WHITE, GEORGE, LL.B., B.A. Younger son of Henry 
White, of Spaxton. Called to the Bar, 21 June, 1882. A 
Member of Convocation. 

WHITE, GEORGE SAVAGE (b. 1784), Episcopal Divine. 
Born at Bath in 1784. Religious writer. 

WHITE, WILLIAM (fl. 1798-18 15), Surgeon, of Bath. 
Medical Writer. Author of Observations^ &c.^ on Broad-leaved 
fVillow Bark^ 1798. 

WHITE, WILLIAM HENRY, M.A. (b. 1792?). Son of 
Henry White. Born at Bath. Matriculated 29 January, 1805 > 
B.A., 181 1 ; M.A., 1812. 

WHITECHURCH, THOMAS (b. 1746). Chaplain to the 
British Embassy at Vienna. Son of Rev. Samuel Whitechurch, of 


WHITEHEAD, EDWARD (18 14-1883). Son of Rev. 
William Bayley Whitehead, of Ilchester. Born at llchester in 
1814. Died 19 August, 1883. 

WHITING, CHARLES (1661-1711), celebrated Preacher. 
Rector of Ross. Son of William Whiting, of Wells. Born in 
1 66 1 . Died at Ross, 2 5 October, 1 7 1 1 . 

WHITING, JOHN (1655-1722), Religious and Controversial 
Writer. Of Nailsea, afterwards of Wrington. Died in London, 

WHITING, RICHARD (1688-1723), Criminal. Bom in 
Somerset in 1688. Executed at Tyburn, 6 November, 1723, for 

WHITLEY, EDWARD (1729-1775). Vicar of Merriott. Son 
of John Whitley, of Merriott. Born in 1729. Died 30 August, 
1775. Buried at Merriott. 

WHITLEY, EDWARD (1750-1823), Vicar of Merriott. Son 
of Rev. Edward Whitley, of Merriott. Born in 1750. Died 
7 November, 1823. Buried at Stowey. 

WHITLEY, JOHN (b. 1 8 12). Son of Rev. Edward Whitley, of 

WHITTAKER, LA\yRENCE, M.A. (d. 1654). *A 
Somersetshire man born.* Died 15 April, 1654. Buried in the 
church of St. Giles-in-the-Fields, London, 

WICKE, JOHN (b. 1 71 8). Born at Taunton. Divine and 
friend of Dr. Lardner. 


WICKHAM, J. A. (fl. 1850), of Frome. Author of SynopsU of 
the Doctrine on Baptism^ Regeneration^ by the Fathers^ 1850. 

WICKHAM, THOMAS (1628-1682), of Horsington. Died 
before 14 April, 1682. 

WICKHAM, THOMAS (1656-1724), Rector of Horsington. 
Son ot Thomas Wickham, of Horsington. Born in 1656. Died 
in 1724. 

WICKHAM, THOMAS ( 1 686-1 753), Rector of Dunkerton and 
Horsington. Son of Thomas Wickham, of Horsington. Baptized 
in 1686. Died in 1753. 


WIGMORE, MICHAEL (fl. 1608). Was born *of a genteel 
femily ' in Somersetshire. Entered Magdalen Hall, 1602. Fellow 
of Oriel College, 1608. 

WILKINS, SIR CHARLES, Knt. (1740-1836), the/ Father 
of Sanskrit Literature/ Born at Frome in 1740. Writer and 
Translator of Indian Classics. Died 13 May, 1836. 

WILKINSON, GEORGE (fl. 1794), Journeyman Printer 
working at Bath. Imprisoned and fined for sedition 23 January, 

WILLIAM OF MALMESBURY (1095 ?-i 142.?), Historian. 
Said to have been born in Somerset about 1095 ^^ 1096. Died 
after 1142. 

WILLIAM OF BATH (fl. beginning of the Xlllth century), 
learned Divine. 

B.A., F.R.G.S. (b. 1827). Second son of George Thomas 
Williams, of Lymington House. Called to the Bar, 30 April, 1852. 

WILLIAMS, GEORGE (b. 1821), Church of England Layman. 
Founder of the Y.M.C.A. Born at Dulverton, 11 October, 1821. 

WILLIAMS, JOHN (b. 1795), Catholic Clergyman. Bom 
at Bath, 27 December, 1795. Confessor to the Convent of the 
Good Shepherd, Brislington, Bristol, in 1851. 

WILLIAMS, JOHN FRIEND (1788-1816), Vicar of Norton 
St. Philip. Son of John Williams, of Marston Magna. 

1892). Second son of John JefFries Williams. Born at Freshford, 
30 September, 1835. Called to the Bar, 30 April, 1862. 
Appointed a Metropolitan Magistrate, 16 December, 1886. QjC, 
1888. Died at Ramsgate, 23 December, 1892. Buried a 
Brompton Cemetery, London, 26 December. 

WILLIAMS, THEODORE (b. 1848), Vicar of Scampston, 
Yorks, 1 8 8 1 . Fourth son of Gilbert Trowe Williams. Born at 
Corsham, near Bath. 

WILLIAMS, WILLIAM CHARLES (b. 182 1), Principal 
of North London Collegiate School, Camden Town. Son of 
Samuel Williams. Born in Walcot Parish, Bath, in 1821. 

WILLOCK, , Oriental Scholar. Probably born at Bath. At 

one time attached to the Persian Court. 


Rector of St. Leonard's, Exeter, &c. Son of Samuel Wills, of 

WILLS, JOHN (b. 1736). Son of John Wills, of Bridgwater. 

WILLS, JOHN (i 741-1806), Warden of Wadham College, and 
Rector of Tydd St. Mary and Seaborough. Son of John Wills, of 
Seaborough. Born in 1741. Died in 1806. 

WILLS, JOHN (1784-1854), Rector of South Perrott, Dorset. 
Son of Samuel Wills, of Crewkerne. Born in 1784. Died 

26 February, 1854, at Bromsgrove. 

WILLS, JOHN, B.A. (1812-1873), Rector of South Perrott, 
Dorset. Son of Rev. John Wills. Born at South Perrott in 
1 81 2. Hody (Hebrew) Exhibitioner, 1828-31 ; B.A., 1832. 
Died 28 July, 1873. 

WILLS, WILLIAM (b. 1649). Son of Ezekiel Wills, of Sea- 

WILLS, WILLIAM (d. 1875), Vicar of Holcombe Rogus. 
Son of Samuel Wills, of Crewkerne. Died in 1875. 

WILSON, WILLIAM DAVIS (1818-1851), Vicar of 
Faringdon, Berks. Son of the late William John Delap-Wilson. 
Born in Walcot Parish, Bath, 181 8. Died at Over Worton, 
Oxford, 22 August, 1851. 


WINDHAM, EDMUND (1600-1682), Knight Marshal of 
England. Eldest son of Sir Thomas Windham, of Kempsford. 
Born in 1600. Died in 1682. 

WINDHAM, GEORGE (b. 1645). Son of John Windham, of 
Orchard, and brother of Hopton Windham (d. 1697), and Thomas 
Windham (d. 1689). 

WINDHAM, HOPTON (d. 1697). Son of John Windham, of 
Orchard. Died 13 February, 1697. Buried at Witham. 

WINDHAM, SIR HUGH (1603?-! 684). Judge. Sixth son of 
Sir John Windham, of Orchard. Born about 1603. Called to 
the Bar, 16 June, 1629. Knighted in 1670. Died at Norwich, 

27 July, 1684. 


WINDHAM, THOMAS (b. 1604). Second son of Thomfts 

Windham, of Kempsford. 

WINDHAM, THOMAS (d. 1689). Son of John Wyndham, 
ot Orchard, and brother of Hopton Windham (d. 1697), and Geoi^e 
Windham (b. 1645). Died 16 December, 1689. Buried at 
Witham Friary. 

WINDHAM, WADHAM (1609-1668), Judge. Ninth son of 
Sir John Windham, of Orchard. 

WINTER, CHRISTOPHER (b. 1789), Divine. Born at 

WITHERS, FREDERICK CLARKE (b. 1828), Architect. 
Born at Shepton Mallet. 

WITHERS, ROBERT (d. 1856), of Bath. Had a British 
Herbarium, especially of Bath plants. 

WODDERSPOON, JOHN ( 1 806-1 862), Journalist and Archso. 
logist. Born at Bath in 1806. Died at Norwich, 19 November, 


Local Government Board Inspector since 1871. Fifth son of Rev. 

Thomas Wodehouse, Canon of Wells Cathedral. Born 1 7 February, 
1837. Called to the Bar, 26 January, 1863. 

WOLLEN, JAMES (b. 1799). Son of Rev. William WoUcn, of 

WOOD, JOHN, known as * Wood of Bath' (d. 1754), 
Architect. Beautified that city by his architectural de»gns. 
Justice of the Peace for Somerset. EHed 23 May, 1754. 

WOODFORDE, JAMES (d. 1837), of Castle Gary. M.D., 
Edinburgh, 1825 ; F.L.S., 1826. Died at Castle Gary in 1837. 

WOODFORDE, SAMUEL (1764-1817), English Subject and 
Landscape Painter. Born at Castle Cary in 1764. Died at Ferrara 
in 1 81 7. 

WORSLEY, LAURENCE (1613-1675), Jesuit. *Of Somerset- 
shire.' Born in 1613. Died in Yorkshire, 25 May, 1675. 

WRIGHT, FRANCIS BOWCHER (fl. 1 803), of Paulton. 
Discovered Paonia at Steep Holmes, 1803. F.L.S., 1808. 


WRIGHT, ROBERT SAMUEL, M.A. (b. 1839). Junior 
Counsel to the Treasury (Queen's Bench) since 1883. Eldest 
son of Rev. Henry Edward Wright, Rector of Litton. Called to 
the Bar, 9 June, 1865. 

WRIGHT, THOMAS BOOTH (18 17-1884), Rector of 
Broughton, Lincolnshire. Son of Rev. Godfrey Wright, of Bath. 
Born at Bath in 18 17. Died 5 July, 1884. 

WROTH, SIR THOMAS (d. 1672). Son of Thomas Wroth, 
of the Inner Temple. Resided at Petherton Park. Died in 1672. 

WULFRIC, SAINT (d. 11 54), Prophet and Hermit. Born at 

WYKE, GEORGE (i 805-1 846), Naval Officer. Born in 1805 
in Somerset. Died in 1846. Entered the Navy, 20 September, 
1822; Lieutenant, 1840. 

WYNDHAM (names of.) See also WINDHAM. 

Only son of Rev. John Heathcote Wyndham, of Corton. Born 
25 May, 1 8 14. Called to the Bar, 14 June, 1848. 

WYNDHAM, WILl^I AM (b. 1661). Son of John Wyndham. 
of Street. 

YEARBURY, WILLIAM (b. 1646). Son of Walter Year- 
bury, of Beckington. 

YEATMAN, EDWARD KELSON (b. 1829), Incumbent 
of St John's, Auburn, South Australia, 1873. ^^ of the late John 
Charlton Yeatman, of Frome. 

YEATMAN, REV. HENRY FARR (1786-1861). Bom 
at East Brent in 1786. Died in 1861. 

YORKE, WALTER CHAPMAN (b. 1765). Sonof Williwn 
Yorke, of Clapton, Somerset. 

YOUNG, THOMAS, M.D. (1773-1829). Born at Milverton, 
13 June, 1773 ; F.R.S. at 21. Fellow of College of Physicians, 
22 December, 1809. Linguist and Egyptologist. Died 10 
May, 1829. 




Abbots Zieigrb. Bright, R., 17. Gethin, 
Lady, 43. Norton, Frances, Lady, 74. 
Norton, G., 74. Norton, S., 74. 

Aberdeen. Ball, W., 7. 

Aher^elem Chinnery, Sir N., 23. 

Adelaide. Hebditch, S., 52. Loder, G., 

Aldon. Batten, H. C. G., 9. 

Alford. Gould, W., 46. Lasinby, £., 61. 
Thring, Baron, 97. Thring, E., 97. 
Thring, G., 67. Thring, T., 97. 

AUer. Cudworth, R, 29 Davis, W., 31, 

Almsfordy Rector of. Bisse, U., 13. 

Andover. Boyde, J., 14. 

Angr^rSf University of. Baber, Sir J., 5. 

Angrerslelg'by Rector of. Gale, J., 42. 

Ansford. Stevens, R., 93. 

AnBte J Ball. Ellis, R L., 36. 

Antwerp. Bull, J., 19. Duffield, W., 33. 

Asbbnmbam. Brook, W. J., 18. 

Asbborjy Rector of. Chapline, R., 22. 
Nix, R., 73. 

Ashbj. Alexander, 2. 

Asboot. Clarke, T., 24. Miles, R, 69. 
Pride, T., 83. 

AsbUl. Speke, J., 92. Speke, W., 93. 

Aablej. Bowdler, J., 15. Bowdler, T., 

Askerswelly Rector of. Colmer, J., 26 

Anbnm. Yeatman, E. K., 109. 

Azbrldgre. Naish, W., 72. Oldmixon, 
J., 75. Payne, C. H., 77, Penny, H., 78. 
Symons, £., 95. Symons, T., 96. 

Baboary. Overton, C, 75. 

Baokwell. Backwell, E., 5. Hanson, 
A., 49. 

Badgrer, Rector of. Lye, C. H. L., 65. 

Badgrwortb. Abrahall, T. B. H., i. 

Balllol CoUegre. BuHand, J., 20. 
Master of ^ Jenkyns, R., 58. 

Balston. Grimstead, J., 47. 

Baltonsborongrb. Goodson, J., 45. 

Bangror, Bishop of. Baker, W., 6. 

Banwell. Beard, W., 10. Chetwynd, 
J., 23. Harrison, S., 50. 

Bamataple, Recorder of. Murch, C. J., 


Oourt. Gore, M., 45. 

;. Pownall, R., 82. 
Baslngrstoke. Browne, C. T., 18. 

Batcon&be. Albin, H., 2. Alwyn, H., 

4. Buckler, T., 19. Burges, C, 2a 
Hody, A., 54. Vicar of Buckler, T., 19. 

Batb. Addison, W. F., 2. Adelard, 2. 
Allen, R., 3. Amherst, W. P., 4- Ander- 
son, L., 4. Ashley, J., 4. Atkins, E. M., 

5. Badnall, W. B., 5. Baker, W., 6. 
Baldwin, T., 7. Barker, C. S., 8. Barker, 
J. T., 8. Barker, T. J., 8. Barlow, E. W., 
8. Barry, Mrs., A. S., 8. Bartley, G., 8 
Bayly, Sir H., 9. Bayly, T. H., 9. Bed- 
ford, P. J., II. Bell, J., II. Blake, 
G. F., 13. Blakiston, Sir M., 14. Bolton, 
C. W., 14. Bonser, J. W., 14. Booth, 
Sir R G., 15. Bowdler, H. M., 15. 
Bowdler, J., 15. Broadhurst, E., 17. 
Brown, T. J., 18. Bume, N. H. K., 2a 
Byron, G. A. B., 21. Chambers, H., 21. 
Chandler, S., 22. Chaytor, H., 22. 
Chinnery, Sir N., 23. Clark, W., 23. 
Coffin, W. F., 25. Cole, Sir H., 25. Cole, 
H. T., 25. Comer, J., 26. Comer, T., 26. 
Coombes, W., 27. Cooper, H. C, 27. 
Cooper, J., 27. Cottell, G. L., 27. Crees, 
T., 28. Cruttwell, C, 29. Cruttwell, C. J., 
29. Daniel, J. J., 30. Davies, Bill, 30. 
Davis, E. D., 31. Davis, J. F., 31. 
Day, Hon. Sir J. C. F. S., 31. Denning, 
W. F., 31. Deverell, J. W. D., 32. 
Dillon, J. F. K., 32. Dimond, W., 32. 
Duff, A. G., 33. Duffield, M. E., 33, 
Duffield, W., 33. Dusign, 34. Eccles, 
H., 34. Edgeworth, R. L., 35. Edwin, 
D., 35. Elfege, St., 36. Ellis, R L., 36. 
Else, R., 36. Edwin, F. H., 36. Falconer, 
R. W., 37. Falconer, T., y^. Falconer, 
W., 37. Ferres, J., ^Z. Field, H. T., 38. 
Fisher, H., 39. Fitzgerald, L. H., 39. 
Ford, C. L., 39. Frankland, C.C, 41. 
Fraser, Sir J., 41. Gale, L S., 42. 
Gattie, H., 43. George, F. S., 43. 
George, H. B, 43. Gibbs, G., 43, 
Gildas, 44. Gill, C, 44. Godfrey^ J. R, 
44. Gowing, Mrs. E. A., 46. Gnnfield, 
E. W., 47. Gnnfield, T., 47. Guyon, 
R D., 48. Haigh, G. H., 48. Hales, 
J., 48. Hammond, C. E., 49. Hampden, 
J., 49. Hanham, F., 49. Hare, R., 5a 
Harte, W., 51. Hatton, R, 51. Haw- 
kins, £., 51. Henderson, T. J., 52. 
Henry, 53. Hewlett, J., 53. Hibbert, 
W., 53. Hickes, C. R., 53. Hoare, 
Prince, 54. Hone, W., 55. Horsford, 
Sir A. H., 56. Hunt, Wi 57. Jardine^ 


D., 58. Johnson, Sir E., 59. Johnson, 

^59. Johnson, J. S. W., 59, Kcarj, 
issA. M., 59. Keene, W.,59. Kiddle, 
H., 60. Kilvert, F., 60. Knapp, F. H., 
60. Lambeit, A. B., 61. Laurence, F., 
63. Laurence, R,, 62. Lawson,, H., 62. 
Leake, E., 63. Leake, J., 62. Leonard, 
63. Linley, E. A., 63. Linley, M., 63. 
Linley, O. T., 64. Linley, T., 64. Linley, 
W., 64. Loder, E. J., 64. Loder, C, 64. 
Ijxler, J. D., 64. Loder, K. F,, 65, 
Longford, Bill, 65. Lougmore, A., 65. 
Lonsdale, W., 65. Lowder, C. F., 65. 
Lye, C. H. L., 66. Lye. W. J., 66. 
Lysons, D., 66. Macarihur, Sir E., 66. 
Mackillop, C. W., 66. Maddox. W,, 66. 
Mangin, E. N., 67. Marshall, P. C, 67. 
Martin,68. Mauie, C. N.,68. Meredith, 
R., 68. Meyler, W., 69. Miller, D., 69. 
Montgomery, R., 7a Moore, C., 71. 
Moore, J. H., 71. Moore, W. H., 71. 
Murch, C. J., 71. Murray, W. H., 71. 
Naish, W., 72. Ncale, E. V., 73. Nes- 
fieldpW. E.,71. Noble, R., 73. NugenI, 
C, 74. Odgers, W. B., 74. Faillet, E., 
7S- Palmer, C., 7;. Palmer, E., 75. 
Palmer, J , 75. Parry, C. H., 76. Parry, 
Sir W. E., 76. Pears, P. W., 78. Peck, 
A., 71 Peck, J. K., 71. Peck, K., 78 
Peck, P., 78. Pickering. E., 79. Pier- 

Knl, F. S., 70. Popham, A., 8r. Pop- 
m, J., 83. Provis, S. B., 83. Pyne, 
r. K., 84. Rann, J , 85. Reginald, 85. 
Rickens, 86. Ring, G., 86. Roberts, 
Miss E., 86. Robertson, Sir W. T., 86. 
Robins, B.. 86. Robinson, J.. 86. Rosen- 
berg, M. E., 87. Rosewell, T., 87. Rotton, 
W., 87- Saunders, T. VV., 8q. Shaw, 
W., 89. Shorland, W. H., jo. Short, 
B., 90. Simms, E., 90. Sknne, H. D., 
9a Skrine, H. M., 90. Soden, T. S., 

92. Spender, E., 93. Spurway, F. J. B., 

93. Slack, R., W., 93. Stroud, J., gj. 
Stroud, W., 94. Summerly, F., 95. 
Swintoo, R. B., 95. Tarrant, H. J., 96. 

R., 97. Tocliffe, R., 98. troughton, J, 
98. Tufhell, E. W., 99. Venner, T., 100. 
Vowell, R. L.. loa Walcoii, J., 100. 
Walford, W., 101. Walker, T. F. W., 
101. Watson, J., 102. Way, A., 102. 
Waylett, Mrs., 102. Webb, D., 103. 
Wells, 103. West, C. F., 104. Wheeler, 
G. D., 104. White, G. S., 104. While, 
W., 104. White, W. H., 104. Wilkin- 
son, G., 106. William of Bath, 106. 
Williams, J., 106. Williams, T., 106. 
Williams, W. C, 106. VVillock, 106. 
Wilson, W. D., 107, Withers. R., loS. 
Wodderspoon, J., loS. Wood, J., 108. 
Wright, T. B., 109. AfaY/"- of. Fal- 
coner, R. W., 37 ; Hunt, VV., 57. Re. 
carder of, Prynne, W., 8j ; Saunders, 
T. W., 89. Bath Abbey, Field. H. T., 
38; Harington, H., 50. Bath jlt^- 
aiHural Sod(ty, Bartley, N., 8. hatk 

Chronicle, Editor of, Cruttwell, R., 39, 

Bath and Glailonbury, Bishop of, Wells, 

J. de, 103. Bath and IVel/s, Bishop of, 

Beckington, T., 1 1 ; Ralph of Shrewsbury, 

Batlisuton. Hale, T. J. J., 48. Jobnes, 

T.,59. Miller, Lady, M.,69. Panton,C., 

BatUbrd. Bowles, C. J. S., 15. Skrine, 

E. H., 90. Watts, J. O., 102. 
Batliwlck. Mangin, S. W., 67. Nevil, 

E., 72. 
Bavdrlp. Atherton, J., 4. yicar of, 

Melliar, B., 68. 
BaTBwater. Duffield, W., 33. 
BeoUnffton. Daniel, S., 30. Edgell, 

H., 35. Harding, T., 50. Long, Sir L., 

65. Parsons, A, W., 76- Yearbury, 

W., 109. 
B«diiilaBter. Claxton, H., 24. West, 

R., 104. 
BeestOB. Gapper, A., 42. 
Belvedere. Odgers, W. B., 74. 
Berkeley. Barclay, A., 7. 
Berkabtre, Sheriff of Atkins, E. M., ;. 
Bermuda, Governor of. Chapman, Sir 

S. R., 22. 
Borrow. Gartley, Mrs. E., 43. Vicar of, 

Wheeler, W. H., 104. 
Betbnal Oreen. Leigh, T., 62, Lye, 

T., 66. 
Btdeford, Recorder of, Murch, C. J., 71. 
Bluffbam Meloombe. Bingham, C. W., 

Blsham. Neale, E. V., 72. 

Bishop's Bull. Cockerell, S. P., 24. 
Parsons, A., 76. 

BlBhop'a Krdeard. Dyke, J., 34- 
Flavel, J., 39. 

Blabop'fl Xymploa. Baker, T., 6. 
Rtctor of. Baker, T., 6. 

Blaokfbrd. Dampier, J., 30. 

Blaokheatta. Martin, M., 68. 

Bladon, Rector of. Tilly, S., 97. 

Blaffdon. Bailey, W. F., 5. Wheeler, 
W. H,, 104. 

Bleadon. Balch, R., 7. Norman, H., 
73. Norman, W., 74, Rector of Nor- 
man, H., 73. Norman, W., 74. 

Boasall, Vicar of. Gamlen, S., 42. 

Boston, V.S.A. Comer, T., 26. 

Boipden. Dodington, T. M., 33. 

Borton. Lambert, A. B., 61. 

Bradford. Churchill, J., 23. 

Brallaford, Rector of, Gardiner, J,, 42. 

BrattoD, Rector of. Leir, W., 63. 

Bratton Clovelly. Bracton, 15. 

Bratton Court. Bracton, 15. 

Srattoa FlenUnf . Bracton, 15. 



BrattottSt Xavry Rector o£ Messiier, 

Brajvdown. Denning, W. F., 31. 

Breoknook. Bull, G., 19. 

Brewham. Gapper, H., 42. 

BHdffO of AUaa. KelUnd, P., 60. 

BrldiTwater. Baker, W., 7. Ball, W., 
7. Barasby, W., 8. Blake, R., 13. 
Broadmead, J. B., 17. Browne, G, 18. 
Castleman, R., 21. Chandler, S., 22. 
Cark, J., 23. Deacon, G. F., 31. De- 
venish, J., 31. George, W. H., 43. 
Gotild, Sir D., 46. Haviland, J., 51. 
Kinglake, A. W., 60. Laughton, G., 61. 
Morgan, T., 71. Oldmixon, J., 75. Par- 
sons, H. J., 76. Parsons, R., 76. Payne, 
J. H., 77. Phillpotts, H., 79. Plimer, A., 
8a Pym,T., 84. Southby,A-,92. Steard, 
R., 93. Sully, J., 95. Tucker, T., 99. 
Tuthill, Fm 99. Venner, T., 100. Wills, 
J., 107. Wollen, J., 108. 

Brigrlitoii. Amesbury, J., 4. Grinfield, 
E. W., 47. Hoare, Prince, 54. Nesfield, 
W. E., 72. Palmer, T., 75. Parry, C. H., 
76. Plimer, A., fo. Price, C, 83. 
Robertson, Sir W. T., 86. Montgomery, 
R., 7a Welsh, T., 103. 

Brisbane, Bishop of. Tufnell, £. W., 

BrisllnfiTton. Clay field- Ireland, J. C, 
24. Conybeare, H., 26. Cooke-Hurle, 
J., 26. Williams, J., 106. 

Bristol. Ayscough, G. £., 5. Barry, 
E., 8. Crosse, F., 29. Fitzharding, R., 
39. Gorges, Sir F., 45. Hippisley, J., 
54. Linley, E. A., 63. Lonsdale, W., 65. 
Milverton, J., 70. Popham, Sir F., 81. 
Simmons, J., 90. Smith, H., 91. Strad- 
ling. Sir J., 94- Towgood, R., 98. Tyson, 
E., 99. Bishop ot Bush, P., 20 ; Royse, 
G., 88. Bristol Cathedrai, Bush, P., 20. 

Broadway. Fewtrell, J., 38. Recfor 0/^ 
Fewtrell, J., 38. 

Broad Windsor. Baker, N^ 6. 

Brocklej Ball. Smyth-Pigott» £. F^ 

Broke Xontaarue. Blagge, G., 13. 
Blagge, R., 13. 

Bromfleld. Knight, J., 6a 

Bromle jy Vicar of. Hellicar, A. G., 52. 

Brompton. Norris, E., 74. 

Brompton Oemeterj. Williams, 
M. S., 106. 

BromsrroTO. Wills, J., 107. 

Broomfleld. Crosse, A., 29. 

Brongrbton, Rector of. Wright, T. B., 

Brures. Hopton, R., 56. 

Bruton. Allen, J., 3. Batman, S., 9. 
Berkeley, J., 11. Berriman, }., 12. 
Dring, R., 33. Dyne, J. B., 34. Goldes- 
borough, J., 45. Fitzjames, Sir J., 39. 

Ludwemj.,65. Michdl, R., 69. Micfaell, 
R. D., 69. Parfitt, C, 75. Sampson, J., 
88. Towgood, R., 98. Webb, J., 103. 
Prior o/y Gilbert, W., 44. Bruton School^ 
Abrahall, J. C. J. H., i ; Rogers, B. B., 87. 

Brjmore. Pyne, J., 84. 

Budlelffb Saltorton. Lackington, J., 

Bulllngrliam. Brown, T. J., 18. 

BunblU Fields. Maisters, J., 66. 
Quare, D., 84. Rosewell, T , 87. 

Bnmbam. Speke, G. F., 92. 

Bnrrinffton. Jones, R., 59. Turner, 

Barton Basset. Backwell, E^ 5« 

Bnsoot. Hungerford, W., 57. Ruior of, 

Hungerford, W., 57. 

Busted. Pease, J., 7Z. 

Bntlolffb. Cornish, H., 27. Hood, S., 

Bntlelg'b Oonrt. Neville, H.^ 72. 

Cadbnrj. Courte, W., 28. Dawes, T., 

Newman, F.» 72. 
Newman, W,, 73. 

Baily, W., 5. Hut- 

Oadbnrjy Hortb. 

Newman^ H., 72. 
Sibthorpe, R., 90. 

Oadborjy Sontb. 

chins, S., 57. Vicar of^ Farewell, G., 37 ; 
Newman, H., 72. 

Cadenbam. Hungerford, W., 57. 

Cadiz. Popham, Sir F., 81. 

Caloott. Henniker^ A., 53. Henniker, 
R., 53. 

Calentta, Bishop of. Mihnan, R., 7a 

Cambridare. Davies, G., 31. Dilk>n, 
J. F. K., 32. Haviland, J., 51. Hunt, 
W., 57. Cambridge University^ Littlejohn, 
J., 64. See Corpus Chnsti College, 
King's College, Tnuity College^ Trinity 

Camden Town. Williams, W. C, 106. 

Oamelej. Bingham, C. W., 12. 

Camerton. Coombes,W.,27. Coombes, 
W. H., 27. 

OannlnflTton. Evered, J. J. G., 37. 
George, W. H.. 43. Rogers, E., %j, 
Ruscombe, H., 88. Vicar qf^ Ruscombe, 
H., 88. 

Oannon's Orove. Reynolds, V. J., 

Canterbnrj. Champion, R., 22. Arch- 
bishop ot Athelm, 4 ; Dunstan, St, 33 ; 
Elfege,St., 36; Ethelgar, 36; Ethelnoth, 
36 ; Sheldon, G., 89. Canon of^ 
Champion, R., 22. Canterbury Cathedral^ 
Sanford, J., 88. 

Cape Town. Sheppard, G. £., 89. 

Carlisle, Dean of. Close, F., 24. 

Carston. Gamlen, S., 42. 



Cnabel, Archbishop of. Laurence, R., 62. 

Castle Oarj-. Burge, W. T., 20. Long- 
man, T. T., 65. Woodforde, J., 108. 
Woodforde, S., 108. 

OatOOt. Norman, J., 74. 

Cattaaarer, Watsh, J., 101. 

Chard. Adkins, F., 2. Adkins, 1 
Bond, J., 14. Chapman, T., 2z. C 
J., J2. Clarke, T. E., 34. Cogan, T., 
25. Colmer, J., 26. Combe, G., 26. 
Edwards, C, 35. Edwards, Z. J., 35. 
Every, Sir S., 37. Freke,J.,4i. Griffith, 
J., 47. Grobham, W., 47. Gunn, H. M., 
48. Harabley, J., 49- Leigh, T., 62. Lye, 
T,, 66. Osbom, E., 75. Sanford, J., 88, 
Smith, R., 91. Smyth, R., 92. Symes, 

A. S., 95. Thomas, S., 97. Tucker, C. 
98. Waher, W. W., 101. Webb, C. L. 
I02. Welch, H., 103. Vicar nf, Adkins 

F., 3. 

Cbarllnoli. Haviland, J., 51. 
marltOB. Gapper, E., 42. 
Cbarltoa Adam. Sirangeways, E., 94. 
Cbarlton Koretbome, Uppill, G., 99. 
Charlton House. Pyne, A. T,, 84. 
Charlton BXaokrell. Dodd, W., 32. 

Fitigerald, G. A. R., 39. Lyie, H , 66. 

Rector of, Dodd, W., 32. 
Charlton Knagrove. Leir, T., 62. 

Leir,W.,63. Musgtave, W.,71, Rector 

of, Leir, T., 62. Leir, W., 6j. 
Channlnater) Incumbent of. Tucker, C, 

Cheddar. Barrow, J., 8. Birch, S., t2. 

Drewitt, C, 33, Gilling, G. R., 44. Cil- 

ling, T. G., 44. Gorges, R., 46. Synioas, 

B. P., 95- 

Cheddlng^ODf Rector of. Trevelyan, 

W., 98. 
Cbeddon. Drake, R., 33- Warre, F., 

101. Vicar of, Warre, F., roi. 
Chadseri Rector of. Jeanes, H., jS. 
Chedzof. Stradling, R., 94. 
Chelsea. Bedford, P. J., 11. Edgell, H., 

Cherlton, Horth. Gatehouse, S., 43. 

Gatehouse, T., 43- Rector of. Gatehouse, 

T., 43- 
Chester. Ford, J., 40. 
Cbew. Champneis, Sir J., 22. 
Chew nXapna. Salmon, T. A., 83. 
Chewstoke. Smith, H., 91. 
Chewton. Waldegravc, Sir W., 100. 

Wwro/;Eglesfield, J., 35. 
Chewton House. Milward, C, 70. 
Chichester. Barrow, }. S., 8. Canon of, 

Tufnell, E. W., 99. 
ChUoompton. Hoskins, M. T., ;6. 
ChllUngtou. Budget, T., 19. Osbom, 


ChUthome-Sormer, Vicar of. Stucfc- 

cy, J.,94. 
Chilton. Cantelo. Goodford, C. O., 45. 
Chipley. Clarke, E., 23. 
Chippenham. Laughton, C,, 61. 
ChlpBtable. Edwards, Z., 35. 
Chlselborouffh. Baker, G., 6. Baker, 

J., 6. Baker, N., 6. lUclor of. Baker, N., 

Ohlsleburst. Lowder, C. F.. 6S- 
Obrlst Church CoUere. Bell, J., ti. 

Giles, J. D., 44. Gore, M., 45. Lock, J., 

64. Metford, J., 69. Norris, J., 74- 

Pears, S. A,, 78. 
Churchill. Perry, G. G., 79. 
ClaptOD. Yorke, W. C, 109. 
Claverton. Holt, W. F,, 55. 
Cleevfl. Holmes, E., 55, Vicar of. Gale, 

T. S., 42. 
Clevedoa. Coleridge, H., 25. Tyson, E., 

Clifton. Bryant, W. F., 19. Cumin, P., 

29. Grinfield, T., 47. Home, N. D., 55. 

Linley, M., 63. 
Closworth. Rocke, R., 87. Vicar of, 

Welch, H., 103. 
Cloyne, Archdeacon of. Bisse, P., 13. 
Ooker. Elyot, Sir R., 36. Warry, T., 

Collnshays House. Bethune, J. C, 13. 

CoIUton. Newton, J., 73. 

Golyton. Cornish, J., 27. 

Colmore. Colmer, R., 26. 

Gombe. Hannam, W., 49, 

Combe Doirn. Cruickshank, G. E., 29. 

Newnham, W. H., 71. 
Oombe Florer. Gale, H. P., 42. Hill, 

T., S3. 
Combe Haj. Butler, S. E., 20. Layard, 

G. S., 63. Mcrewether, H. A,, 69. 
Combe Pyne, Rector of. Edwards, Z. J., 

Oombe St. Mloholas. Freke, F., 41. 

Symes, A. S., 95. Walter, W. W., loi. 

Vicar of, Tatchell, C, 96. 
Compton. Leach, H., 62. Philpot, J., 

79. Wulfric, St., T09. 
Compton Bishop. Fry, F. M., 4[. 
Compton Martin. Abrahall, J. C. J. H., 

I. Hoskyns, j., 56. 
Compton Faonoefoot. Collins, J., z;. 

Hunt, J., 57. Keynes, G., 60. Keynes, 

J., 6a. 
Cookham. Ryall, H. T., SS. 
Corpus Ohristl GoUeere. Batman, S., 

9. Dillon, J. F. K., 32. Hellier, H., SS. 

Proctor, J., S3. 
Corrlnffham, Rector of. Grcatheed) 

S. S., 47. 



Oorsbam. Williams, T., io6. 

Corslej. Griffith, R. C, 47. 

Corton. Brickenden, £., 17. Wyndham, 
J E., 109. 

CosslnflTton. Smith, J., 91. Vicar of, 
Giles, J., 44. 

CrOthelBtone Bouse. Esdaile, W. C. D., 

Cowlej, Rector of. Hilliard, J. E., 54. 
Cran wells. Murch, C. J., 7i* 
Creeoh St. Xiohael. Foster, M., 40. 

Crewkeme. Allen, J. M., 3. Ball, J., 7. 
Bishop, J., 12. Blake, W., 13. Bragg, 
J., 10. Brice, P., 16. Browne, J., 18. 
Bryan, T., 18. Caswell, J., 21. Cole, R., 
25. Combe, W., 26. Coomb, J., 27. 
Cox, W., 28. Domett, J., 32. Donne, R., 
32. Forster,W.,4o. Foster, S.,40. French, 
J., 41. Fry, J., 41. Goodwyn, R., 45. 
Greenaway, R., 47. Leaves, J., 62. 
Lennard, W.,63. Lye, T., 66. Metford, 
J., 69. Mills, J., 69. Pearson, J., 78. 
Pearson, T. H., 78. Preston, Sir A., 83. 
Reeve, Mrs. H., 85. Salmon, W., 88. 
Shire, J., 89. Stuckey, J., 94. Taylour, 
J., 96. Wills, G. W. B., 107. Wills, J. 
107. Wills, W., 107. 

Orioket. Dodd, W., 32. Preston, Sir A., 

Cricket Xalherbe. Colmer, J., 26. 

Orioket St. TbomaSy Rector of. Tem- 
pleman, J., 96. 

Orosoombe, Rector of. Sampson, J., 88. 

Crowcombe. Hurly, J., 57. Ridsdale, 
S. O. B., 86. 

Oroxdale, Incumbent of. Chaytor, H., 

Crojdon. Barclay, A., 7. Quare, D., 84. 
Vicar of, Tufaell, E. W., 99. 

Ondworth. Knight, S., 61. 

Curry, North. Balch, T., 7. Dare, C. 
W., 30. Derham, W.,31. Totterdale, J., 

Cnrrj Xallet. Malet, W., 67. Pyne, 
v., 84. Uttermare, J., 100. 

Cvrrj Sivell. Alford,H.,2. Alford,M., 
3. Blake, J., 13. Coate, M., 24. Forte, 
J., 40. Hall, J., 48. Hellicar, A. G., 52. 
Middleton, J., 69. Powell, S., 82. 

Cntoombe. King, A., 60. 

Danborj, Rector of. Petvin, W., 79. 

Dartmouth, Vicar of. Smith, H., 91. 

DaTiAfiTton. Atwater, W., 5. 

Dereham, Vicar of. Swayne, G., 95. 

Dinder Boose, Wells. Somerville, 
A. F., 92. 

Dinninffton. Knott, W., 61. 

Ditoheat. Alleinc, R., 3. Alleine, W., 
3. Cornish, H., 27. Dawe, C, 31. 
Higgins, J., 53. Higgins, W., 53. Leir, 

P. M., 62. Leir, W., 63. Rector of^ Leir, 
T., 62 ; Leir, T., 63 ; Leir, W. M., 63. 

Dodinffton. Doddington, F., 32. Vicar 
of, Melliar, B., 68. 

Donyatt. Dunster, J., 33. Edgar, R., 
34. Lessey, T., 63. 

DorkinflT- Joyce, J., 59. 

Douaj. Beaumont, J., 10. Hill, T., 54. 
Hoskins, M. T., 56. 

Doultingr. Hamilton, J. A. G., 49. 

Dover. Popham, E., 81. 

Dowlish. Hunt, W., 57. Newbery, H., 

Downend. Grace, H. M., 46. 

Downside. Coombes, W. H., 27. Hos- 
kins, M. T., 56. Long, W., 65. Strode, 

J-, 94. 
Downside OoUegre. Short, B., 90. 

Drayton. Talbot, R., 96. 

Dublin. Atherton, J., 4. Hall, H., 48. 
Inge, H, 58. Laurence, R., 62. Percival, 
R., 78. 

Dulverton. Evered, W., 37. Sydenham, 
F., 95. Sydenham, H., 95. Williams, G., 
106. Vicar 0/^ Balch, T., 7. 

Dulwioh Collegre. Linley, O. T., 64. 

Dundrj. Hellier, H., 52. 

Dnnkerton. Rosewell, T., 87. Rector 
of Wickham, T., 105. 

Dunrobin, Tasmania. Bethune, J. 
C, 12. 

Dunster. Cadogan, W., 21. Crosse, 
R., 29. Howell, T., 57. Kelland, P., 60. 
Trevelyan, W., 98. 

Dunster Castle. Luttrell, N., 65. 

Durham. Raine, J., 85. Bishop of 
Marisco, R. de, 67. 

Sast Brent. Cross, J., 29. Yeatman, 
H. T., 109. 

Sast Chiunook. Gibbs,J.,43. Gibbs,J., 
44. Vicar of Pyssing, B., 84. 

Sast Coker. Dampier, W., 30. 

SastBarptree. ^^^Barptree^Sast. 

Sast Xiambrooky Vicar of. Westcott, 
R., 104. 

Sast Zijdford. Hooper, J. J., 55. 

Sast Pennard. See Pennard, Sast. 

Sast Quantozhead. See Quantox- 
heady Sast. 

Saston-in-Oordano. Milman, R., 70. 

Sastover. Baker, W., 7. 

Sdinffton. Mellyer, R., 68. 

Sgrypt. Cookson, C. A., 26. 

Slizabeth Town. Hawkins, J. T., 51. 

Blm. Griffith, C. T., 47. Rector of 
Griffith, C. T., 47 ; Griffith, J., 47. 

Sltham. Bowdler, J., 15. Colleton, J., 
25. Laurence, F., 62. 



Bljy Prior of. Steward, R., 93. 

Bly Cathedral. Steward, R., 93. 

Bins, Parry, Sir W. E., 76. 

BnrUshbatoh, Day, Hon. Sir J. C. F. 
S., 21. 

gngHnheombe, Bisse, G., 12. 

Bnmoret Broadmead, J. B., 17. Mallet, 
Sir J., 67. 

Bnmore and Cbarllnohy Rector of. 
Clarke, A., 23. 

Bsooty Vicar of. Simms, £., 90. 

Baliery Rector of. Sydenham, F., 95. 

Ston. Goodford, C. O., 45. Hales, J., 
48. headmaster of^ Keate, J., 59. Pro- 
vost ofy Goodford, C. O., 45. Lockyer, 

N., 64. 

Sveroreeoh. Guyon, H. C, 48. Jen- 
kyns, R., 58. Lovell, J., 6$. Thring, S., 

Bzeter. Abrahall, T. B. H., i. Plimer, 
A., 8a Wills, G. W. B., 107. Arch- 
deacon of^ Nix, R., 73. Bishop of^ Phill- 
potts, H., 79. 

Bzeter OoUere, Oxford, Spicer, A., 
93. Sydenham, H., 95. 

Bzmontliy Vicar of. Pratt, R., 82. 

Szton. Evered, J. J. G., 37. Evered, 
W., yj, Harrington, John, Lord, 50. 

Fairfield, Acland, Sir W. P., i. 

Fairwater, Gunning, Mrs , 48. 

Farlngrdon, Vicar of. Wilson, W. D., 

Farlej, Vicar of. Henderson, T. J., 52. 

Farlej Oastle. Houlton, R., 56. Plan- 
tagenet, M., 80. Pole, M , 80. 

Farlej Sungrerford, Flower, T., 39. 
Rector 0/^ Flower, T., 39. 

Fambam So jaly Rector of. Marshall, 
S. F., 68. 

Ferrara. Woodforde, S., 108. 
Flfield Bavant, Rector of. Griffith, 

R« CJ., 47* 
Fltshead, Rector of. Gilling, G. R., 44. 
Fivehead. Walsh, J., loi. 
Flax Bonrton. Phelps, W., 79. 
Fleet Frlaon. Cheadsey, W., 23. 
Folkestone. Collard, W. F., 25. 
Ford. Hancock, F., 49. 
Fowey. Holmes, E., 55. 

Freahford. Baker, G. £., 6. Williams, 
M. S., 106. 

Frooeater. Henniker, R., 53. 

Frome. Algar, J. C, 3. Bowden, J., 1 5. 
Bowden, S., 15. Brown, R., 18. Clavey, 
A., 24. Close, F., 24. Dyer, A. E., 34. 
Edgell, E., 34. Festing, E. R., 38. 
Festing, J. W., 38. Frome, N. de, 41. 
Fryer, E., 41. Fuller, C. J., 42. Fussell, 

J. T. R., 42. Griffith, J., 47. Higgs, 
W. W., 53. Joyce, J., 59. Mayson, C., 
68. Messiter, G. M., 69. Monk, E. G., 
70. Noad, H. M., 73. Olive, J., 75, 
Philips, H., 79. Reddish, S., 85. Rowe, 
E., 87. Ryall, H. T., 88. Sheppard, 
G. E., 89. Vaughan, W., 100. Way- 
land, C, 102. Whitchurch, J., 104. 
Wickham, J., 105. Wilkins, Sir C, 106. 
Yeatman, £. K., 109. 

Frome Selwood. Alleine, R., 3. 
Bayly, C, 9. Bayley, T. D., 9. Cockey, 
E., 24. Griffith, C. T., 47. Griffith, 
R. C, 47. 

Frozfield. Cruttwell, C, 29. 

Fryemlngr, Rector of. Blake, J., 13; 
Blandford, H. W., 14. Cockey, E., 24. 

Fnrland. Paule, T., 77. 

Fykenham. Slatyer, W., 91. 

Fyno Conrt. Crosse, A., 29. 

Oalbampton. Melliar, J., 68. 

Oarllnrtoii. Farewell, C, 37. 

Oateliell. Allen, J. C, 3. Chapman, 
Sir F. E., 22. 

ClateSy Prebendary of, Barrow, J. S., 8. 

Clheiit. Keynes, A., 60. 

CIlaBg'OW. Cooper, H. C, 27. Mont- 
gomery, R., 70. 

Cllaatonbarj. Albin, H., 2. Athelm, 
4. Brook, D., 18. Dabine, T. D. J., 29. 
Dickinson, F. H., 32. Dunstan, St., 33. 
Elfege, St., ^. Ethelgar, 36. Ethel- 
noth, 36. Fielding, H., 38. Good, W., 45. 
Hawkins, T., 52. John, 59. Lockyer, 
N., 64. Pratt, R., 82. Pride, T., 83. 
Roselle, Amy, 87. Abbot ofy Forde, R., 
40 ; Frome, N. de, 41. 

Clloaceater. Hooper, J., 55. Bishop 
of, Hooper, J., 55. 

Ooatbarat. Hill, W., 54. 

Ck>tten Bouse. Beadon, G., 10. 

Oouthurst. Shattock, T., 89. 

Oraville. Malet, W., 67. 

Ora j'8 Znn. Else, R., 36. 

Oreat Barfordy Vicar of. Hookins, P., 

Great Staogrbton. Dyer, Sir J., 34. 

Oreenwicb. Hood, S., 55. Greenwich 
Hospital, Parry, Sir W. E., 76. 

Clrelnton. Clark, J., 23. 

Orimstborpe. Linley, T., 64. 

ClnemBeyf Bailiff of. Carey, Sir P. S., 

Clundenbain. Haviland, J., 51. 

Baoknej. Stower, C, 94. 
Baoknej West. Hugo, T., 57. 
Badspen. Hobhouse, Baron, 54. 
house, H., 54. 




Balse. Hancock, R. D., 49. Smith, T., 
91. Vicar o/j Derham, W., 31. 

SalBwell. Halswell, H., 49. 

Bam. Stawell, Sir J., 93. 

Bambridare. Grueber, H. A., 48. 

Bam Oreen. Bright, B., 17. 

Hammersmith. Nevil, £., 72. 

BampBtead. Gay, J., 43. 

Banham. Cribb, G., 28. Cribb, T., 28. 

BannlnflTton, Rector of, Freke, J., 41. 

Barptree, Sast. Hooper, H., 55. 
Hooper, J., 55. Hooper, W., 55. Smith, 
F., 91. 

Barptree, West. Buckland, R., 19. 

Bart Ball, Vice-Principal of. Caswell, 
J., 21. 

Bartlej Westpall. Keate, J., 59. 

Baselborj. Draper, W., 23- Draper, 
W. Y., 33. 

Baselbarj-Plnoknett. Best, W. D., 

Batch. Tice, F., 97. 
Batch Beanchamp. Westcott, J., 104. 
Bawkshead. Gould, Sir D., 46. 
Bawton, Rector of Helps, W., 52. 
Bajdon. Gale, J., 42. 
Bajea. Latch, J., 61. 
Bazelbnrj. Partridge, C, 77. Part- 
ridge, F., 77, Vicar ofy Gibbs, J., 43. 

Beath. Jardine, D., 58. 

Belllngrly. Olive, J., 75. Vicar of^ 

Olive, J., 75. 

BelBton, Recorder of Speke, G. F., 92. 

Bemlnffton. Buller, C. W., 19. 

Bcnlej. Henley, 52. 

Benstridare. Dodington, T. M., 32. 

Berda BUI. Bagehot, W., 5. 

Bereford. Draper, W. Y., 33. 

BoBteroombe. Bampfylde, C. W., 7. 
Warre, T., loi. 

Blfirh Bam. Dodington, T. M., 32. 

Blfirhgrate. Dyne, J. B., 34. 

Blfirh Uttleton. Festing, Sir F. W., 

Bill Farm. Brown, R., 11. 
Blnton. Watts, £., 102. 

Blnton St. Cleorgre. Allen, T., 3. 
Cuff, H., 29. Hoskyns, H. W. P., 56. 
Paul, W., 77, Paulet, Sir A., 77, Paulet, 
Sir H., 77, Pawlet, J., 77, Prowse, J., 
83. Rector of^ Peacham, E., 77 ; Price, 
W. T., 83. 

Bolbrook. Edwards, T., 35. Farewell, 

G., Z7' 
BolcombCy Rector of. Wayland, C., 102. 

Bolcombe BognSf Vicar of. Wills, W., 

Boljwell Church. Caswell, J., 21. 
Bomerton CoUcgre. Walford, W., loi. 
Bopc Comer. Beadon, G., 10. 
Bope XanscUy Rector of. Draper, 
AV. Y., 33. 

Bomblotton. Thring, S., 97. Uppill, 
G., 99. Vicar of^ Dymock, E., 34. 

BorBingrton. Bailward, W. A., 6. 
Dodington, T. M., 32. Farewell, J., yj, 
Wickham, T., 105. Rector ofy Wickham, 
T., 105. 

Borslejy Vicar of Mangin, £. N., 67. 

Bonnalow. Brooke, J. B. J., 18. 

Bounston. Hill, 53. 

Bouse of Commonsy Speaker of. Long, 

Sir L., 65. 
Bnlsh Bpiacopi, Vicar of. Mitchell, J^ 

Bungrerford. Chandler, S., 22. 

Buntspill. Amesbury, J., 4. Burnett, 
G., 20. Jennings, J., 58. Rodney, W., 

Buntworth. Popham, Sir J.« 81. 

Button. Spalding, S., 92. 

Bjlanda. Labouchere, H., 61. 

Zlohcstcr. Bacon, R., 5. Branch, Mrs. 
E., 16. Branch, Miss M., 16. Clothier, 
J., 24. Comer, J., 26. Graham, Sir F., 
47. Harbin, W., 50. Hody, R., 54. 
Maisters, J., 66. Pahner, J., 75. Poole, 
H. L., 81. Rowe, E., 87. Somerset, M., 
92. Wellman, T., 103. Whitehead, E., 
105. Vicar of^ Hody, R., 54. 

Zle Brewers. Brome, L., 17. Gilling- 
ham, R., 44. Walrond, H., loi. 

Zlminster. Baker, T., 6. Baker, W., 7. 
Boger, Mrs. C. G., 14. Bryant, J., 19. 
Dunster, J., 33. Dunster, T., 34. Hilli- 
ard, W., 54. Hunt, W., 57. Moore, C, 
71. Samwaies, R., 88. Upton, J., loa 
Webbe, R., 103. Vicar of, Speke, W., 93. 

Zlton. Baker, E., 6. Baker, J., 6. 
Baker, N., 6. Baker, T., 6. Baker, W., 
6. Couch, J., 28. French, J., 41. Good- 
win, W., 45. Smith, W., 91. Vicar of 
Baker, J., 6; French, J., 41. 

India. Hooper, W., 55. 

ZnTcmcH. Horsford, Sir A. H., 56. 

Zsle Abbotts. Pitt, J., 80. Pinny, R., 

Zalc of Wlffht. Hawkins, T., 52. 

Zalcworth. Hewlett, J., 53. 

Jacobabad. Jacob, J., 58. 

Jenicjy Governor of. Paulet, Sir H., 77, 

Jordans. Speke, J. H., 92. Speke, P., 
92. Speke, W., 93. 

Bclnton. Irving, Sir H., 58. 



Kelnton XandoTiUe. Dampier, J., 

KelBton. Harington, H., 50. 

Kelweston. Harrington, John, 50. 

Kempaford. Windham, £., 107. Wind- 
ham, T., 108. 

Kensal Oreen Cemetarj. Horsford, 
Sir A. H., 56. 

Kew. Lambert, A. B., 61. 

Kewstoke. Price, T., 83. 

Keynahaiii. Bridges, £., 17. 

Kllbnm. Ring, G., 86. 

KUmersdon. Shute, H., 90. 

Xilton, Vicar of. Melliar, B., 68. 

Kimmeridgrey Vicar of. Valentine, 
J. W., loa 

Xiner's CoUerOff Cambridare. Ball, 
N., 7. Hannam, W., 49. Hatton, K., 
51. Sclater, W., 89. 

Kingrabnrj. Bartlett, W. A., 8. Prigg, 

S., 83. 
&li&aadon. Neal, C. F., 72. 

&li&aadowii. Bishop, W., 12. Maisters, 
J., 66. 

Xinaaton. Ball, T., 7. Blanchflower, 
T., 14- Cogan, T., 25. Jeanes, H., 58. 
Musgrave, S., 7 1 . Noble, R., 7^, Pester, 
R., 79. Tucker, T., 99. Rector of^ 
Tucker, T. 99. Vicar of^ Jeanes, H., 58. 

Kinaatone. Knight, H., 60. 
Xlnaawood. Budgett, S., 19. Harris, 

Xinaweaton. Dickinson, £. H., 32. 
Dickinson, F. H., 32. Dickinson, R., 32. 

Kirkb J XaUorjy Rector of. Gamlen, 
Kjlmlnaton. Hartgyll, J. and W., 51. 

Jbaka Dlatriot. Coleridge, H., 25. 

Ziambrooky Baat, Vicar of Prichard, 
W., 83. 

liamjatt. Guyon, H. C, 48. Pitney, 
M., 8a Welch, C, 103. Rector of^ 
Guyon, H. C, 48. 

Jbanohaatar. Hugh, 57. 

Jbangrford. Norman, H., 73. Prankerd, 
A. A., 82. Simmons, Sir J. L., 90. 

Xrfuiflrford BndTiUe. Evans, T., yj. 
Fowler, W. W.,40. 

banalej-Biirrell. Daniel, J. J., 30. 

Xrfuiaport. Bagehot, W., 5. Bush, S., 
20. Mitchell, J., 70. Quekett, E. J., 85. 
Quekett, J. T., 84. Quekett, W., 85. 

Jbatton. Beadon, Sir C, 10. 

Ziaverton. Keate, R., 59. 

baada, Kent. Batman, S., 9. 

Xiaeaana. Best, W. D., 12. 

XialflTli- Henley, R., 53. 

Xiazant. May son, C, 68. Rector of^ 
Mayson, C, 68. 

biohfield, Bishop of. Ryder, R. C. W., 

t«iaa6. Graves, J., 47. 

Xiimlnaton. Bryan, M., 18. 

Uncoln. Bishop of, Atwater, W., 5 ; 
Hugh, 57 ; Weils, Hugh de, 103. 
Lincoln CathedrcUyPiXytdLX^ryj.j^, Lincoln 
College^ Oxford^ Hart, W., 51 ; Strong, 
M., 94. 

Jblnooln'a Znn. Farewell, J., 37. Prynne, 

W., 83. 
Zilnoaln'a Znn Fielda. Popham,A.,8i. 
Iitobon. Fielding, H., 38. 
biaaadell, Sliaa. Booth, Sir R. G., 1 5. 

Utile Bromlej. Newman, H. B., 73. 
Rector of^ Newman, H. B., 73. 

Uttlecota. Popham, A., 81. Popham, 
Sir F., 81. Popham, J., 82. 

Uttleham, Vicar of. Pratt, R., 82. 
Utton. Cooper, T., 27. Wright, R. S., 

Uverpoal. Biffin, S., 12. 

Uandaff. Conybeare, H., 26. 

Uandulaa. Chinnery, Sir N., 23. 

Jbooklna- Reeve, A., 85. Strong, C. £., 

Ziondon. Amory, T., 4. Anderson, L.. 
4. Barker, T. J., 8. Bartley, G., 8. 
Bennet, C, 11. Bisse, J., 13. Blagge, 
R., 13. Blisse, J., 14. Brocklesby, R., 
17. Brook, D., 18. Bullen, E., 19. 
Byron, G. A. B., 21. Chadock, M., 21. 
Chandler, S., 22. Charleton, W., 22. 
Cole, Sir H., 25. Cole, H. T., 25. Col- 
lard, F. W., 25. Cradock, L., 28. 
Dampier, W., 30. Daubeney, Lord, 30. 
Godwin, I., 45. Goodwin, J. I., 45. 
Gore, M., 45. Gould, Sir H., 46. Gun- 
ning, Mrs., 48. Hanson, A., 49. Hen- 
niker, A.j 53. Hippisley, Sir J. C, 54. 
Hood, Sir A., 55. Jones, Sir W., 59. 
Labouchere, H., 61. Linley, T., 64. 
Linley, W., 64. Loder, E. J., 64. Loder, 
J. D., 64. Macarthur, Sir E., 66. 
Morse, R., 71. Newport, M., 73. Old- 
mixon, J., 75. Perceval, Sir P., 78. 
Ring, J., 86. Robinson, J., 86. Turle, 
J., 99. Waylett, Mrs., 102. Whiting, 
J., 105. Bishop o/y Fitzjames, R., 39. 
Lord Mayor ofy Bond, Sir G., 14 ; 
Champneis, Sir J., 22. London Uni- 
versityy Hallet, T. G. P., 49. Longman, 
T. T., 65. 

Ziona Aahton. Choke, R., 23. Grace, 
H. M., 46. Home, N. D., 55. 

Xiona Auler. Foster, M., 40. 

Xiona Sutton. Foster, M., 40. 

Xiopan. Hebditch, S., 52. 

XiOUTaln. Fenn, John, 38. Harding, T., 




boTlnrton. Giles, J., 44. Raine, J., 85. 

Ziower Horwood. See Norwood, 

JbacUiam. Byam, H., 21. 

Xiackingrton. Higgs, W. A., 53. 

JbadarerBhall. Parsons, B., 76. 

Xiufton, Vicar of. Burford, J., 20. 

Ziiilllnrton. Bisse, J., 13. 

Ziuppitty Vicar of. Wellman, T., 103. 

Xiydeard St. Ziawrenoe. Manton, 
T., 67. 

Xijdfbrd. Marsh, W., 67. 

Jbjdfordy West, Rector of. Newman, 
G. H., 72. 

ZiTme Segis. Bayly, Sir H., 9. 

XiTminfiTton BoiiBe. Williams, F. G. A., 


Jbyncombe. Luders, A., 65. 

Xiynffford. Allen, J. R., 3. 

Jbynton. Sanford, J. A., 89. 

Ziytesoarj. Lyte, H., 66. Lyte, T., 66. 

Madras. Pole, A. £., 80. Pole, J. L., 
80. Robins, B., 86. Tarrant, H. J., 96. 
Postfnaster- General ofy Turner, H. G., 


BKag'daleii Collegre. Banger, J., 7. 
Bisse, J., 13. Bisse, P., 13. Clifford, S., 
24. Conant, M., 26. Hopkins, W., 56. 
Maisters, J., 66. Molyns, J., 70. Philips, 
H., 79. 

Xag'dalen Ball. Bryan, M., 18. God- 
win, T., 45. Roche, R., 86. Wigmore, 
M., 106. Principal of^ Michell, R., 69. 

Maidstone. Barker, C. S., 8. 
BKalmesburj, William of, 106. 
BKanohester. Cogan, T., 25. 
Xaperton. Phelps, £. S., 79. 
Mark. Giles, J. A., 44. 
Markluaiy Rector of. Sugden, A. M., 

Karksbnrj, Radford, W., 85. 

Xarsh. Dampier, J., 30. 

Karston afasiut« Williams, J. F., 

Xartock. Adams, R. P., i. Butler, J., 
20. Hallctt, T. G. P., 49. Parsons, H., 
76. Pendarves, W. C., 78. Royse, G., 
88. Smith, T. S., 91. Tilly, S., 97. 
Tilly, W., 98. Westcott, R., 104. 

Xarjlebone Clmreb. Morse, R., 71. 
Marylebone Infirmary^ Burnett, G., 20. 

Xaunsell Bouse. Slade, A., 91. 

XaTitBiir. Keate, R., 59. 

Xeadgrate. Coombes, W., 27. Coombes, 
W.H ., 27. 

Xells Park. Homer, J. F. F., 56. 

Xelbonme. Ferres, J., 38. 

Xendip Ziodgre. Somers, B. £., 92. 

Xerlet. Fitzharding, R., 39. 

Xerriott. Goffe, R., 45. Price, C, 83. 
Templeman, J., 96. Whitley, E., 105. 
Vicar of, Whitley, E., 105. 

XUbome. Farewell, S., Z7' Thornton, 
W., 97. 

XiU Bill. Cox, E. W., 28. 

Xilton. Dymock, E., 34. Parsons, A.. 

Xilton Clevedon. Houlton, R., 56. 

Xilverton. Broadmead, T. P., 17. 
Clarke, E., 23. Colleton, J., 25. Milver- 
ton, J., 70. Young, T., 109. 

Xinehead. Bradley, R. B., 16. Bishop, 
T., 12. Brocklesby, R., 17. 

Xisterton. Famham, J., 37. Gillett, 
W., 44. Rector of Edwards, Z. J., 35. 

Xontaonte. Fenn, James, 38. Fenn, 
John, 38. Phelips, Sir E., 79. Phelips, 
Sir R., 79. 

Xontjs Court. Slade, A., 91. 

Xonksilver. Sydenham, R., 95. 

Xonoktoiiy West. See West 

Xount Beaooiiy Batb. Bayly, T. 

Xount Tauiar. Chard, J. R. M., 22. 

Xucbelnej. Alford, R., 3. 

Xunicb. Boner, C, 14. 

Xunloohy. Horsford, Sir A. H., 56. 

Nailsea. Simmons, J., 90. Whiting, J., 

Baples. Good, W., 45. 

Netherburj. Turner, J., 99. 

Netberstowej. Blake, H., 13. Par- 
sons, R., 76. Poole, T., 81. Walker, E., 


Nettleoombe. Fripp, F., 41. Mus- 
grave, R., 71. Musgrave, W., 71. Tre- 
velyan. Sir A. W., 98. Trevilian, G., 98. 
Trivellian, G., 98. 

Newburj. Festing, Sir F. W., 38. 

Newcastle. Davis, E. D., 31. 

Hew Collegre. Boyde, J., 14. Inge,ii., 
58. Meredith, R., 68. 

Newgrate. Rann, J., 85. 

New Znn Ball. Bennet, E., 11. 
Deverell, J. W. D., 32. Jeanes, H., 58. 

New Jersej. Hawkins, J. I., 51. 

New Park. Clifford, H. C, C, 24. 

Newport and Minevia, Bishop of- 
Brown, T. J., 18. 

New Soutb Wales. Keene, W., 59. 
MacArthur, Sir E., 66. 

Newton. Harbin, R., 50. Harbin, W., 



Hewton Park. Langton, H., 61. 

York. Hall, F., 48. Kiddle, H., 

Zealand. Bethune, J. C, 12. 

Horth Cadburj. See Cadbnrj, 

Horth Curry. See Cnrrj, North. 

Northover. Chichester, J., 23. Hody, 
J., 54. Vicar of, Harbin, W., $0. 

North Perrott. See Perrott, North. 

North Petherton. See Petherton, 

Norton. Clarke, R., 23. Prowse, J., 83. 
Rodbard, W., 87. 

Norton Bavant, Vicar of. Clavey, A., 

Norton Fitzwarren, Rector of. 
Mini fie, J., 70. 

Norton St. Philip, Vicar of. WiL 
liams, J. F., 106. 

Norwich. Harington, H., 50. Wind- 
ham, Sir H., 107. Wodderspoon, J., 108. 
Bishop of^ Baker, W., o; Nix, R., 
73. Minor Canon of, Linley, O. T., 64. 
Norwich Cathedral, Nix, R., 73. 

Norwood, bower. Noad, H. M., j^- 

Nowers. Cookson, C. A., 26. Crackan- 
thorpe, M. H., 28. 

Nnnnej. Whitechurch, T., 104. 

Nynehead Oonrt. Sanford, J. A., 

Oake. Raymond, J., 85. 

OakhiU, Vicar of. Shorland, W. H., 89. 

Odoombe. Brickenden,£., 17. Coryate, 
T., 27. Harbin, W., 50. Hody, H., $4. 
Hody, J., 54. Hody, R., 54. Rector of, 
Lessey, T., 63. Vicar of, Brickenden, E., 

Oldborj-on-tho-BUll, Rector of. 

Bisse, J., 13. 

Orchard. Windham, G., 107. Windham, 
Sir H., 107. Windham, H., 107. Wind- 
ham, T., 108. Windham, W., 108. 

Orchard Portman. Portman, Sir J., 

Oriel CoUegre. Berkley, H., 1 1. Corn- 
ish, T., 27. Parsons, B., 76. Towgood, 
R., 98. Wigmore, M., 106. Provost of 
Hawkins, £., 51 ; Royse, G., 88. 

Ouetty Vicar of. Addison, W. F., 2. 

Otterden. Slatyer, W., 91. 

Ondh. Redfem, T. R., 85. 

OTcr Stowej. Labouchere, H., 61. 
Poole, J., 81. 

Overton. Marshall, P. C, 67. 
OTcr Worton. Wilson, W. D., 107. 
Ozoombe. Phelps, W., 79. 

Oxford. Bacon, R., 5. Bartley^ G., 8. 
Bisse, G., 12. Foster, S., 40. Gutch, J., 
48. Hawkins, E., 51. Hellier, H., 52. 
Holt, E., 55. Ludwell, J., 65. Michell, 
R., 69. Molyns, J., 70. Norris, J., 74. 
Parsons, A., 76. Tilly, S., 97. Oxford 
Castle, Beauchamp, 10. Oxford Uni- 
versity, Albin, H., 2 ; Allies, T. W., 3 ; 
Dunster, J., 33 ; George, H. B., 43 ; Pole, 
S., 80. iSee Balliol College, Christ Church 
College, Corpus Christi College, Exeter 
College, Hart Hall, King's College, 
Magdalen College, Magdalen Hall, New 
College, New Inn Hall, Oriel College, 
Queen's College, St Alban's Hall, 
St. Edmund's Hall, St. John's College, 
St. Mary's Hall, Trinity College, Uui- 
versity College, Wadham College. 

Paddlnffton. Cockerell, S. P., 24. 

Pangrboume. Quekett, J. T., 84. 

Parana^ The. Brickdale, C. J., 16. 

Paris. Aprice, J., 4. Hale, T. J. J., 48. 

Patbe. Chard, J. R. M., 22. 

Faulton. Wright, F. B., 108. 

Pendomer, Rector of. Prowse, J., 83. 

Fennard, Sast, Vicar of. Gapper, H., 42. 

Pensfbrd. Lock, ]., 64. 

Penzance. Close, F., 24. Maskell,W.,68. 
Recorder of, Slade, W., 91. 

Pera. Maddox, W., 66. 

Perrott. Cleeves, W., 24. 

Perrott. North. Bragge, W., 16. Part- 
ridge, T., ^^. 

Perrotty South, Rector of, Wills, J., 107. 
Peryton. Gould, J., 46. 

Peterborooflrl^* Laurence, P., 62. Ma- 
risco, R. de, 67. 

Petherton. Cheeke, T., 23. Sandys, E., 
88. Venner, T., 100. 

Petherton, North. Court, L, 28. Half- 
yeard, E., 48. 

Petherton, South. Daubeney, Lord, 
3a Hill, S., 53. Light, S., 63. Owsley, 
J., 75. Vile, R., 100. 

Petherton Park. Wroth, Sir T., 109. 

Pewsej. Chambers, H., 21. 

Pejllnch. Bull, J., 19. 

Philadelphia. Edwin, D., 35. Havi- 
land, J., 51. 

Philippine Islands. Keynes, G., 60. 

Philips Norton. Branch, Mrs. E., 16. 

Pickwick. Jardine, D., 58. 

Pill. Berkeley, E., 11. Berkeley, M., 11. 
Berkeley, W., 11. 

PUton. Bethell, J. F. H., 12. Harding, 
W., 50. 

Pitoombe. Bouchier, C, 15. 

Pitmlnster. Ball, N., 7. Gale, H. P., 
42. Sclater, W., 89. 



Flanohfleld. Blake, R., 13. 

Plymoath, Governor of, Gorges, Sir F.,45. 

Podjmore MUtoiiy Rector of. Pear- 
son, T. H., 78. 

Poonab. Jacob, W. S., 58. Newnham, 
W. H., 73. Roberts, Miss E., 86. 

Portbnrj Bouse. Parnell, T. P., 75. 

Portlshead. Weatherly, F. £., 102. 
Rector of^ Lovell, J., 65. 

PortBmontli. Festing, Sir F. W., 38. 
Recorder of^ Warry, G. D., 102. 

Poundislbrd. Hill, 53. 

Poyntlngton. Button, R., 21. Malet, 
Sir T., 67. 

Preston. Fox, W., 40. 

Prior Park. Allen, R., 3. 

PaoUeohnroby Vicar of, Swayne, G., 95. 

Pnrtlnrtoii. Abraham, A., i. 

Pnsej Ubrarj. Coles, V. S. S., 25. 

Qnalntoii. Brett, R., 16. 

Quaatozbead. Sealy, W., 89. 

Quaatozbead, Sast. Biffin, S., 12. 

Quaatozbeady West. Alford, C. R., 2. 

Queen Camel. Newman, R., 73. 

Queen's Oollegre, Oxford. Brydall, J., 
19. Eglesfield, J., 35 ; Smith, H., 91. 

Samsfirate. Williams, M. S., 106. 

Saynton. Bennet, C, 11. 

Seadlngr. Gattie, H., 43. 

Sedlynob. Fitzjames, Sir J., 39. Fitz- 
james, N., 39. Fitzjames, R., 39. 

Seiiton Sobool. Pears, S. A., 78. 

&belnis. Norris, S., 74. 

Sbyddlngrs* Bowdler, T., 15. 

Siobmond. Turner, W., 99. 

aingmer, Vicar of. Symons, £., 95. 

Siplejy Vicar of. Hooper, H., 55. 

Alston. Strong, M., 94. 

Soad. Darby, G., 30. 

Soobdale. Dunster, S., 33. 

Soobester. Hawkins, £., 51. Pre- 
bendary oft Upton, J., 100. 

Sodden, Rector of Edgell, £., 34. 

Sodney Stoke. Tremlett, T. D., 98. 
Rector of Salmon, T. A., 88. 

Some. Clifford, H. C. C, 24. Dusign, 34. 
Ine, 58. Parsons, R., 76. Summers, C, 95. 

Soss. Whiting, C, 105. Rector of 
Whiting, C , 105. 

Sonndblll. Dyer, Sir J., 34. 

Sojal Naval Collegre. Edgell, H. E., 
35. Frankland, C. C, 41. 

Sulslip. Edgell, H., 35. 

St. AlbanSy Bishop of. Festing, J. W., 

St. Alban's Ball. Alleine, R., 3. 

Alleine, W., 3. Crees, T., 28. 

St. Andrew's. Ba>'nes, T. S., 10. 
St, Andreitfs^ Holborn^ Rector of Shute, 
H., 90. 

St. Asapb. Montgomery, R., 70. Dean 
of Towgood, R,, 98. 

St. Andries. Malet, B., 67. Malet, 
Sir T., 67. 

St. Bartbolomew's Hospital. 

Turner, P., 99. 

St. Blazey. Allen, R., 3. 

St. Bride's Cbnrob. Leake, E., 62. 

JBt. David'Sy Bishop of. Bull, G., 19. 

St. Beonmans. Blueman, J., 14. 
Bradley, W. S., 16. Grabham, R., 46. 
Parsons, J., 76. Parsons, R., 77. Ver- 
yard, E., 100. 

St. Dunstan's in tbe West. Bryan, 
M., 18. 

St. Sdmund's Ball. Gorges, R., 46. 
Hammatt, J., 49. Royse, G., 88. 

St. Oeorgro's. Hector, R., 52. 

St. Oiles-in-tbe-rields. Whittaker, 
L., 105. 

St. Jobn's Oollegrey Oxford. Carey, 
Sir P. S., 21. Crackanthorpe, M. H., 28. 

St. Xiawrenoe Jewry. Brook, D., 18. 

St. Leonard's. Gammon, F. T., 42. 

St. Mary's Ball, Oxford. Lambert, 
A. B., 61. 

St. Mary BedolifTe. Helps, W., 52. 

St. Omer. Keynes, J., 60. 

St. Fanoras. Montgomery, R., 7a 

St. Paul's Oatbedral. Fitzjames, 

R., 39. Molyns, J., 70. 
St. Serran. Draper, W. Y., 33. 

Sampford Brett. Pulman, J., 84. 
Sweeting, J., 95. 

Sandford. Clarke, A., 23. Hunt, D., 

Sandford Oroas. Hunt, J., 57. 

Sandwiob. Bond, J., 14. 

Sandybrook Ball. Blakiston, Sir M., 

Scampstony Vicar of. Williams, T., 106. 

Soutari. Guyon, R. D., 48. 

Seaboroogrb. Wills, J., 107. Wills, 
W., 107. Rector of Wills, J., 107. 

Seaborrow. Aish, F., 2. Aish, W., 2. 
Case, J., 21. Vicar of Aish, F., 2; 
Sharp, J., 89. 

Sea Salter. Quekett, £. J., 85. 

Seavinffton. Raw, R., 85. Rector of 
Upton, J., 100. 

Seavinrton St. Xary. Pearce, R., 



SeaTlnflTton St. Miohael, Vicar of. 
Pearce, R., 77. 

Selworthjy Rector of. Hancock, F., 49. 

SeTenoaks. Amherst, W. P., 4. 

Seymore-Brattoii. Littlejohn, J., 64. 

Shapwlek. Strangeways, H. B. T., 94. 
Warry, G. D., 102. Warry, W. T., 102. 

Sharpham Park. Dyer, Sir £., 34. 
Fielding, H., 38. Gould, Sir D., 46. 
Gould, Sir H., 46. 

Shawford. Noad, H. M., 73. 

Sheen, Sast. Edgar, J. H., 34. 

Sheffield. Harrison, S., 5a 

Shepton Beanchamp. Coles, V. S. S., 
25. Derbie, M., 31. Newman, H. B., 
73. Rosse, J., 87. 

Shepton Xallet. Brice, J., 16. Bro- 
derip, J., 17. Browne, S., 18. Champion, 
R., 22. Charleton, W., 22. Hyatt, G. T., 
58. Inge, H., 58. Malet, W., 67. 
Maskell, W., 68. Milward, J., 70. Shat- 
tock, T., 89. Smith, F. P., 91. Strode, 
W., 94. Withers, F. C, 108. 

Shepton Xonta^ne. Field, J., 38. 
Mogg, T., 70. 

Sherborne. Ford, £., 39. 

Shlpham and Criston, Vicar of. 
Penny, H., 78. 

Shlrlejy Vicar of. Gardiner, J., 42. 

Sllg'O. Lord Lieutenant of. Booth, Sir 

R. G., 15. 
Smithfield. Philpot, J., 79* Pole, M., 


Sook. Todiffe, R., 98. 

Sook Dennis. Richard, 86. 

Somerleazoy Wells. Bathurst, A., 9. 

Somerton. Chadock, M., 21. Cradock, 
L., 28. Dewdney, E., 32. Fudge, T., 41. 
Godsall, J., 45. Norton, W. F., 74. 
Penny, H., 78. Philips, H., 79. Pyne, 
A. T., 84. Stawell, Sir J., 93. Taylor, 
W., 96. Valentine, J. W., loa 

South Bradon. Uttermare, J., 10a 

South Brewham. Bennet, £., 11. 

South Cadburj. Se^ Oadburj, 

South BKoulton, Rector of. Michell, 
R., 69. 

South Ferrott. 5^^Perrott9South. 

South Petherton. See Petherton, 

South FetherwlUy Vicar of Stevens, 

R., 93. 

South Stoke. Acworth, A. O., i. 
Johnson, J. S. W., 59. 

Southwark. Dyer, Sir £., 34. 

Sparkford. Bennett, H. £., 11. 

SpargrroTO. Bisse, £., 12. Bisse, U., 
13. Coward, J., 28. 

Spazton. White, G., 104. J^ecior of 
George, W. H., 43. 

Speeehlj Ohuroh. Smith, W., 91. 

Standerwlok Court. £dgell, H. F. 

Stann&ore. Blagge, G., 13. 

Stantonhurjy Vicar of. Hammatt, J., 

Stanton Orew. Choke, Sir E., 23. 

Hopkins, D., 56. 

Stanton Prior. Sheldon, G., 89. 

Staple Fltzpalne, Rector o£ Snow, 
F., 92. 

Stapleford Abbotts. Gould, Sir H., 

StaplegrroTO. Blanchflower, T., 14. 
Kebby, S., 59. Minifie, B., 7a' Mmifie, 
J., 70. Turner, H. G., 99. IncumbetU 
ofy Minifie, J., 70. Rector of^ Rawlins, 85. 

Statton. Berkeley, J., 11. 

Staverton. Cooper, C. B., 27. 

Stawle jy Vicar of. Pester, R., 79. 

Steep Bolmes. Wright, F. B., 108. 

Steeple. Bond, J., 14. 

Stepnej. Clarke, W., 24. Drake, R., 33. 

StOTenton. Milman, R., 70. 

Stookbrldare. Pester, J., 79. 

Stooklandy Vicar of. Trevel^an, W., 98. 
Stocklemd Manor House^ Daniel, H. T., 3a 

StoeUlnoh. Lessey, T., 63. 

Stookllneh Otteraejy Vicar of. Pester, 
R., 79. 

Stoffumber. Baynham, J., la Crosse, 
F., 29. Gilling, I., 44. Lacy, J., 61, 
Musgrave, R., 71. Vicar of £dgar, R.. 

Stoke Oouroy. Burland, J., 20. 

Stokeland. Bisse, P., 13. 

Stoko HewiufiTton. Popham, Sir F., 81. 

Stoke Pero. Gould, R. F., 46. 

Stoke-under-Hamdon. Bean, R., la 
Goumey, Sir M., 46. Tatcbell, C, 96. 
Winter, C, 108. 

Stone Baaton. Beaumont, J., la 

Stonehouae. Graham, Sir F., 47. 

Stourton. Fitzjames, N., 39. 

Stowell. Dodington, T. M., 32. 

Stowej. Tones, Sir W., 59. Whitley, 
£., 105. Whitley, J., 105. 

Stowej Vlearag'e. Wadham, J. C, 100. 

Stowejy Hether. See Vethor- 

Stowej, OTor. See Otot Stowej. 

Straits Settlements, Attorney-Gen- 
eral of. Bonser, J. W., 14. 

Stratton. Long, G., 65. Long, Sir L., 
65. Incumbent of Tucker, C, ^ 


8CrattMi-oii-tlie-Fo«Ba. Brice, S. 

W., 16. yicaro/, Webb, D., 102. 
Street. Bait, T., 9. Hilliud, J. E., 54. 

Wyndham, W., 109. Rutor of, Malet, 

B., 67. 
Strand. Henoiker, R., 53. 
Sunderland. Davis, E. D., 31. 
Snrat. Coryate, T., 27. 
antton. Burton, J., 2a Dawes, E., 3t. 

Norris, J., 74. Sutton Court, Strachey, 

R., 94. Sullon Riclory, Giles, J. A^ 44. 
SattOD Mallet. Coxe, T., 28. 
Sntton Montague. Burton, W., 20. 
Swalnnriok. CUrke, W., 24. Prynne, 

W., 83. 

winrfleld, Vicar of. Masters, G., 68. 
Sydney. Bnudhui^t, E., 17. 

Talnfleld Soiue. Chapman, Sir S. R., 

I, Solicitor- General of. Adams, 
R. P., I. 

TaoBton. Alford, D, P., i. Allen, J. C, 
3. Amory, T., 4. Badcock, I., 5. Bau- 
doin, G., 9. Beadon, G., 10. Beadon, 
W. H., 10. Bond, J., 14. Brayne,J., 16. 
Brickdale, C. J., 16. Bryant, W. F., 19. 
BuUen, E., 19. Button, N.. 21. Carey, 
Sir P. S.. 21. Chaplinc, R.. 23. Chap- 
man, Sir S. R., 22. Chorley, C, 33. 
Comer, J., 26. Comlsh, J^ 17. Cox, 
E. W., 28. Daniel, S., 30. Escott, T. H. 
S., 36. Farr,S., 38. Fox, W., 40. Gale, 
H. P., 42. Gale, T., 4a. Gibbs, Mrs., 
43. G»ddon, Miss, 46. Grant, W., 47. 
Gray, R^ 47. Grove, H., 47- Hall, F., 
48. Hanunait, J., 49. Hane, W., 51. 
Havilland, J. von S. de, ji. Hawkins, 
J. I., SI. Hill, 53. Hossom, J,, 56. 
Hugo, T., 57. Kinglake, A W., 60. 
Kinglakc, R. A, 60. Lamotte, J. L., 61. 
Leigh, H., 62. Locke, S., 64. Newberry, 
T., 74. Norris, E., 74. Popham, A., 81. 
Powell, J., 82. Powell, W., 82. Redfem, 
T. R,, 85. Ridsdale, S. O. B., 86. Shal- 
tock,T., 89. Shod, S., 89. Slape, J., 91. 
Smith, C, 91. Smith, W., 91. Snow, F., 
92. Stirhng, A. W,, 93. Slower, C , 94. 
Turle,J.,99. Warren, J., 101. Webb,F., 
103. Websier, Lady A. S., 103. Well- 
man, S., 103. Wieke, J., 105. Arck- 
tUacon of, Bisse, P., 13. Governor of, 
Stawell, Sir J., 93. Taunton CaslU, 
Beard, W., 10. Taunton Jail, Peacham, 

Tavtoteok, Vicar of. Alford, D. P., 2. 

Telmmoatli. Bradley, R. B., 16. 

Temple Otiaralt, Bristol. Cheiwynd, 

Temple Combe. Masye, H.,68. Masye, 

TeetOD, Rector of, Harbin, C, jo. 

Tetton House. Macleay, O. S^ 6& 
Ttiomer- Bradford, J., 15. 
Thom-Faloon. Powell, T., 82. 
Tlckenbam. Perceval, Sir P., 78. 
Timsburr- Webb, D., 102. 
Tlntloboll. Graham, Sir F., 47. 
Tiverton. Polwhele, T., 81. 
Toronto. Eccles, H., 34. 
Torqaay. Phillpotts, H., 79. 
Totnea. Barker, B., 8. 
Tottenbam. Hone, W., 55. 
Treding'ton, Rector of. Smith, W., 91. 
Treves. Gibbons, J., 43. 
Trim Castle. Cadogan, W., 21. 
Trinity Oollepe, Cambridge. Dick- 
inson, F. H., 32. Testing, J. W., 38. 

Oxford. Andrews, J., 4. Badcock, I., 

5. Banger, J., 7- Cuff, H., 29. 
Trinity Ball, Cambrid§re. Hookins, 

P-. S5- 
TrnU. Baker, C, 6. Baker, J., 6. Bond, 

Sir G., 14- Bond, J., 14. Duncan, 

W. G., 33. Palmer, J., 75. 
Trumptn^rton. Ellis, R. L., 36. 
Tmro. Chorley, C, 23. 
Tunbrldge. Alford, H., 2. Proctor, J., 

Tunbrldg'e Wells. Cooper, J., 27. 
Twerton. Buckle, G. E., 19. 
Twlokeabam. Berkeley, J„ 11. 
Tybnrn. Bryani, A., 18. Cuff, H., 29. 

Fenn, James, 38. Totierdale, J., 98. 

Whiting, R., 105, 
Tydd St. Mary, Rector of. Wills, J., 


nbley. Jouxson, S., 59- Thomas, S,, 97. 
Vicar of, Jouxson, S., 59. 

University CoUofre, Oxfbrd. Cham- 
bers, H., 21. 

trpoott. Brickdale, C. J., 16. Farr, S., 38, 

Upper Ziang'ford. Latch, J., 61. 

Upplnerbam School, Head Master of 
Thring, E., 97. 

Uxbrldge. Edgell, N., 35. 

Valla Wood. Dashwood, Sir C, 30. 
Victoria. Summers, C, 95. Bishop of, 

Alford, C. R., 2. Governor of, Macarthur, 

Sir E., 66. 
Vienna. Wbitechurch, T., 104. 
Virginia. Gibbs, G., 43. 

1 Colleg-e. Alsh, F., 2. Ball, 
J,, 7. Bisse, P., 13. Chase, J., 22. 
Dring, R., 33. Farewell, J. 37. Flavel, 
J., 39. Griffith, R. C, 47. Hall, J., 48. 
Halswell, H., 49. Hody, H., 54- Holt, 
E., 55, Hunt, W., 57. Long, G., 65. 

rfiE sOMEksEr roll. 


Lye, T., 66. Miller, D., 69. Paule, T., 
77. Portman, Sir J., 82. Shaw, W., 89. 
Wadham, N., 100. Warry, T., loa. 
Webb, J., 103. Chaplain of, Uampier, 
J., 30, Dean of, Ball, J,, 7 ; Sandys, E., 

88. Sub-Deati of, Alford, S., 3 j Burford, 
J., 30; Capper, E., 42; Fine, L., 80; 
Powell, J., 82. Sub-Warden of, Balch, 
R., 7; Coomb, J., 27; Foster, S., 40; 
Leaves, J., 62 ; Speke, P., QZ ; Sugge, T., 
95. Warden of, Dunster, T., 34 j Pitt, J., 
80; Symons, B. P., 95; Wills, )., 107. 

WadlHiTSt. Bush, S., 2a Salmon, W., 
8S. I^i^itr ^ Bush, S., 20. Salmon, W., 88. 

Waleot. Addison, W. F., 2. Atkins, 
E. M., s- Barrow, J. S., 8. Gale, L S., 

43. Gnyon, R. U., 48. Lye, C. H. L., 
66. Mangin, E. N., 67. Tufhell, E. W., 
99. Wheeler, G. D., 104. WlUiams, 
W. C, 106. Wilson, W. D., 107. 

^TftltOB-ln-OonlMae, Vicar of. Shire, 

J. 89. 
Vanattww. Baynard, T., 9. 
Warlelg-h. Skrine, E. H., 90. Skrine, 

H., 9a Skrine, H. M., 90. 

Bowles,C J. S, ij. 

1, Rector of. Quekctt, W., 

Watolist. Reed, T. A., 85. 
WstQrford. Lancaster, j., 61. Bishop 

of, AthenoD, J., 4. 
Waterford and Usmore, Bishop of. 

Lancaster, J., 61. 
Vatftord. Burges, C, aa 
Wattsn. Keynes, J., 6a 
Warfbrd. Elswood, C, 36. Sharp, D., 

89. Sharp, J., 89. Vicar of, Aish, W., 2. 
W«dmore. Barrow, J., 8. Giles, J. D., 

44. Glanvile, W, S., 44. Rawlins, 85. 
Vicar of. Bishop, W., 12. 

WeUlngtoa. Baynes, R. H., 9. Baynes, 
T. S., 10. Browne, C. T., 18. Fowler, 
W. W., 40. Fox, E., 4a Fox, W., 40. 
Gay,J.,43. Lackinrton, J.,tii. Plimer, 
N., 80. Popham, Sir J., 81. Pulman, 
P. T., 84. 

V«Uow. Bull, J., 19. Cole, C, 25. 

Wella. Alane, A., 2. Andrews, G., 4. 
Baber, .SirJ., S- Bathursl, A., 9, Beadon, 
Sir C, 10. Beckjngton, T., n. Benger, 
E. O., II. Bernard, A. M., 12. Bisse, 
;.,13. Bisse, P., 13. Boyde,J.,i4. Buckie, 
G.E.,19. Biill,G.,i9. Car)eil,J.,2i. Comp- 
ton. P., 26. Curtis, T., 29. Davies, Mrs. 

E,, 39. Forster, A., 4a Foster, E,, 4a 
Gibbons, J., 43- Gutch, J., 48. Hall, H., 
48. Harington, H., $0. Hart, W., ji. 
Heath, F., 52. Higpns, J., 53- Hip- 
pisley, ]., S4. Hodgkinson, W. M., 54. 
Molt,E.,sS. Hugh,S7. Huish,A.,S7. 
James, W., 58. Jeanes, H^sS. Jocelin, 

59. Joyce, T., 59. Keate, J., 59. Keper. 

J., 6a Unley, T., 64. Lovel, C, 65. 

Powell, R^ 82, Somerville, A, F, 91. 

Steward, R., 93. Tale, A N., 96. 

Templeman, R., 96. Thring, S., 97. 

Turner, P., 99. Wells, Hugh de, 103. 

Wells, J. de, 103. Welsh, T., 103. 

Whiting, C, 105. Archdeacon of. Hill, 

S., S3; Nix, R., 73. ^mAj^ o/j Athelm, 4. 

Dean of, Jenkyos, R., 58. Precentor of 

Knight, J., do. Recorder of, Rogers, T, 

E., 87. Sub-Dean of, Bisse, P., 13. 
Walla Cathedral. Bell, J., 11. 

Broderip, J., 17. Linlev, M^ 63. 

Linley,T.,64. Meredith, R., 1% Organist 

of, Okeover, J., 74. 
WellM Thasloctoal Collava. Fest- 

ing, J- W., 38. 
VeltODf Vicar of. Laughton, G., 61. 
Vicar of. Knight, H., 6a 
Parsons, A., 76. 
W«at Ooker. See Cok«r, West. 
W«at Sarptrac. See Harptreat 

Weat Xnorle* Rector of. Mangin, 

S. W., 67. 
Weat Zgrdfbrd. See X^dftord^ W«at. 
Wastmlastar Abbej. Barry, Mrs. 

A. S., S. Burland, J., 2a Daubeney, 

Lord, 3a Gunning, Mrs., 48. Pophain, 

E., 81. 
Weat Monokton. Baudoin, G., 9. 

Beadon, G., 10. Popham, A^ 8t, 
Waatoa. Boner, C, 14. FewtreU, T., 38. 

Macy, D., 66. Palmer, C, 75. Parry, 

C. H., 76. Vicar of, Macy, D., 66. 
WeatOB Bampfyide. Blandford, H. 

W., 14. Goldesborough, J., 45. Rector 

of. Burton, J., 20 ; Marsh, W,, 67. 
Weaton^nper-JKare. Allen, J. R., 3. 

Atkins, E. M., 5. Bowyer, W. P^ 15. 

Braithwaite, R., 16. Bush, W. M, 2a 

Cooke, J., 26. Edgar, J. H^ 34. Glan- 
vile, W. S., 44. Gteatheei S. S., 47. 

PooIe,A. R^Sj. Smith, W. p., 91. 
WeatoB-nndor-Kanadovn. Elftge, 

St, 36. 
Weaton Keylatid. Alford, S., 33. 
Waat Qoaatoxliead. Su Qoantox- 

liead, Weat. 
Weatvood. Fisher, H., 39. 
Werbrldce. Jardiae, D., 58, 
WUtohnroIi. Masters, G., 68. 
Wblteebapel. Lockyer, N., 64. 
Faillet, E., 7;. 

1. Abraham, S., I. 

Brooke, J. B. J., 18. Owsley, J., 75, 

Prichard,W.,83. SpekeiG.,92- Speke, 

'.,92. Speke, W., 93. Kif«- ^ Owsley, 




Whitastaimton. Brett, G. R., i6. 
Brett, R., i6. Vicar of^ Chase, J., 22. 

Whittlng^on. Montgomery, R., 70. 

Widcoinba« Baker, F. A., 6. Collett, 
A. T., 25. Luders, A., 6$. Marshall, 
S. F., 68. 

WUhajne. Walter, W. W., loi. 

Williton. Fitzurse, R., 39. Incumbent 
of^ Stroud, J., 94. 

Willons'l&by. Giles, J. D., 44. 

Wilton. Swayne, G., 95. Hause^ King- 
lake, R. A., 6a 

Wlneantoii. Gapper, T. A., 42. Mes- 
siter, R., 69. Newman, H., 73. Ring, J., 
86. Rogers, 6. B., 87. 

Wlnoliester. Gapper, A., 42. Taunton, 
G. de, 96. Bishop of^ Richard, 86. Dean 
of, Newton, F., 73. Cathedral, Tocliffe, 
R., 98. School, Heath, J., 52. 

Wlndon. Clarke, A., 23. 

Windsor. Bartley, G., 8. Canon of. 
Hales, J., 48. Nix, R., 73. 

Winford. Sadler, R., 88. 

WinsoombOy Vicar of, Foster, £., 4a 

Wlnsham. Abraham, A., i. Gould, Sir 
H., 46. Henley, R., 53. Royse, W., 88. 
Towning, H., 98. Warre, E., loi. 

Wlnterbourna. Bush, P., 20. 

WlftborooflTb CIrean. Bartlett, W. A., 

Withanu Hopton, R., 56. Windham, 

H., 107. 

Witham FriaiT. Windham, T, 108. 

WiTalisoombo. Bourne, G., 15. Capel, 
A., 21. Collard, F. W., 25. Collard, 
W. F., 25. Collins, J., 26. Hancock, 
F., 49. Llewellin, J. G., 64. 

Wolford. Vicar of, Wheeler, G. D., 104. 
WoUnamliam. Merrifield, W., 69. 
Wooborn. Atwater, W., 5. 
Woodford. Lockyer, N., 64. Whitby, 
J., 104. 

Woodbam Farrara. Rector of, Petvin, 

W.. 79. 

Woodhom. Mangin, £. N., 67. 

Wookay. Goodwin, T., 45. Golding, 
T., 45. Salmon, T. A., 88. 

Wookay Kola. Band, £. W., 7. Hip- 

pisley, T., 54. 

WoolaTinrton - onm - Pariton. 

Jacob, J., 58. Jacob, W. S., 58. 

Woolwloh. Gartley, Mrs. £., 43. 

Woott<in. Hood, Sir A., 55. Rector of, 
Hammond, C. £., 49. 

Worcastar. Smith, W., 91. 

Worla. Vicar of, Higgins, W., 53. 

Womui. Harrington, John, Lord, 50. 

Wrazall. Gorges, Sir. F., 45. House, 
Jenkins, T. L. ll, 58. 

Wrlnffton. Budgett, S., 19. £dwards, 
C. L. F., 35. Locke, J., 64. Whiting, J., 


». Pyssing, B., 84. 

Tarlinrton. Berkley, H., 11. Clifford, 
S., 24. Frankland, £. A., 41. Rogers, 
B. B., 87. Rogers, T. £., 87. Rector of. 
Banger, J., 7. 

Tatton. Hippisley, Sir J. C, 54. 

TaovU. AUeine, W., 3. Batten, £. C, 
9. Batten, H. C. G., 9. Burford, J., 20. 
Cary, J., 21. Dampier, W., 3a Elyot, 
Sir R., 36. Harbin, C. 5a Harbin, J., 
50. Hayne, G., 52. Hayne, R., 52. 
Hookins, P., 55. Hooper, W., 56. New- 
man, G. H., 72. Pine, L., 8a Shorland, 
W. H., 9a Sugge, T., 95. Turner, J., 
99. Vicar of. Strong, M., 94. 

TaoTllt<in. Hopkins, W., 56. Pole, A. 
E., 80. Pole, J. L., 80. 

Tork. Hart, W., 51. ^{y/vm. Reddish, 
S., 85. Cathedral, Organist of. Monk, 
E. G., 7a 

Zallan Saa. Lowder, C. F., 65. 

LonJon: STUANOtWAVt, Printers, 





1415) 723-1493 

All books moy be recoiled often 7 doyt 



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